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Plot Summary

  • Directly following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Seargent John Basilone ships out to fight the enemy somewhere in the Pacific, and a young journalist called Robert Leckie enlists in the Marine Corps. Sidney Phillips ships off to boot camp after saying farewell to his friend Eugene Sledge, who cannot go with him due to a heart murmur. Eight months later, Phillips and Leckie, having completed boot camp are sent to secure a airfield on Guadalcanal, and to help defend it against counterattack.

    - Written by David Fuller
  • In the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States prepares to go to war. The battle in the Pacific theatre will belong to the Navy and the Marine Corps. USMC Sgt. John Basilone gets to spend Christmas at home with his parents and his close-knit extended family. He invites two of his fellow NCOs along for the holiday festivities. Robert Leckie meanwhile enlists in the Marines and heads off to boot camp, not quite able to communicate his feelings to his father who drives him to the bus depot. Sid Phillips also enlists and looks forward to serving his country but can understand his friend Eugene Sledge's disappointment at not being able to pass the medical. By mid-1942, Leckie and Phillips go ashore at Guadalcanal but the relaxed atmosphere soon changes to one of deadly terror when the US Fleet is forced to retire and the men spend five harrowing months fighting the Japanese for control of the airbase. They are finally relieved by a Marine force that includes Sgt. Basilone and his friends.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • In the immediate aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Marine Sgt. John Basilone prepares to ship out and confront the enemy somewhere in the Pacific, while budding journalist Robert Leckie enlists in the Marine Corps. Eugene Sledge, unable to enlist because of a heart murmur, says farewell to his best friend, Sidney Phillips, who is about to leave for boot camp. Exactly eight months after Pearl Harbor, the 1st Marine Division, including Leckie and Phillips, lands on Guadalcanal in order to secure its strategically vital airfield and prepare for the inevitable counterattack.

    - Written by HBO Publicity
  • Veteran Sergeant John Basilone ships out soon after Pearl Harbor for Guadalcanal while other young enlistees are sent to boot camp.

    - Written by Anonymous


Part One December 1941 -- The United States of America. Winter. Inside of a stone church blanketed in snow...

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