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  • Peter Burke accepts to help David Sullivan and other victims of a plot in which people are forced to take and pay off a second mortgage due to wrong foreclosures. Neil finds out those are all signed by federal judge Michelle Clark. Mozz helps him collect evidence from her chambers, but Fowler helps Clark turn the table on Burke who tried to trick her into bribing him. Neil must turn the tables on both the fiends.


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  • In a previous episode a ring is the sign of a FBI agent involved on Kate's suposed kidnapping, Neil spots the ring on a picture at Peter's. The bureau gets in charge of a stock blackmarketing investigation, Neil has to go undercover in order to pose as a stoke broker, in the process Neil is about to be sure that Peter is the one holding Kate until somethings happen, and the path to confidence is cleared, The head of the stock fraud is an old man led by a young ambitious and disrespectful young man, lover of the comic books and money spending

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