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Season 1

2 Jun. 2011
"Love Bites" premiers with three interwoven stories of love, sex, marriage and dating - Jennifer Love Hewitt and Craig Robinson guest star.
9 Jun. 2011
How To...
In "Banana Bread", Charlie tells Jodie he wants to 'be friends'. In "Decent Proposal", Kyle's parents come for a visit. In "Eyegasms", Judd and Colleen run into TV sex guru Dr. O and learn about 'eyegasms'.
16 Jun. 2011
Keep on Truckin'
In "Goodbye, Boob", Dan from Judd's parlor chases his dream woman Alex. In "Ninja Vanish", Ricky reveals how to pull a ninja vanish after a one-night stand. In "Cutlets", Chloe sends Annie on a blind date that becomes complicated.
23 Jun. 2011
Sky High
Judd has to improvise his speech as a godfather while high as a kite. Annie advises her cousin Christy in a break-up. Astronaut Scott has a problem in his very-long-distance relationship.
30 Jun. 2011
Stand and Deliver
The characters in Love Bites are called upon to "Stand and Deliver" -- Beau Bridges and Chris Parnell guest star.
7 Jul. 2011
Too Much Information
"Love Bites" explores what happens when you share too much information.
14 Jul. 2011
Boys to Men
"Love Bites" explores themes of maturity in "Boys to Men".
21 Jul. 2011
Modern Plagues
In "Bad in Bedbugs", Jodie and Charlie get plagued by bedbugs. In "I Was Only Choking", Judd saves Kyle's life, but creates a crisis between Kyle and Drew. In "Viral Proposals", Matt is about to propose to Amanda - until he runs into Annie.

 Season 1 

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