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House at the End of the Street
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Am glad I didn't watch it in the movie theater

Author: Lilly Smith from United States
8 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I only watched it today, which is like two years after it was released and am glad I didn't watch it in the theater.

I would have regretted it. The casting was good as I chose it mainly for the actors, Max Thieriot and Jennifer Lawrence, but wouldn't say it is one of their best movies.

The story was OK, thriller/suspense rather than horror and some twist ends here and there but somewhat sloppy in some parts, like how can one get stabbed so badly and yet survive? That's one of the few parts I didn't like at all. Other than that, it was watchable.

And like many other movies these days, the end part seems to imply a sequel, but would it be a success? I don't know.

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Jennifer Lawrence makes this movie.

Author: bluesman-20 from Canada
16 January 2014

The house at the end of the street is not a horror movie . It's more of a suspense film. Mother and Daughter move into a beautiful home after a bitter divorce. The mother is a doctor who works late hours the Daughter played by Jenifer Lawrence is still in high school. She's a singer with a lot of talent. Her mother played by Elizabeth Shue Wants her daughter to fit in. But after a particularly rough first day in which Elyssa is invited to one of the school's most popular students and one of it's richest . She discovers a dark side to the high society and does not like it. Meanwhile she has been watching the house at the end of the street. She was told there was a double murder there about 20 years ago and that no one lives there. Then one night she sees a light on in the house. And she becomes fascinated by the home's owner. The son of the people who died there. She hears how his sister went crazy one night and killed the parents and fled into the woods. Where she is to this day no one knows.

His name is Ryan and he has a few deep dark secrets of his own.

Not really a horror movie. and not a thriller. You might call this suspense lite. You know there is something wrong with Ryan but you don't know what. and when you get the big reveal you feel kind of cheated. There is a lot that's not explained. Or if it is it's not explained properly. The only reason I watched it was because of Jennifer Lawrence. and that's the best part of the film plus you hear her sing which is a good thing. Other then that not much to recommend.

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Not bad,not good just average.

Author: chrichtonsworld from Netherlands
16 October 2013

House at the end of the street could have been so much more since it clearly shows it has the potential. This film is proof how important a director can be to translate such potential to the screen. In this case Mark Tonderai fails to.

From the title you might have gotten the impression this is one of so many haunted house stories. And there was enough there to make it seem like that way. Which would have added to the viewing experience. Yet too soon any hint towards the supernatural is crushed by a turn in the story that in my opinion came far too soon. Then the director seems to be more focused on the dynamics between mother Elisabeth Shue and daughter Jennifer Lawrence. Which was nice to set up the tension between them but it has no bearing to the overall story. And thus ends up a waste of time. Then the thriller elements kicks in that start out promising and even offer a decent amount of suspense which sadly never supersedes mediocrity. A lot could have been done to add suspense or thrills. Like adding some good old red herrings. I know some people don't care about those and want the blood and the gore. Guess what there is none. Luckily I am not one of those horror fans who find that to be necessary. One can thrill in several other ways. But director Mark Tonderai does nothing of the sort and goes for the easy and predictable solutions. Not even bothering to surprise or reward the viewer for watching at the end of this film.

So is it a title that is worth your time? It is not bad by any means. Only it's not particular good either. For me this is one of those titles I reserve for rainy Sundays when nothing else is on. I think Jennifer Lawrence fans will watch this regardless. And perhaps will fall for the charm of Max Thieriot. He shows promise and did what he could with his role and is bound to impress the ones who watch this. Other than that there is nothing going on that needs mentioning.

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Lawrence is great but ultimately can't save this movie.

Author: Bruce722 from United States
6 August 2013

As far as thriller/horror films go, House at the End of the Street wasn't all that bad. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as usual. Her stunning and unique look combined with her incredible range as an actress means she provides a solid lead, regardless of the plot. Speaking of which, this one actually had a halfway decent premise with some real potential. I think the movie ultimately fell apart for the lazy writing that led to a poor execution of the plot and the mediocre supporting cast. Elisabeth Shue leads a lot to be desired as the worrisome mother and Max Thieriot just doesn't deliver. A major part of the lazy writing I referenced earlier is the clichéd "person gets themselves into trouble by being stupid" element that plagues so many of these movies. Lawrence's character might be among the nosiest I've ever seen in a movie. I leave it at that but I will say, it's tough for a movie to be suspenseful when you spend more time aggravated at the characters than you do worried for their safety.

