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Such a crappy movie to look at!

Author: Irishmoviereviewer from Ireland
9 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly, who would think this movie is that great?

Everything including the acting, the story line and the setting. This is pretty much like a bad Scary Movie parody film. I don't blame Jennifer Lawrence but she shouldn't have accepted to star in this godforsaken film. She just pretty much has bad luck in a lot of films that shes been involved in. Although I'm not a fan of her, i think she should really try to let her hair down and find movies that will make her more successful than her bad movies...

This film was just like a rip off with a mix between the exorcist and the conjouring. Its just a copycat movie at the end of the day, I would like to say to ones who are fans of Jennifer Lawrence to avoid this.....

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Am glad I didn't watch it in the movie theater

Author: Lilly Smith from United States
8 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I only watched it today, which is like two years after it was released and am glad I didn't watch it in the theater.

I would have regretted it. The casting was good as I chose it mainly for the actors, Max Thieriot and Jennifer Lawrence, but wouldn't say it is one of their best movies.

The story was OK, thriller/suspense rather than horror and some twist ends here and there but somewhat sloppy in some parts, like how can one get stabbed so badly and yet survive? That's one of the few parts I didn't like at all. Other than that, it was watchable.

And like many other movies these days, the end part seems to imply a sequel, but would it be a success? I don't know.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Lawrence's hot body is the only good thing here

Author: krycek19 from Denmark
21 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another watered down PG13 predictable, boring horror-wannabe movie.

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Elissa (Is that a name?) moves to a small town with her mother.

Next door lives Ryan, a weird young man who saw his sister kill his parents and then his sister killed herself. Then he inherited the house and lives there alone. But wait, there is a twist. Because in Ryans basement a girl is locked up. She is Ryans sister that didn't kill herself after all. But is she' really Ryans sister?


The answer is no. There never was a sister. Ryans mother was abusive and forced Ryan to dress like a girl and called him Carrie-Anne. Finally the boy snapped and killed his mother and father. And afterwards he created the sister in his mind, to forget that he was the one that killed his parents. And the girl in the basement that he wants to be his sister is someone Ryan kidnapped and put blue contactlenses in her eyes. For reasons unknown.

A rip-off from Psycho and several other movies, but done badly. Because of a bad script and inept directing.

The wooden acting from everyone including Jennifer Lawrence and the plot-turns coming down the road a mile away, makes this another forgettable mediocre horror film that never delivers even one scare. No blood, because this is PG13.

On top of that every teenager in the movie, including Ryan is good-looking. And so is Larences mother and the few other parents we see in the movie. Yet another cliché that Hollywood needs to get over. I'd rather see ugly people acting good than pretty people acting bad.

I only kept watching because Lawrence has a hot body and she is either wet or sweating, filmed from angles that shows her nice boobs and ass.

But I'd rather watch porn any day than this dribbling crap.

All this movie did was making me horny looking at Lawrence.

And that is not a compliment to the movie.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

predictable and mainstream

Author: jack kenny from Australia
15 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

the plot in this movie is so mainstream it's saddening. a family moves in and it just so happens they move in in the same street a murderer/psycho lives in.

the movie has features that could not possibly be real in real life. the mother being stabbed and placed in glass cannot knock out someone who's fit and armed with a knife just to name one.

as for the acting max thieriot performance was applaudable. his secretive and kindness acting skills were the few things that were actually unpredictable. i think jennifer lawrence was okay, but her choice of role was disappointing. she was made for Oscar movies like silver linings playbook, and not cliché movies like this. i hope the more she acts and the older she gets she chooses better movies to go in, in which im sure she will.

all in all i do not recommend you pay money on this, search it up on the internet or download as it is not worth your money.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Cliché, Not Scary, And Dull

Author: mrrockey from Canada
19 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, before I tear this movie in half, I'd like to address that I already knew what type of movie this was before I even saw it. I already know that it was just gonna be some cheap studio hack film that was made to appeal to teenagers by casting one of the hottest young actresses right now and keeping it PG-13 to ensure them kiddies can go see it. But with that being said, I expected this film to be at least moderately ENTERTAINING. Not mind-blowing, but ENTERTAINING. But what I got instead, was one of the dullest, most clichéd films I've seen in a long time. It REALLY sucked, and I'm gonna tell you all about it.

