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  • Jackie is spending time with her family at the beach but still shows that she's in charge. At the hospital, Gloria is concerned with the growing disappearance of drugs and gets Jackie to give training to staff on how the properly use the dispensing system. Dr. Cooper lodges a formal complaint against her and she comes within inches of being shot when a deranged patient fires their gun at no one in particular. Eddie is still trying to contact her but she ignores him completely. Until he finds a way to get her attention that she simply cannot avoid.

  • After the confrontation with Eddie at the end of season one, it's now a few months later and Jackie is on the beach with her family. She's cut ties with Eddie and is determined to dive back in and spend more time with the family. Back at All Saints, Jackie deflects blame about the narcotic shortage. She refuses Dr. O'Hara's offers of financial help and endures Sam and a new-found sobriety. A thwarted Dr. Cooper lodges an official complaint against Jackie with Mrs. Akalitus, as she fights a deaf woman's insurance company to cover her hand injury. Eddie overdoses and his brought into All Saints just so he can get Jackie's attention.


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  • Jackie basks on a sun drenched beach. She checks out the wedding ring on her finger, with new diamond. Her husband joins her. They kiss a little and she admires her kids from a distance. She gives her husband a card. He's happy. They check on the kids and find their anxiety-prone daughter Grace is washing shells with soap. Fiona finds a dead animal on the beach and insists they take a picture.

    They order food from a beach stand, but Grace doesn't want fries because the workers aren't wearing gloves.

    Jackie turns around and sees her lover Eddie standing on the beach. She starts to hyperventilate but turns around again and sees it's someone else. Two drunk dudes come up behind them and won't stop cursing in front of the kids. Still tense, Jackie shoves one of them to the ground.

    At work, Jackie starts to take off her wedding ring. Security tackles an unruly patient as a gun shot rings out.

    In her office, hospital administrator Mrs. Akalitus talks to Zoey, listing her past issues: including the flushing of a severed ear (which Jackie did) and missing drugs (also Jackie). The ER has been flagged by the state. Mrs. Akalitus implies Zoey is responsible.

    Jackie interrupts to inform Mrs. A that the Virgin Mary took one in the shoulder.

    Mrs. A has Jackie talk to the nurses about "shrinkage" -- meds missing from the pharmacy machine. She gives a demonstration, palming a few narcotics in front of the group as she shows how to use it.

    Dr. Cooper tracks her down in the hall, showing off the tickets he bought her to Hair. He thinks she's toying with him. She explains there's no toying, just shooing.

    Dr. O'Hara enjoys the dead animal pic message to her and mentions to Jackie, by the way, she wants to set up college funds for her daughters (she says because she's executor of her mom's estate).

    Mrs. A brings in their new nurse, Sam, the temp who Jackie busted for being stoned on the job. Jackie pulls her aside to remind her of the pill popping and Mrs. A says he went through rehab and is cheaper than Jackie.

    Coop attends to a gun shot victim, whose fingers are barely attached. Jackie notices the woman is signing with her good hand and asks them to call plastic surgery. Coop thinks they'll say it's a waste of time and yells at Thor, who's sort of stumbling nearby.

    Outside, Jackie tells Coop not to take his anger at her out on Thor who was having a diabetic reaction. She calls him a bully. Coop asks how he was supposed to know. Maybe the big bracelet he wears saying "I am diabetic," Jackie points out.

    Coop apologizes to Thor and hugs him uncomfortably.

    Jackie pulls Thor aside to church and lectures him to take better care of himself so he doesn't have issues in trauma. He doesn't smoke or drink, but he does have a problem with cake. "Why do the things that are so bad for you make you feel so good?" he wonders. Eddie texts Jackie, saying it's been three months and she needs to answer his calls.

    The new guy Sam approaches Jackie and tells her to let him know if she ever wants to go to a meeting or anything. She pretends not to know what he's talking about.

    Mrs. A chews out a hospital exec on the phone, demanding her reimbursement and threatening to kick his a--. She signs off with "thank you, monsignor."

    Cooper stops by Mrs. A's to lodge a complaint against Jackie for challenging his decisions. He calls her a bully and says she won't acknowledge that he's in charge. He starts crying. Mrs. A takes notes.

    He leaves and we see all she's written four times is "world's biggest a--hole."

    Jackie takes over dealing with the deaf patient's insurance company, trying to get them to cover her fingers. She talks to a supervisor, who's from Chicago, searching for Chicago bars online and pretending she's been to them. She gives pep talks, trying to get the insurance person to do the right thing.

    An overdose comes in. Dr. O'Hara sees to it and, after seeing who it is, asks Jackie to leave and send in Sam. It's Eddie. Jackie takes a breather in the waiting room, considering the drugs in her pocket but resisting.

    She calls her husband until O'Hara comes out. "I am not responsible for that," Jackie tells her.

    She stands over him, waiting for him to wake up. She tells him he scared the crap out of her. He says he's a pharmacist, he knew exactly how much not to take. She calls him psychotic and leaves.

    An insurance approval form for the hand surgery waits in the fax machine.

    Jackie comes home with cake for dinner. She lays out a line of pill upstairs first.

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