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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

....worst horror movie of my life....

Author: emomomotional from Oklahoma
13 May 2013

Not scary; not interesting; not ever getting those 2 hours of my life back... Wow, that movie was bad...

I've never been so... un-impressed.

You feel like you're being lead up to a climax the entire movie but I feel like the actual climax wasn't even climactic... Seriously, this is a terrible movie- but an EMPHATICALLY bad horror movie.

Good actors; good budget- bad film. I am so annoyed that I just wasted that money. Ugh.

I wouldn't have watched this movie for free and I'm twice as annoyed to have paid for it...

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

What secrets do The House at the End of the Street hold

Author: rgblakey from United States
18 January 2013

Most of the wide release horror films these days seem to focus more on the star power than really trying to deliver that scares or originality. With the latest The House At The End Of The Street they showcase Jennifer Lawrence in the lead to attempt to tell a creepy tale that the trailers left enough mystery to not really know where it was going, but does it work?

The House At The End Of The Street follows a divorce doctor and her daughter who move into a new house in a small town. Seemingly too good to be true, they were able to get this amazing house due to it being next door to a home where a young girl stabbed her parents to death. When the daughter befriends the boy that inherited the house from his parents the mysteries begin to unravel to reveal the truth of the past and the dangers of the present. The story here is seemingly pretty simple at first, but does end up adding some interesting twists and turns to go into directions that you may or may not see coming. The performances are decent and keep the filming moving at a decent pace, but that pace is where some of the film falls apart. Instead of the creepy horror film it teased in the trailers you spend more time dealing with the various personal issues as opposed to the main story that struggles to be the focus. This film plays more of a slow thriller with very little meat than a full on creepy horror film they wanted you to believe and it ended up just not working overall.

If you go into this film knowing that it offers little more than a Lifetime movie vibe with a bit of a thriller twist then you will most likely enjoy it. The interesting direction they headed by the time the film comes to an end was cool and would have made for a better film had they spent more time on it. This isn't a horrible movie; it just doesn't play as advertised like a lot of films and ends up not delivering what it could have.

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The House At Wit's End

Author: Tony Bush from United Kingdom
18 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A tame, lame, bland and uneventful would-be psycho-thriller featuring HUNGER GAMES protégé Jennifer Lawrence as Elissa, a cut-and-paste bratty teen chick in peril.

Lawrence moves into a new house with her mature hot single MILF (Elisabeth Shue), but the neighbouring property has a dark and violent history wherein a brain damaged daughter whacked her parents then disappeared into the night, never to be seen again. Said property is inhabited by reclusive remaining sibling, Ryan (played by teen-bait beefcake mannequin Max Thierot) and the snooty suburban locals ain't too keen on the lad. There are mutterings of urban legends and depreciating property values and such.

Anyway, Elissa falls for the incredibly charmless Ryan (apparently she is attracted to damaged wounded souls – and expressionless people who have the screen presence of cellophane). That he turns out to be a complete and utter murdering nutbar comes as little surprise, because the sign-posting is there from the outset and boy is it heavy and bold and...well, you know the drill from here on in.

Why do you know the drill? Because it's monumentally predictable, mundane, draggy and unexciting. There is next to no discernible enthusiasm from the listless cast, performances being uniformly perfunctory and lifeless. The film fails as either a teen-friendly slasher vehicle or halfway decent social drama. Really, there is no viable creative reason for it to exist. It doesn't thrill, scare, shock or entertain. The first half of it is a dull and tedious setup for a humdrum and unimaginative second half and finale.

If the makers felt their target audience would be satisfied by this vapid blancmange then I think they might be guilty of underestimating them. I have a hard time imagining that even the most turgid and tasteless teenie would tolerate it to any great degree. I could be wrong though - TWILIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES being cases in point.

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Plain and simple: a bad movie

Author: Kevin B from NH, United States
10 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Please note, this is my first review, so bear with me!

