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Another Letdown
Tim Bayliss3 May 2010
Summary: 40 minutes of dating, followed by 10 minutes of incorrect history.

I come away nearly every week being disappointed with The Pacific.

Again this week we were treated to nearly 40 minutes of soppy scenes and conversation between man and woman, that would resemble anything you'd see on your day-time soap operas - with better acting, of course.

The Pacific for the most part makes World War II come across as an opportunity for men to fall in love with women, while almost treating the war as that of a secondary story line.

A few weeks ago we had an entire episode set in Australia, and again this week, we've been treated to another 40 minutes of conversation, which ends very abruptly, completely failing to give John Basilone enough credit for his bravery.

Specifically this week, my problem was with the ending.

That's right, the short 10 minute segment at the end, where you actually get to see the battle the entire episode was supposed to be about.

While watching, I looked up John Basilone on the internet and read about the facts of his achievements, and death.

History dictates that John Basilone single handedly charged forward and took out a Japanese stronghold, responsible for mowing down hundreds of Americans on Iwo Jima - helped a tank escape an artillery and mortar barrage and escape from the beach - and was then instantly killed by a mortar blast.

The Pacific depicted him as just another soldier running forward with the group, being shot through the chest - dying moments later in an uninspiring whimper.

Not to mention the "single handedly destroying a stronghold" - was actually depicted as a group of soldiers throwing grenades into a bunker in one scene.

The ending absolutely fails to stick to history, and does not give John Basilone enough credit for his bravery.

This week's episode again comprised of 40 minutes of talking/dating, and man trying to get off with woman.

There are now only 2 episodes left, and regardless of what the producers do in those 2 episodes, it is now too late for The Pacific.

After 8 episodes, we still barely know any of the characters.

None of them are particularly likable either, with the exception of Leckie, who we haven't even seen in 3 weeks.

But even he ends up in a military hospital every week, producing full episodes of talking - and not historical documentation.

I find it amazing to believe this episode was meant to be about Iwo Jima, when the battle is an afterthought - given a rushed 10 minute segment at the end of the episode.

I guess Americans can't handle watching themselves lose a battle for 50 minutes.

Another Letdown, and not even close to the quality Band of Brothers.

The battle scene at the end was not enough to save this episode.

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rowanfuchs3 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
highly disappointed for the 8th time, i just can't fill out in words how annoying it is watching a war series. and seeing only Hollywood love stories with some gibberish of text.

Tim Bayliss; i couldn't agree more, the inaccuracy of the history displayed in "The Pacific" is shameful.

the fact that John Basilone is being portrayed as a running duck although he took out a bunker on his own, and guided a tank trough a mine field is just Hollywood madness.

Shame on you: Directors: David Nutter, Jeremy Podeswa - Writing: Robert Schenkkan, Michelle Ashford
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A Different Review of Iwo Jima (1.8)
joseonth15 August 2013
I agree with the previous reviews decrying the Iwo Jima episode as a tad melodramatic. I disagree about its merits as both a series and the episode in particular, however. The sheer brutality, macabre reality of this series is notches beyond the romanticized military history portrayed in much of "BoB"; this is not, I should stress, a negative comparison of the series in terms of entertainment quality. "Band of Brothers" is a remarkable feat of cinema and fictionalized history, perhaps the best ever. Admittedly, "The Pacific" is in many ways an ugly, disgruntled, not entirely satisfactory little brother. To my mind, entirely mirroring the reality Is it sappy at times? Sure. It's also entirely disgusting, vivid, and revolting in its reenactment of the brutalizations brought about by modern war. The highs and lows are what make "The Pacific" a series worthy of consideration beyond naive comparisons to "BoB". It doesn't fit everyone's expectations... which is not an adequate indictment of a remarkable bit of fiction.
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What is WRONG with the people that produced this series!!???
rjp35267 May 2010
I could not agree more with the other posters who gave this episode and in fact the entire series an "awful" rating. What is wrong with these people who were responsible for actually putting this series to film? The writers, directors, (it is not the actors fault obviously) - even the high flying big-name Producers like spielberg and tom hanks, and the others - DIDN'T THEY PREVIEW THESE EPISODES as they were being produced in the last couple of years in Australia ??? Hello? Is ANYBODY in charge of this mess?? Is there a Pilot, Is there anyone at the Helm of the SHIP ?? I do NOT think so in this series. Just as the other posters said (and well said thank you folks) - this is like a soap opera, romance, total BS, sex scenes, meaningless conversations about nothing, long drawn out slow boring melodrama scenes, in fact ONE after ANOTHER. This is a one hour show right? Each of the 10 episodes is supposed to be approx an hour. Has anyone else noticed that when each episode comes on at 9am EST, you can look at the clock, the credits and that LONG drawn out musical score wails away for a good 5 or more minutes, then Tom Hanks speaks his little ditty about the 'history' behind the episode, then they talk to a few actual WW2 Vets about the battle depicted in that episode (using the word 'depicted' VERY very loosely here too) - Btw, god bless those wonderful WW2 veterans, one of the most amazing & superb generations of Americans in history. Anyhow, by the time the interviews are over, Hanks says his mumbo-jumbo, and the credits play along with Hanz Zimmers hugely overblown & painfully slow theme music, have you ever looked at the CLOCK ?? It is usually about 9:15 or 9:20pm by then!! And nothing has actually played from the real episode yet !!!!! Then it starts, and as usual, its 80-90% soap opera melodrama BS (not actual historically accurate battle scenes), and THEN, they begin to "wrap up" the episode at about 1/4 of or 10 minutes BEFORE the hour!! By 9:50, its all over!! And you sit there and go, what the hell just happened? I didn't really see anything!! The actual episode (filmed scenes) comprise about a total of THIRTY minutes of an entire hour time slot !!! What a HUGE rip-off this series has been. ANd it was supposedly what over 200 million dollars to produce, the most expensive made-for-TV series in history, and MORE than many big-budget Hollywood movies cost!! I just am totally disappointed by this awful series (in case you could not tell) - Yes Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers, the Pacific is definitely NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on all of you big name stars and Hollywood people who were responsible for making this letdown series !! YUCK !!!!!!!!!
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Episode title is very misleading
Nikolaevna_Romanov2 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Although titled Iwo Jima, hardly any of this episode shows the battle itself until the very ending. It mostly covers John Basilone training new recruits and his romance with a woman whom he later marries, which is extremely dull. Whatever scenes of the battle only lasts for a few minutes.

Compared to Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of Our Fathers (which also portray the battle to a wider extent), the depiction of the battle in this episode appears to have been over-sensationalized and possibly exaggerated. Basilone's portrayal might also have been heavily fictionalized. I believe all this was merely done for the sake of entertainment. Either way, I am very disappointed that little is shown of the battle.
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