The plot starts off with a little girl named Carrie Anne killing her mother and father in the middle of a stormy night(that's nice) and then, flash forward four years later, a divorced doctor by the name of Sarah Cassidy and her 17-year-old daughter Elissa move to a small, upscale town where their house is right next to the where the opening massacre took place. Elissa meets Ryan Jacobson, the brother of Carrie and they gradually develop a romantic feelings for one another. Sarah ends up going AGAINST them being in a relationship together so they start seeing each other in secret where Elissa gets to learn more and more about Ryan's disturbing past.

I'm gonna get this right out of the way, House at the End of the Street is fwcking boring. There's barely any suspense or tension throughout the majority of the first half of the film so you end up just being bored as you have to watch this sh!tty teen drama with some of the most clichéd writing imaginable. There's the little drama about Sarah being recently divorced and Elissa and her trying to cope with it, there's the relationship being forbidden by one of their parents, and there's the whole "social outcast" angle with Ryan. Now I wouldn't have minded some of these clichés if the characters felt like REAL people but the thing is, they don't. We never get to know any of these characters and the dilemmas they go through well at all so whenever there's a dramatic scene and Elissa says something like "Just because you had a bad relationship doesn't I mean will!", it just comes across as generic, lifeless drama made to just fool you into thinking the movie's smarter than it really is. So even if this wasn't a horror/thriller film, it still would've sucked because it's just clichéd and lifeless.

But if this movie had any sort of good suspense or scares in it, I would probably give this film at least a 5 but the problem is that, not only do they come in way too LATE in the film, they're also REALLY weak. The way this movie tries to scare you, is so textbook and formulaic, it might as well have been renamed "Horror Filmmaking for Dummies: The Movie". They use every cliché in the book, and I mean EVERY cliché. From jump scares, to shaky-cam(fwck shaky-cam), to a character wandering around in the dark trying to find the killer, and probably the most embarrassing of them all, the killer popping up for one last scare after they were supposedly killed. I mean, come on! Scream already made people aware of this cliché 17 years ago! When that scene came on, I actually bursted out laughing because of how dumb and expected it was. THAT'S how embarrassing it was.

If there's anything DECENT about the movie, it'd be the cast. While this film doesn't make full use of Jennifer Lawrence's talent as an actress, she does do the best she can and is clearly above starring in these types of films. Let's just hope she never stars in a film like this ever again. Elizabeth Shue, again, does her best in a film like this. Max Thieriot is GOOD as Ryan, but he's too damn creepy-looking at the start of the film for us not to suspect him when surprise, he's the villain of the picture. I feel like this character should start out feeling more like a regular guy than such a creep. The best character to compare him to is probably Norman Bates from Psycho since it's clear the writers took some notes from Hitchcock's film in creating their character but the thing they seemed to forget about, is making him a normal guy from the start. In that film, we have no reason to suspect Norman at first because of how unimportant he seemed from the way Perkins played him but here, the first time we see him, he's already made himself look like the bad guy because of the way he's shot and the music accompanies the scene.

I also thought the twist was... a fairly good one. I'll give the movie props that I DIDN'T see it coming but it would have worked even better if I was intrigued by the mystery THROUGHOUT the film as opposed to it getting sidetracked by sh!tty drama. I don't know, I feel like I would have given it more praise had if it was part of a better script.

Overall, House at the End of the Street is exactly the type of movie you'd expect from a title like that. It's clichéd, generic, lifeless, and frankly, dull. That's probably the worst thing you could say about a horror/thriller film in my book. Still, I'd guess it's watchable if you happen to be a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence but... you definitely have better alternatives. I'm gonna give it a 2/10.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Totally sucked.

Author: theplotinyou-audrey from Memphis
7 August 2013

First of all. This is movie isn't "horror" so I don't really know why it's under the horror category. I only watched the movie because personally I think Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress and I thought it would be good. It doesn't even have a good ending and it's just so irrelevant... I feel like I wasted my valuable time watching it. But, I don't blame Jennifer though. Her acting as good but as for rest of the characters, they sucked at playing their roles. The plot and everything could have been just so much better... The trailer makes it seem like it's just a big deal of a movie and so much entertaining; when it's not. But whatever.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

HUGE letdown... Again!