We arrived at the theater wanting to see Looper, but it was sold out and our other choices were House at the End of the Street, Frankenweenie, or Taken 2 (which we had already seen). We chose HATES because with a title like that, it had to have a few suspenseful moments and good jumps, right?


This movie had potential. The beginning had every ingredient of a decent horror movie. Two vulnerable, good looking women living alone in the woods next to an empty house that was the scene of a gruesome double murder. Perfect!

About 20 minutes in to the movie, it kind of became a teenage love story. It became very pathetic, very quickly. But just when you thought "how can this movie get any worse", it does!

They add a decent twist which was at least semi-unique, I'll give them that. The problem is that they took the typical horror route and added terrible acting and plot lines.

I wouldn't waste your time or money going to see this film. If I hadn't been with a large group of friends, I would have walked out fairly early in the movie. The only good part was that I paid half price to see it (cheap movie night at the theater).

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4 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Casey's Movie Mania: HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET (2012)

Author: caseymoviemania from Malaysia
9 October 2012

Shot in summer 2010, but released two years later to capitalize Jennifer Lawrence's mass popularity after making headlines with her Oscar-nominated performance in WINTER'S BONE (2010) and later became an instant superstar for starring in this year's box-office hit, THE HUNGER GAMES. However, her new movie, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, is a dreadful psychological thriller that tries too hard to venture into PSYCHO-like territory but comes up terribly short. Interestingly enough, the movie has been heavily promoted with a designated Twitter hashtag under the short title of #HATES. How ironic! The movie begins with a hyperactive prologue -- annoyingly shot with lots of blinding strobe lights -- where a psychotic teen massacring her unsuspecting parents one fateful night, before vanishing into the woods. It's certainly a bad start that hardly registers any sense of worthwhile thrills. From there, it never regains its footing and goes downhill all the way.

Flash forward to four years, we are now introduced to a spunky high-school student Elissa (Lawrence) and her recently-divorce mom Sarah Cassidy (Elisabeth Shue), where both of them move into a house at the small Pennsylvania town of Woodshire, in hope to start fresh. But coincidentally, the house next door to them is where the infamous double homicide happened four years earlier. The place is now resided by the elder son, Ryan (Max Thieriot). He's a quiet teenager who is branded an outcast from the rest of the local peoples around. But not for Elissa, who somehow feels sorry for him and gradually drawn to his quiet personality. As their relationship blossoms into two lovebirds, little is known to Elissa that Ryan is actually keeping his thought-dead psychotic sister locked under the basement of his home.

Despite branded as a thriller and carries such title like HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, it's extremely baffling that the movie is almost suspense-free throughout its wimpy 101-minute running time. Apparently director Mark Tonderai has no idea what makes a good thriller at all. He also has no sense of pacing, while his directing style is a stylistic mess (shaky-cam, Dutch angles, etc.) In the meantime, David Loucka's script (who also wrote last year's equally awful DREAM HOUSE) spends too much time lingering around with its pathetic Hallmark-like storyline involving two lovebirds (Elissa and Ryan) slowly goes wrong. Seriously, the whole movie drags a lot it feels like forever. Even by the time the movie starts to act like a thriller for the final half an hour's mark, it's all too late and too little. Not only that, the climactic payoff is also a huge disappointment. Suspenseful moments are poorly executed in the utmost generic way possible.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence, who is clearly wasted in her otherwise meaty role she could have done better. Instead, Tonderai spends most of the time focusing more on her cleavage shot (a lot of scenes involving her in a tight white top) and little on her dramatic acting skill. As the reclusive Ryan, Max Thieriot is fairly adequate here. And Norman Bates, he is not. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Shue delivers some worthwhile performance as the overprotective mom, Sarah.

HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET is mostly a boring movie. Even with all the twists Tonderai and Loucka thrown in to sustain viewers' interest, particularly at the surprise epilogue, the movie is a colossal waste of time. I guess, if not for Jennifer Lawrence in the credit, this movie should have been dumped for direct-to-DVD release instead.