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Not as bad a movie as the majority suggests...

Author: jpajs14 from United States
27 May 2013

I want to start out by saying that this is by no means a 'good' thriller movie either. Although Jennifer Lawrence and Max Theriot both deliver decent performances, there are many moments of unrealism in the movie and obvious set-ups for jump scenes. I don't think hardly anyone could watch this movie without the word: "Cheesy" coming to mind at least once. Don't get me wrong, the storyline / plot is some-what creative and could have a lot of potential. This movie is not very scary though; there are absolutely no monsters, paranormal activity, or gruesome death scenes in this movie. The only scares come from the occasional 'surprise' jump scenes... which are obviously set-up every time as I mentioned- but then again, there aren't many horror movies now-a-days with completely unexpected scares. If you are a horror film buff looking for the really good ones; you'd probably want to skip this title. However, it is still enjoyable to watch and there are many, many horror movies worse than this one. 5.75 / 10 stars. Please check out all of my movie reviews at TheRightReviews.Weebly.Com

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Author: nightwatch4773 from Canada
17 February 2013

I really wanted to like this film since I tend to enjoy films with similar titles.I loved Last house on the left( 1974 ) and the reboot a few years ago. Enjoyed the House by the edge of the Park and the video nasty the House on Dead end Street so I went into this hoping that the star of Winter's Bone would carry this to the promise land. that didn't happen. First off the trailer makes this as some supernatural thriller and that is not the case at all. If you haven't figured this out by the 25min mark, please get an IQ test or maybe I have watched one too many of these sort of films. The film is the perfect example on cashing in on a very hot actress at the moment in Jennifer Lawrence. The script barely gives her anything to work with other than her running around looking sexy in her tight wet top. The only part of the film I enjoyed was Gil Bellows maybe because of the nostalgia of Shawshank Redemption or perhaps he was a customer at my video store that closed down last summer.

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I enjoyed the twists, and the hunky male man. :P

Author: JLlo-yd from Australia
4 February 2013

The story itself to me wasn't as bad as what others have stated..although it is generalized into the overly used thriller/drama of a pretty teenager falling for the guy who has a past, ad who is dangerous. I enjoyed the idea that the handsome man who i later found out has been in two other movies i had liked (pacifier, and jumper) has a past, that you saw through flash backs as apposed through the normal story telling effect.

Although the original story is stated, and then manipulated the twists were in fact rather idealistic ..and fitted well within the story. SPOILERS: the idea that he himself had been punished and manipulated into becoming his sister due to her death, that the cop had covered up the death of the child, that the parents were druggos and had died a rather reparable death due to their actions (KARMA, and he had found girls and kidnapped them (explaining the apparent erratic behavior)

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Cliché, Not Scary, And Dull

Author: mrrockey from Canada
19 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, before I tear this movie in half, I'd like to address that I already knew what type of movie this was before I even saw it. I already know that it was just gonna be some cheap studio hack film that was made to appeal to teenagers by casting one of the hottest young actresses right now and keeping it PG-13 to ensure them kiddies can go see it. But with that being said, I expected this film to be at least moderately ENTERTAINING. Not mind-blowing, but ENTERTAINING. But what I got instead, was one of the dullest, most clichéd films I've seen in a long time. It REALLY sucked, and I'm gonna tell you all about it.

The plot starts off with a little girl named Carrie Anne killing her mother and father in the middle of a stormy night(that's nice) and then, flash forward four years later, a divorced doctor by the name of Sarah Cassidy and her 17-year-old daughter Elissa move to a small, upscale town where their house is right next to the where the opening massacre took place. Elissa meets Ryan Jacobson, the brother of Carrie and they gradually develop a romantic feelings for one another. Sarah ends up going AGAINST them being in a relationship together so they start seeing each other in secret where Elissa gets to learn more and more about Ryan's disturbing past.

