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  • Jessica Olsen goes to Los Angeles with nothing more in mind that visiting her grandparents while her sister tries to meet Christopher Wilde. One night she meets Christopher Wilde. They go on an adventure around Los Angeles and start to like each other. When Jessica returns home, Christopher, on national TV, says he doesn't know her, and never met her.

  • Jessica Olsen, a small town girl from Michigan, was expecting a low-key trip to California to visit her grandma. However, after agreeing to go with her older sister to find Hollywood's hottest pop star, Christopher Wilde, she finds her vacation won't be as low-key as she originally thought.

  • Jessica Olsen small time girl in Michigan who just wants too steady home and hope she gets grounded tool she's 30 but then her whole family goes up visit her grandmother in Los Angeles she reluctantly goes expecting a low-key holiday but inn fact meets superstar Christopher Wilde otherwise known to Jessica the guy she hates but Christopher has other ideas. They go on an adventure and she slowly starts falling for him but only to have it crushed by him not wanting her anywhere near the TV she goes back to Michigan heart broken but Christopher wants too prove that he only wants her safe from the paparazzi so he follows her back Michigan and proves this Jessica couldn't be more happier as he asks her out on their first date.

  • The Disney Channel movie, StarStruck, follows Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell) on her family trip to Los Angeles. Jessica accompanies her sister on a series of excursions to find the superstar, Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). The seemingly ridiculous attempts to find her sister's crush takes an unexpected turn when Jessica meets Christopher and learns there is so much more to the superstar than what meets the eye.

  • Jessica Olsen was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her grandma. However, she agrees to join her older sister to find the famous pop star, Christopher Wilde.


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  • The film opens with a clip of popstar Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) singing the title song "Starstruck". Then we follow Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from Michigan, as she and her family visit her grandmother in Hollywood, California. Her sister Sara (Maggie Castle) is obsessed with Christopher Wilde- a major popstar and celebrity sensation. She takes Jessica to "Club under 21" in the hopes of meeting Christopher, then forces her to wait in the car and ends up leaving her for several hours. Finally fed up, Jessica leaves the car and goes to search for Sara in the club, but literally runs into Christopher as he tries to leave without being spotted by the paparazzi. He has been offered a movie role (his first) and therefore must remain out of the tabloids in order to prove that he is mature and serious enough about the movie.This run-in with Christopher starts things off wrongly with the two teens. Jessica is convinced Christopher is a shallow, spoiled celebrity. Although she likes his music, she feels he is fake and doesn't know how to just be real. After taking Jessica to the hospital to check out her bruised face from her run-in with him at the stage door, he then takes Jessica to his house because the director in charge of his movie deal is expecting him to remain home, avoid trouble, and stay out of the tabloids. Later, Christpher takes her home but soon realizes he is being tailed by the paparazzi despite his best efforts. As a result, he hides his car in her garage and spends the night in his car without her parents or sister finding out. She then lets him take an old fishing hat of her grandfathers to use as a disguise when he leaves the next morning. Throughout all these mishaps, Jessica finds herself being pulled towards him and his seemingly sincere charm, but convinces herself it is all a show and he just wants her to adore him like all his other fans. The next day Jessica and Sara head to Venice beach, but Sara changes directions and goes to Malibu because the tabloids report that it is where Christopher comes to hangout and surf. Sara sets out to find Christopher, but Jessica sees him in her granfather's fishing hat as he tries to lay low without being recognized. In an attempt to avoid the paparazzi and simply escape for a little while, Christopher decides to take her around L.A. They spend a great day together, just acting like 2 normal teens. However, this comes to a harsh end when they end up sinking Jessica's grandmother's car in a mud hole as they attempt to lose the paparazzi by taking a side road. Dirty and upset, Jessica calls Christopher's life "not real" and "fake", and by extension calls him fake too. After they both cool off (both figuratively and literally), Christopher confides that just hanging out with Jessica was nice, because she wasn't actually asking for anything from him, and they bond again. Here, we see Jessica begin to fall for Christopher and starts to finally realize who he really is and that the demands of being a celebrity aren't as simple and easy as she first thought.They work their way back to Malibu Beach, holding hands and talking. As soon as they arrive in the "real world" though, Christopher fears being seen by the paparazzi and tells Jessica she can't tell anyone about their day or that they know each other. He asks for her camera so she can't share their pictures. He tires to tell her it is to protect her from the madness of the paparazzi, but Jessica believes he is just ashamed of her and not willing to be seen with a normal girl since he is a star. She is extremely hurt and leaves to call a cab. Meanwhile Christopher is spotted and surrounded by fans. one of the paparazzi notices Jessica crying and walking away from Christopher. Jessica's pictures are soon released and everyone is talking about the mystery girl. The director of the movie calls Christopher and his parents and demands for the story to go away- he instructs Christopher to give a interview with the woman who is talking about Jessica and spreading the tabloid gossip, and tell everyone that he doesn't know Jessica and she was only an obsessed fan. Later, when Jessica returns to Michigan, her house is surrounded by the paparazzi and she realizes what Christpher was trying to protect her from. However, she then sees Christopher on TV and hears him deny meeting her or spending time with her. Angry and fed up with the way the paparazzi have forced Christopher to lie and hide himself from the real world, she confronts the paparazzi camped outside her house, and tells them that she "never met the Christopher that they were all so obsessed with."Christopher sees the interview with his best friend Stubby (Brandon Mychal Smith). Stubby knows how he likes Jessica and always admired her honesty. He questions Christopher about everything that happened saying it was ironic that he made her lie when he had always admired her honesty. When Christopher replies with a nonchalant attitude, Stubby grows angry and starts to walk out, saying that Christopher had changed and wasn't himself anymore. Christopher realizes he is right. Whiel in the studio, Christopher's actress-girlfriend Alexis (Chelsea Staub) dumps him, he realizes he is free to pursue Jessica and his own life (following the advice Jessica and Stubby gave him) and not making up the perfect star story to please the press. He fires his parents as his managers and turns down the movie role that made him lie and lose himself in the tabloids, and that on the flip-side would have made him even more famous. Later, Sara's equally Christopher-obsessed friend A.J. insults Jessica for what she said on TV and calls her pathetic for "making up the story about meeting Christopher". Jessica overhears and his hurt, but her seemingly opposite and argumentative sister Sara sticks up for her, sends A.J. home and invites Jessica to the school dance with her. Jessica reluctantly accepts, and Sara helps her get ready for the dance. Later at the dance, Jessica enters nervously and sees people whispering and gossping about her. You hear in the background, people saying negative things about how she made the storysuddenyl appears on stage and says there were things he didn't get to tell her back in California. He then sings her an apology song he has written just for her. After the song, he goes to Jessica and asks for forgiveness. She is still reluctant to trust him again but suddenly the paparazzi appear. He grabs the mic and speaks into the camera, telling everyone he had lied, he did know Jessica and he was crazy about her and would never hurt her again. She slowly smiles and accepts his apology, and moves into his arms to dance. He tells the paparazzi to get lost and they do for once. As they start to dance, he then invites her out for a "real" date, and of course she accepts. As they continue dancing, Christopher's friend Stubby sings a fast paced song and gets the place moving. Christopher and Jessica continue to dance slowly and look into each others eyes as everyone around them dances and has fun.

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