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4 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Low Expectations and Still Disappointed

Author: Jipper2 from United States
6 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The trailer for the movie made it look decent. I didn't have overly high expectations for the film going in. Every October I try and watch as many horror movies in theaters as I can. This one made the list for 2012.

The first hour of the movie has the feeling of the late 70's early 80's suspense horror films. You know, the ones that build up and build up all the while being slightly too slow to be good but you stick with it because you know the climax is coming.

So I set through the first hour of this movie with it's horrible camera shots which includes, close-ups that are too close and more than one camera shot that was out of focus for no good reason. I also set through the bad acting. The more movies I see Jennifer Lawrence in (who's the main actress) the more I realize that she's not a very good actress. There's just no depth there. Beyond my growing dislike for her, I know Elisabeth Shue is a capable actress and her performance in this movie was almost as lacking as Jennifer Lawrence. This leads me to believe that the bad camera shots and bad acting are both the directors fault. One hour of absolutely no horror. No horror for an hour of a horror movie. Basically the first hour was build up. Though some points of the movie were laughable it had a slight old school horror movie build-up, bad acting and laugh-ability that kept me watching.

Where the movie failed for me was the climatic finish. The turn from the hour build-up to realizing what was going on was actually pretty great. The Penn State shirt was the best shot of the film. The problem was that once the "bad guy" had been revealed the movie was WAY too predictable to still be enjoyable. Beyond all of that there were several weak, unrealistic, Hollywood sequences in the movie that weren't overlook-able because the movie was too bad to overlook such flaws. In addition the movie steals several angles from movies like Sleepaway Camp and Frankenstein that would have been homage paying if the movie was better but since it wasn't better, it was just insulting in my opinion. I thought I was going into a horror movie but it ended up feeling more like an hour long teen drama with a half hour semi-horror movie ending. I say semi-horror movie because only 3 people died in this movie beyond the opening sequence. One of them didn't have a speaking role. Another was only in one speaking scene and the third had a very minimal role.

Though disappointing for a theatrical release it would have been a descent find for a straight to BluRay/Netflix movie. Unfortunately it was not straight to a Redbox near me and I felt my money was wasted in theaters.

Just so this isn't all negative I'll say that I really did enjoy the Penn State reveal and the actor/actress who played the killer did a good job though I really didn't see him/her as the killer so much.

4 of 10 - Wait for DVD and only watch this if you're a suspense thriller fan who enjoys the average to below average thrillers.

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5 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

A Nutshell Review: House at the End of the Street

Author: DICK STEEL from Singapore
31 October 2012

It almost always starts with a piece of real estate tagged to an incredibly hard to believe price, meaning dirt cheap for the kind of view it commands or the neighbourhood it is part of. Then of course there's a catch, since the place will probably be part of a crime scene, or the perfect confluence for the supernatural to come together to celebrate Halloween every night. The buyers themselves are either folks who are writers looking for inspiration, or turn out to be those looking to put behind their emotional baggage for a new life ahead. You will probably run out of fingers to count the number of movies made from the same mold in recent years.

Then you'll soon realize that the clichés in the film are tremendous, from throwaway cops, torchlights that don't work, to creepy neighbours who are more than meets the eye. You may decide to be gung ho about it, or to spare it some precious time for that glimmer of hope that it'll turn out to be fairly entertaining for what it's worth, but you'll find that trust betrayed with each long drawn out dramatic scene that tries to add some depth to the characters, but ended up turning the narrative into a long winded one with throwaway caricatures you don't really care much for. And the lapses into jump cuts that try so hard to provide some cheap scares, just make things a lot worse.

The other word of caution is that Jonathan Mostow was slated to write-direct this some 10 years ago, but now have handed over this project to director Mark Tonderai and writer David Loucka to come and salvage something from it. Perhaps the only saving grace comes from a somewhat "star" lister in Jennifer Lawrence, having made her name in X-Men: First Class, and spearheading The Hunger Games most recently, but even then the filmmakers failed to make it count where it mattered, preferring to rely on her many cleavage baring, tight tank tops to try and make a point, not.

Elizabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence star as mother-daughter Sarah and Elissa, who find themselves a nice abode in the middle of the woods of a small town, where the townsfolk aren't all that keen that their new neighbours had moved in next to a house that bore witness to two killings, which the prologue introduces us to. Soon, Elissa finds herself drawn to the sole survivor of that massacre in Ryan (Max Thieriot) despite her mother's objections, and we're left wondering if the aloof Ryan is really a real Boo Radley type who is much maligned by everyone else, or is actually hiding something a lot more sinister especially when it had to do with his supposedly missing sister Carrie Anne (Eva Link), accused of murdering their parents in cold blood.

Movie goers will probably be able to stay multiple steps ahead of this insipid storyline, if only they can stay awake for the first hour where the movie decided to go all over the place in showing how Sarah and Elissa try to fit in to their new environment, in school and at the hospital, making friends with the police and teenage peers for a rock concert that doesn't materialize because a modestly budgeted film will not allow for one. Things start to turn a wee bit interesting when Ryan enters the picture, with red herrings and suggestions thrown about at will, but only if given time to properly gestate into a proper back story, or sub plot. Instead, these potential ideas got quickly glossed over, coupled with a ridiculous ending that sees a desperate epilogue thrown in to salvage some points. That didn't work, because instead of being smart, it turned out to be way too silly and ridiculous.

Still, this is something Jennifer Lawrence's fans will flock to in order to see their heroine in kicking butt. Watch out though for Max Thieriot's performance, which given a proper script, could really get under your skin as genuinely creepy.

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8 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Not a scary film....

Author: Tribal-Warrior from United Kingdom
1 October 2012

Predictable storyline once you start watching it, and not a scary film at all, apart from a few times where it tries to make you jump... only succeeded to make me jump on one occasion.

I actually thought this might be a haunted house sort of film judging by the title, as I didn't watch any trailers. But it isn't, it's just a teen slasher type, but without much slashing.

If you can get into a free screening like I did, or maybe orange Wednesday 2 for 1, then it's worth a watch, otherwise wait until it comes out for rental.


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8 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Not Woth the Money.

Author: noemiwrites
30 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: There are spoilers in this review.

The very name of the movie should turn you away.

The movie begins with a girl walking down a dark hallway, knocking over a lamp and table, the parents wake up, the mother checks on her, the mother dies, then the father. Fast forward four years and a mother and daughter move in next door from Chicago. At this point, it seems somewhat interesting. However, the rest of it, isn't.

I expected it to be a grudge type thing maybe, but I didn't expect it to be so ... cliché. I do like Jennifer Lawrence, and I wanted to like the movie, but there is a line. She was pretty good, her character wasn't bad, but the supporting cast/characters could have been more developed ... more ... just more.

The twists in this just gave me a headache. The whole movie felt like it was rushed and overly-clichéd and it just wasn't at all what I had expected it to be. I'll admit that some of the scenes looked cool and could make some good gifs for graphics later on. It wasn't worth $9.00 and I really wish I could get my money back.

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11 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Slow start strong finish.

Author: thevampyremystik from Canada
22 September 2012

I loved this movie, sure the acting wasn't always fantastic but while this movie had a slow start it had a great finish. I love movies like this. A good story with a twist and a lot of pop out make your heart stop moments.This was a very modern movie. I personally liked the plot and the whole movie was just the right length of time. Its rare to find a movie that doesn't need a lot of special effects to be terrifying. This one pulled it off, no supernatural or just far out there weird sci-fi stuff, just a genuinely very human scary movie. Well worth the cost to see on the big screen. P.S just so you know if you have the same movie taste here are some of my likes. Scream Halloween (the original) Disturbia The Grudge Insidious The Ring

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