I'm gonna get this right out of the way, House at the End of the Street is fwcking boring. There's barely any suspense or tension throughout the majority of the first half of the film so you end up just being bored as you have to watch this sh!tty teen drama with some of the most clichéd writing imaginable. There's the little drama about Sarah being recently divorced and Elissa and her trying to cope with it, there's the relationship being forbidden by one of their parents, and there's the whole "social outcast" angle with Ryan. Now I wouldn't have minded some of these clichés if the characters felt like REAL people but the thing is, they don't. We never get to know any of these characters and the dilemmas they go through well at all so whenever there's a dramatic scene and Elissa says something like "Just because you had a bad relationship doesn't I mean will!", it just comes across as generic, lifeless drama made to just fool you into thinking the movie's smarter than it really is. So even if this wasn't a horror/thriller film, it still would've sucked because it's just clichéd and lifeless.

But if this movie had any sort of good suspense or scares in it, I would probably give this film at least a 5 but the problem is that, not only do they come in way too LATE in the film, they're also REALLY weak. The way this movie tries to scare you, is so textbook and formulaic, it might as well have been renamed "Horror Filmmaking for Dummies: The Movie". They use every cliché in the book, and I mean EVERY cliché. From jump scares, to shaky-cam(fwck shaky-cam), to a character wandering around in the dark trying to find the killer, and probably the most embarrassing of them all, the killer popping up for one last scare after they were supposedly killed. I mean, come on! Scream already made people aware of this cliché 17 years ago! When that scene came on, I actually bursted out laughing because of how dumb and expected it was. THAT'S how embarrassing it was.

If there's anything DECENT about the movie, it'd be the cast. While this film doesn't make full use of Jennifer Lawrence's talent as an actress, she does do the best she can and is clearly above starring in these types of films. Let's just hope she never stars in a film like this ever again. Elizabeth Shue, again, does her best in a film like this. Max Thieriot is GOOD as Ryan, but he's too damn creepy-looking at the start of the film for us not to suspect him when surprise, he's the villain of the picture. I feel like this character should start out feeling more like a regular guy than such a creep. The best character to compare him to is probably Norman Bates from Psycho since it's clear the writers took some notes from Hitchcock's film in creating their character but the thing they seemed to forget about, is making him a normal guy from the start. In that film, we have no reason to suspect Norman at first because of how unimportant he seemed from the way Perkins played him but here, the first time we see him, he's already made himself look like the bad guy because of the way he's shot and the music accompanies the scene.

I also thought the twist was... a fairly good one. I'll give the movie props that I DIDN'T see it coming but it would have worked even better if I was intrigued by the mystery THROUGHOUT the film as opposed to it getting sidetracked by sh!tty drama. I don't know, I feel like I would have given it more praise had if it was part of a better script.

Overall, House at the End of the Street is exactly the type of movie you'd expect from a title like that. It's clichéd, generic, lifeless, and frankly, dull. That's probably the worst thing you could say about a horror/thriller film in my book. Still, I'd guess it's watchable if you happen to be a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence but... you definitely have better alternatives. I'm gonna give it a 2/10.

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J-Law makes the movie.

Author: caramccumber from Australia
29 January 2014

I really didn't think I was going to enjoy this movie. From the title to the cover photo, it screamed 'teen slasher flick'. However from the moment J-Law graces the screen I was hooked! The movie really plays to your heart strings, dragging you to the edge of your seat till the last minute. I even found myself doing an internet for a song sung by Jennifer's character in the movie, I was disappointed to find it is not her singing, however the song is really fantastic and very out of the box for the slasher style move.

I think this once again proves that if you want a good movie - get Jennifer Lawrence!

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underrated whatsoever!

Author: shathar_o from Jordan
18 January 2014

House at the end of the street is a pretty crazy unpredictable psychological horror; it's terrific and terrifying. one of the little movies i enjoy watching. i love this movie because it's my favorite type of horror; the one with a new neighbors coming to a creepy house or a creepy neighborhood with a psycho touch; it couldn't go better. it's almost perfect for it's type; it's a massive mind-blowing and jaw-dropping; both performances of Lawrence and Thieriot are amazing; the story line was so one in a million; i liked it and i don't care about what everyone says; i recommend it without hesitating, and it should get more attention because everyone would love it.

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