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I like this show!
hendrika-16 December 2010
I really enjoy this show, I don't care what the other reviews say! It's enjoyable, sure it's not anything life changing but it's fun enough, and keeps you guessing. The main characters are likable and you're always rooting for them. Sure there are some other cop shows out there like this, but give this one a shot! Kelli Giddish is great as Annie Frost, I like that this show has a very strong female lead! Cole Hauser is also good! and Jesse Metcalfe does well, I like seeing him in something that isn't like Desperate Housewives or John Tucker Must Die. Amaury Nolasco, and Rose Rollins really round out the team well.

I really hope it doesn't get cancelled!!
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Reall Like It
fisherchase29 September 2010
I disagree with all of the other reviews. Most people these days are just down right picky when it comes to their shows. This show is fun to watch. If you honestly enjoy having to watch shows like CSI where they have 10 different show pertaining to every city in the country and solving the same crimes, then by all means watch those shows.

This show is very entertaining and moves at a quick pace.

Most other cop shows on TV are very slow and the investigation portions tend to drag on.

I think Chase is a very exciting show and I look forward to watching it every week.

I hope that this show continues to make it beyond one season

Hopefully this season continues to get better and starts to change peoples view of its quality.
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Annie frost is awesome
randy westgate6 October 2010
I love this actress! Annie Frost is not your run of the mill US Marshall diva who needs her makeup and hair done to a tee in every scene. Thank goodness Jerry Bruckheimer still casts women who have surprises under their sleeves. The writers are doing a fantastic job by keeping the story moving at a break neck speed and still add compassion in the b lines. I'm looking forward to watching this show every week. And with Cole Hauser, Jessie Metcalfe, Rose Rollins, and Amaury Nolasco, and not to mention Kelli Giddish, I can't lose. I love the guest stars who really love to be bad and Chase has those guys. if I were an actor, and cast on this show I would want to be the bad guy,because Kelli Giddish would take me down. please give this show a chance to show it's true colors by exposing the soft side, and the dysfunctional side of the cast. I'm a true fan.
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Love this show
scotttuckerphotography24 December 2010
I have to admit the show started a little slow. Now, my family is fully engaged. Great cast and good writing has been the key. I like the way the characters are now be coming more complex. Anne Frost is really becoming a charter with passion and heart. I am looking forward to the growth of this cast. Bottem line, the show is just fun to watch! With all the copy cat CSI 1,2,3, NCIS, NCIS LA, Etc, it is nice to add a little Texas twist. I also think it is nice to have a strong leading lady. One the comes across very down to earth without to much ego. My 11 year old likes this show as well and it is one the whole family can really get into.
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Missing Annie Frost
saltydawgpwds26 March 2011
My fifteen year old granddaughter came to live with me in New Hampshire last April. She moved here to New Hampshire from the Houston area so when we saw this series starting we set it up to record. And we were so glad we did as we loved this show. There are so many violent sexual shows on television these days that to find a good easy to watch and understand show was a breath of fresh air. We were very disappointed when we kept looking for it to return. It was a good family show that I could feel comfortable watching with my granddaughter and her cousins when they visit. We would love to have the network bring this show back. We miss Annie Frost!
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Slow start, slow picking up
rinnumber129 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit, the only reason I even noticed this show was Cole Hauser. Seeing his face flash across the screen caught my attention, and even then only for a moment. But when I noticed that the show was coming up after The Event, I opted to stick on for a while. The first episode was slow with little depth to the characters. I had a hard time learning the names, only remembering Annie and Jimmy. There was potential for humor, but the writers quickly dropped it and moved on. The bad guy was admittedly an interesting person. I do like how the show creates sympathy for the criminals as well as the victims. And the show did have a lot of action, which kept me awake enough to finish it. It also was enough to get me to turn it on again for the second episode.

I'm glad I gave it a second chance. While there was still not a whole lot of character development, we did learn a little about our heroes. I'm still not sure on some of the names, but I did see the supporting characters more in this episode. There was more humor, though somewhat dry. And once again, the bad guy was the best and most developed character in the whole plot.You almost wanted to sympathize with him more than the good guys and the victims. The episode ended nicely, if somewhat predictable. The 2nd episode was decidedly better than the first. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.
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Really loving this show !!
EveFR7711 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Really loving this show a lot!

It's fast-paced and action-packed. The interactions within the team are also very interesting to watch.

Personally I love the main character of Annie Frost. 6 episodes into the first season I can't wait to see the development of these elements :

Annie and Jimmy's history; cause you can just tell they've known each other for a long time and there's something brooding. Is Annie going to hunt down her own ' fugitive' father? Luke and Daisy , how are they going to react after their one night together? What's Marco's story? Are we going to see more of Ben the Bountyhunter?

Until now I've found every villain fascinating and the chase thrilling. They have had some of the best guest actors playing the villains. I hope this show is going to have a 'long' life on NBC (kinda worried about the low ratings but *fingers crossed*
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Standard beginning for this show. Is there a future for it?
gpalac22 September 2010
Before seeing this new show I read the reviews that weren't enthusiastic. I saw the cast list and, really, I didn't see anything that I could love at first sight. I'm also confident that not necessarily a great cast will make a show more enjoyable than any other but it helps. It helps a lot. For example if you watched The Forgotten (by CSI producer Jerry Bruckheimer and also producer of this show), maybe you could find Christian Slater as a reference but not much more than that, and it was a very good show. Or The Beast, with Patrick Swayze, and you could find another good surprise there. Good shows with many people not so famous, not so charismatic. And I think that in Chase you have some chance of finding some good moments. Maybe if the show goes well you can connect with the cast. That option lays on good stories for the future. The first one wasn't disappointing. Maybe not great as anybody of us would want to watch, but not disappointing. It's just standard and that's pretty OK. Let's see what happens next.
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My husband and I LOVE Chase
kiredale887 February 2011
My husband and I watched Chase every week; we looked forward to watching it! The show was exciting; it was a family show... no sex or graphic episodes. There is so much junk on TV and so many shows are full of sex. Many times the sex scenes add little to nothing to the story line. The story lines on Chase were easy to follow; the plot moved quickly; there were no dead spots in the show at all, and the characters were realistic. We also enjoyed the fact that Chase was set in Ft. Worth, Texas. Go Texas!!!!!

When I could not find Chase on the TV schedule, I became upset; I have been looking for weeks for a way to let the makers of Chase know that we miss the show and want it to return. PLEASE end the hiatus and return Chase to TV.
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derivative, implausible, formula waste of time
gs2020 September 2010
I getting so sick of the implausibility of a super female cop who can kick every monstrous evil psycho she runs across when in reality a person like that just doesn't exist and never will........that is probably why, although it is not my cup of tea, the closer is a much more realistic and far and away better show.........brains instead of brawn and if she needs brawn, they follow her around like a well oiled machine...........this show is, on the other hand, summed up in the title of my review...........i'm not even going to waste a lot more words describing how boring and formulaic this show is..........i'm sure it will not last very long anyway..........too bad they wasted their money on so many episodes.......they should have waited to see how it would go.
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