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excellent movie! strongly recommended!
A very important protest film, it really helps you to understand what happened to Italian (and not only Italian) capitalism. The movie helped me understand the largest bankrupt in Italian history! It should be shown at business schools! The movie is settled in a provincial Italian town, and the setting is marvelous, the description of the mechanism that drove the CEO and CFO of Parmalat to hide a huge debt is really convincing and disquieting. The psychological portrait of the main characters is passionating. I already suspected after "La ragazza del lago" that Molaioli was a great director now I am sure of that!! The music is excellent too. Finally, Servillo is the great Servillo once more.
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Don't miss this one!
iik7113 January 2012
Usually I don't like the Italian films because they are somehow naive. Surprisingly in that one, the actors play at a very high level. Servillo is on top as usually. Realistically made​​, the film describes the real events surrounding the collapse of a large Italian company producing dairy products. If not mistaken, the actual prototype is Parmalat.

Other interesting titles like this theme are: - The Inside Job (although documentary,very interesting), which depicts the premises and the development of American financial crisis of 2008 caused deliberately by the financial circles, the government and a whole host U.S. presidents. While in The Jewel the abuse is focused around the company's management. - Margine Call. Describes the collapse of one of the banks that provoked the financial crisis 2008. Pretty unrealistic in comparison to The Jewel. - Boiler room - a financial crash micro cosmos.

Do not miss this film.
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