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The film seems simple and facile at a glance, but these characters and their dilemmas stay with you. These days, any of us could suddenly be Larry Crowne.
If you're looking for a movie you can take your parents or young children to without fear of embarrassment or the need for endless explanations, this is the one.
It's simply an opportunity to spend time with characters who may lack depth but are fun to watch.
Hanks directs with assurance. Perhaps if he had teamed with a more agile writer, less given to cheesy yuck-fests, Larry Crowne would be the nuanced adult love story it aims to be.
Too cute for its own good, Larry Crowne is nonetheless hard to dislike.
It's easy enough to accept the romantic-comedy luck of the two finding each another. It's much tougher, and ultimately useless, to buy everything else about this fairy tale of self-reinvention in a stalled economy.
I had a migraine when I started watching Larry Crowne, and by the end, it went away. None of this quite adds up to a recommendation, but it's close. Very close.
Every scene is on the prowl for laughs at the expense of the inherent drama in the lives of its colorful characters.
In the early scenes of Larry Crowne, Hanks' Larry is so assertively regular he almost comes off as a special-needs child - grinning into his coffee-cup in the big-box-store break room, he has all the sexual allure of Forrest Gump.
New York Daily News
It put-puts along like a moped in busy traffic, content to amble around but not go anywhere.
Larry Crowne is more than a missed opportunity. It's alarmingly, depressingly out of touch.

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