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20 Sep. 2010
Escaped serial killer Mason Boyle, a master in disguises, is on the loose and resumes his clever tricks to manipulate victims and others so he can rob and murder, also to cover his tracks, and keep running. US Marshalls rookie Luke Wilson, who recently joined a Texas team, learns tricks of the trades and Texan mentality on the job. It turns out Mason also wants to take his first love with him.
27 Sep. 2010
When the son of a State Trooper is brutally murdered, Annie Frost and the U.S. Marshal team are called in to track down fugitive Eduardo "El Lobo" Lopez. The case takes an unexpected turn when the Marshals discover that "El Lobo" is determined to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his, which ends in a showdown to stop "El Lobo" before he can find the couple who have his most prized possession.
4 Oct. 2010
The Comeback Kid
For years, cunning Irish mobster fugitive Jack Druggan lived a quiet life under a stolen identity. Now he rebuilds his own notoriously thuggish persona, resuming his trademark ruthlessness by committing vicious, needlessly violent crimes in quick succession and provoking the marshals. The team soon realizes he must be preparing a major robbery, confirmed when he even invades a halfway house. Meanwhile Jimmy warns Annie he may not always be there to prevent her stupid risks ending fatally.
11 Oct. 2010
After a brutal murder, fugitive Faith Maples takes her young daughter with her on a harrowing killing spree across Texas. The case becomes more complicated when the suspect's mental state comes into question and Annie Frost and the U.S. Marshals uncover a shocking twist in the case.
18 Oct. 2010
Above the Law
As his fancy lawyer can't promise a change of acquittal anymore at his trial, ruthlessly cunning fraudster Adam Rothschild escapes from the courthouse in bloody manner. Luke can put some of his fresh hunting initiation experience from Jimmy, an initiation rite to his taste, in practice during the chase. Adam smartly tries to prepare a life abroad 'in style', spilling more blood. The high bail attracts bounty hunters, especially Ben Crowley, who also flirts with rudely hostile Annie, whose unwillingness to cooperate helps Adam. Out of options, the fiend turns to his ...
25 Oct. 2010
Previously non-aggressive fugitive Carson Puckett changes his MO dramatically, by resorting systematically to violent explosions. Bountyhunter Ben Crowley saves the day, catching him and thus $5,000, while Annie dares bitch at wisely prudent colleagues while her own tomfoolery lands her in hospital, against saved by Ben. Jimmie leads the team to work out Carson's motivation, rooting in ultra-right Craig Wilson's woodsmen militia.
8 Nov. 2010
The Posse
Bob McGraw is an admired, cocky US marshal, with a great arrest record. The problems is his credentials are fake and he uses excessive violence. Luke finds out he was expelled from police academy for violence and failed to get any law enforcement job. Luke meanwhile boggles the colleagues by pretending barely to know Congressman Nevins, who actually comes offer him a job. Bob not only outsmarts the team as well as fiends, actually those who escaped justice, but also intrude Annie's home, after she foolishly provoked him, to force her to deputize him.
15 Nov. 2010
The Longest Night
Serial killer Curt Seaver, a cunning literature professor, served eight prison years in a wheelchair, but uses all four limbs to kill both correctional officers during his umpteenth transport. Ed Castwick, who writes a book on Seaver, offers his expertise, not least about 'revenge' on women resembling Curt's abusive mother, who consider her bastard doomed from birth. Annie rather promises a courier service to get advice from prison ward-mate Mason Boyle. Jimmy has a hard time trusting Luke now he knows the golden boy lied to hide his political roots. Seaver keeps ...
22 Nov. 2010
Crazy Love
Refugee Jackson Leary, who assumed the pseudonym Jackson Cooper, is a serial rapist and multiple killer. This time he seduced naive teenager Carina Matthews, who is eager to flee home to California with Jackson, doesn't realize he killed her father Alan and catches on only very slowly that he commits robberies and violence all the time. Once wounded, Jackson heads for his adult ex, the mother of his pre-teen son, before heading for the Mexican border to escape US jurisdiction. Luke meanwhile is surprised that colleague Daisy makes no presumptions after their hot night.
29 Nov. 2010
Under the Radar
Seasoned Canadian bank-robber Karen Nelson kept re-offending on the way to Texas, recently aided by naive Yankee Ivy Collins, who is equally eager to abuse female charms. To catch them, the team works out the psychological dynamic and their MO: seeking refuge in women's shelters and robbing relatively inconspicuous bank branches. Ivy gets caught and is confronted with Karen's disloyal manipulation.
6 Dec. 2010
Luke grumbles at Annie for being late at the courthouse and admits still not feeling fully accepted in the team. After a jailer, the deputy whom Luke warned against applying flippantly for the U.S. Marshalls is shot in a double escape from court. Unintentional cahoot Terry Powell is easily caught without resistance. But the ruthless killer Chris Novak proves a resourceful as violent, even killing just for a disguise. He's after former best mate Donny Green and his own lover Tia Archer, whom he suspects of an affair. To Jimmy's horror, the bloody trail enters the ...

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