Author: DarkDefender_81 from Germany
22 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You probably watched the trailer to this, just like I did, going 'Hey, this looks actually pretty neat. Maybe this film could be good', just to realize, after having watched the entire film, that this was just another huge letdown.

Because this is just another one of these scary wanna be films where the main characters have just moved from the big city to the middle of nowhere for whatever unimportant reason, so that the story can begin. And this results in one of the most boring first 70 minutes such a film can ever have, because NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING of any significance happens in that time.

Well, at least we have eye candy Jennifer Lawrence to look at. And she is good, or let me say it this way. She is as good as she can be with the little the script has to offer.

And in that way she reminds me a bit of my favorite actress Natalie Portman. Even if the film is a complete stinker, she is still amazing.

The last part of the film is then quite good, at least compared to the first 70 minutes. And the scene in which Jennifer's character is in the dark, trying to locate the bad guy with a flashlight is then actually pretty cool, but that's about one minute of film out of 96.

So, the bottom line is, this film has absolutely no balance at all. 70 minutes of boredom and about 15 minutes of a little suspense and action is just not enough to have a good movie.

So, this is just another huge letdown... Again. Pity.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Mislead This For A Totally Different Film...

Author: vengeance20 from United Kingdom
19 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When seeing a trailer for this film, it looked good! It really did look promising, that it was going to be a great film! The trailer (as they always do) made it better than the actual film itself! It mislead me to think it was a supernatural type of film! The Name suggests quite a lot for me to think that!

It was totally not what I'd think it was which disappointed me! It was suspenseful enough & had a good few jump scares in it! But just threw me when I seen it! It was scary nor was it that frighting! The twists were good although it was kind of like a young version of Norman Bates near the end how he was kidnapping teenage girls to pose as his sister who had died years ago! Not to mention how they led us to believe that the boy was innocent, & caring when in the end he was nasty horrible & person who was mentally ill!

Not as good as I hoped! Had a few good twists & scares but just lacked the horror in most parts!

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: rebekahrox from United States
26 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not a horror movie, but a thriller/suspense/mystery much like Disturbia. As such, it was very good. It really is not scary at all. The clues are all there to solve your way through. The last part of the puzzle (a.k.a. "the twist") might surprise some, but alert viewers will at least suspect what is coming. I like movies like this that don't kill all the good guys and evil triumphs. I also like movies that don't end ambiguously usually with the tease that the evil will be back and it's really not over. I hate that cliché. The movie does have lots of clichés duly noted by many other reviewers, but that's pretty much what you sign up for with one of these things. I prefer to think of these clichés as "homages"when I like a movie.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

What secrets do The House at the End of the Street hold

Author: rgblakey from United States
18 January 2013

Most of the wide release horror films these days seem to focus more on the star power than really trying to deliver that scares or originality. With the latest The House At The End Of The Street they showcase Jennifer Lawrence in the lead to attempt to tell a creepy tale that the trailers left enough mystery to not really know where it was going, but does it work?

The House At The End Of The Street follows a divorce doctor and her daughter who move into a new house in a small town. Seemingly too good to be true, they were able to get this amazing house due to it being next door to a home where a young girl stabbed her parents to death. When the daughter befriends the boy that inherited the house from his parents the mysteries begin to unravel to reveal the truth of the past and the dangers of the present. The story here is seemingly pretty simple at first, but does end up adding some interesting twists and turns to go into directions that you may or may not see coming. The performances are decent and keep the filming moving at a decent pace, but that pace is where some of the film falls apart. Instead of the creepy horror film it teased in the trailers you spend more time dealing with the various personal issues as opposed to the main story that struggles to be the focus. This film plays more of a slow thriller with very little meat than a full on creepy horror film they wanted you to believe and it ended up just not working overall.

If you go into this film knowing that it offers little more than a Lifetime movie vibe with a bit of a thriller twist then you will most likely enjoy it. The interesting direction they headed by the time the film comes to an end was cool and would have made for a better film had they spent more time on it. This isn't a horrible movie; it just doesn't play as advertised like a lot of films and ends up not delivering what it could have.

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