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Opening Today In Portland: I Am Secretly An Important Man

Peter Sillen’s documentary I Am Secretly An Important Man, a portrait of one of the leading figures of the late 80s and early ’90s “grunge” scene, author and performance artist, Steven Jesse Bernstein. The film, which is being distributed by Mike Plante‘s Cinemad Presents, opens today, July 22, at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon. It runs until Thursday, July 28.

Sadly, Bernstein committed suicide in 1991, so now, 20 years later, his cultural legacy isn’t as well-recognized as it should have been had he lived longer. He could have elevated, in a way, to the level of a Charles Bukowski or a Wiliiam S. Burroughs literary figure.

The grunge music scene loved him, having him perform before their live shows and releasing spoken word records. If you were into indie music in the ’90s, you were familiar with his groundbreaking work even if you weren’t into poetry or spoken word.
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Filmmaker Presents Pete Sillen Tonight At The IFC Center

If you’re in New York, come out tonight for an evening with Pete Sillen at the IFC Center. Filmmaker is hosting a screening of Pete’s short-form work, and I’m moderating the Q & A. The evening begins at 7:00, and here’s the description:

Tonight at 7:00pm! We’re proud to welcome critically acclaimed director Peter Sillen Tuesday December 14 discussing his works with Filmmaker Magazine Editor-In-Chief Scott Macaulay. Sillen will present screenings of a number of his short films, including Speed Racer: Welcome to the World of Vic Chesnutt, Grand Luncheonette, Branson: Musicland U.S.A., and a short working cut of his upcoming feature length documentary on the Masonic Order in America, Free and Accepted. Sillen’s new feature-length documentary I Am Secretly An Important Man opens on Wednesday, December 15.

Peter Sillen is a New York based documentary filmmaker. Best known for his low-tech approach and
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