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Dumb and unoriginal

Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
19 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe that shows like this are still being made. I mean, this just another "Pokemon" rip-off (As if "Medabots", "Magi Nation", "Beyblade", "Gormiti", "Bakugan", "Flint the Time Detective" and "Dinosaur King" weren't bad enough) without any kind of originality or entertainment value.

The animation and the designs aren't that bad, actually but everything else is horrible: Not only the story is dumb and unoriginal, but also the characters are annoying and unlikeable, the voice acting is bad, the "jokes" and attempts of humor are awful, the music is horribly generic, and the whole thing is just lame.

"Monsuno" is a terrible show, with zero originality and zero entertainment value.

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Monsuno: The death of us

Author: duded525 from Australia
30 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first watched monsuno I was unaware of whether it was good or bad. Now this is where I stand my decision. The worlds largest cliché bearing, unoriginal, horribly animated, heartless Pokémon ripoff I have ever seen in my entire life, and Im an otaku so I know my anime stuff (anime fans know what Im talking about). One of the thousands of errors this show has is the fact that it contains so may clichés that I have decided to make a whole list about them: 1: The perfect guy, the nerd and the tomboy girl: The fact that this show has the most failed of trios is unbearable, the main character, chase suno, is yet again stereotypically perfect with a tragic background (his mother died, jeez I wonder where I heard that one before?), and then the nerd, as per usual a scared little teen with a fear for the tomboy girl (ill get to that one soon) which is a clear cliché, and also the fact that he is physically deprived of fitness HOW ORIGINAL, oh yeah and he is scared of almost everything the trio finds. Lastly, the tomboy known As Jinja, as the stereotype goes she is an absolute wanna be bad ass who thinks the boys are woos es, she always tries to make herself look brave and powerful by stepping her actions infront of the guys and has great fighting skills (I need say no more about jinja the ninja.). The food craving: one of the most common clichés hands down is the absolute, deathly craving for food. In one episode on their way to grandma futures house (...) they come upon a hotdog stand and chase says something along the lines of grandma future can wait, and then a slide show of the stuffing their faces with foot long subs play. Thats another reason why this show is not worthy of being called an anime. The big bad guy guards easily taken down: Now this one really stirs me up, there are two big badguy guards called righty and lefty ( and you can tell that they are big, buff and unstoppable, OH WAIT! Spoke too soon! Jinja the trans gender takes down both the body builders with a kick, WITH A KICK!! I HAD A FRIEND WHO GOT SMASHED IN TYE FACE WITH A HEAVY SCHOOL BAG WHICH LED TO HIM SMASHING HIS BACK ON A WALL, BUT WAS HE KNOCKED Unconscious?!? NO!!! now I believe I have to sum up this review with one last thing: monsuno: cylinders. Pokemon: balls: Monsuno: Monsters. Pokemon: monsters. Monsuno: (name) launch!. Pokemon: Go (name)! My sum up, the death of us all, the most shotty animation this earth has seen, and the biggest Pokémon ripoff.

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Not the best anime I've seen

Author: dinningfamily from Australia
13 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Feeling bored one day I decided to go channel surfing to see what was on and I stumbled across this show. Seeing it was anime (and I like anime) I decided to watch. But as I got into a few more episodes, I had enough. The storyline didn't seen to go anywhere and I found it hard to understand at times what was going on and I didn't see much character development.

Now onto the creatures (or monsuno I should say.) they're okay I guess, mind you some of them should have better names. One of the monsuno is called Charger because it charges. To me that name seem too original. another monsuno I had trouble figuring out what its name was. (it was a bear by the way.) What is Chase calling it? Muck or Luck? Then I soon find out that it is called Lock. LOCK!!! What kind of name is that?! You might as well call your dog "Door" or your cat "Pillow." but you wouldn't because they are not very good names. Surely they could of come up with better name for these monsuno. Mind you, the name Arachniblade sounds pretty cool.

Another thing I found annoying is that Chase's father is nearly captured in every episode or held prisoner. For goodness sake just leave the darn man alone.

Sorry, but I think I'll stick with Blood+.

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Typical American cartoon trying too hard to be like Japanese anime

Author: Adam from Melbourne, Australia
28 April 2013

Upon switching channels, I came upon Monsuno.

Japanese anime has a quality. Mouth movements, body language, action scenes, etc.

This shows that the creators are anime fans and try to draw like Japanese people but lack the quality. Looks too cheap and try-hard.

Couldn't stand watching it. Americans need to stay with American style cartoons. Never will they ever get close to the quality Japanese people create. Same with 3D animation.

Story, action scenes, speaking, special effects look like crap in Monsuno. Not worth my time.

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Different with the Same elements

Author: scorchermar from Australia
9 July 2012

First off let me say I am an 18 year old uni student on break and so after watching Power Rangers Super Samurai instead of the Judge Judy that I usually watch I decided to give "Mosuno" a chance.

From the first minute of the episode I knew I was going to be hooked, I come from the generation in which dragonball z, pokemon, beyblade, zoids, yu-gi-oh etc... were in their prime and as with many of these anime series each contain a mythical/supernatural/scientific kind of element in them. Monsuno is pretty much the same, however it is different in that it offers another new range of possibilities and fantasies to entertain its viewers because anime can be as far-fetched and as loose as possible whilst still having the kind of believability that this could happen in real life which is why I like it.

Basically the synopsis is that there's this new kind of DNA that exists in the same form that coal/oil does (within regions that have to be mined in order to extract this DNA). The protagonist and his friends discover that his father had designed a core whilst also combining extracts from various fauna and flora which gives this DNA an ability to take form and be "spun out" of the core whenever its master chooses. From there there is an evil organisation that believes a war is coming and it is up to the protagonist to be the next chance for good vs evil.

This anime contains elements from pokemon, beyblade and maybe even a little bit of yu-gi-oh yet it is different in its own right. I'm not saying that its the best and going to be the newest craze out there but it is entertaining and is worth a watch.

8/10 because I liked its premiere and while the premise is getting pretty much generic with most animes, I like how it contains a little bit of believability and for a bored uni student with nothing to do in the 3-4 timeslot it definitely made it a little more entertaining.

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