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"American Idol" Auditions: Los Angeles (2010)"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" Auditions: Los Angeles (original title)

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"American Idol" - "Auditions - Los Angeles" - Jan. 26, 2010

Folks are lined up at the Rose Bowl. We see Ryan on his radio show. He says 11,000 came out.

Ryan talks about Hollywood, the epicenter of entertainment.

Avril Lavigne is the first guest judge.

First up is Neil who claims he's a genius and is kind of nerdy. He's full of total confidence so, of course, he can't sing. He demonstrates this by singing a Meatloaf song sorta, forgetting the words right away and then starting up again. He's not the worst ever but nothing special. He's also very sweaty. Simon says he's not suited to the business. Neil says he's not going anywhere, but Hollywood. He's insistent and desperate. Outside his parents say he's good under pressure. Simon asks if he wants to walk out on his own or with an escort. Neil leaves on his own. Avril thinks it was awkward. He thinks Idol really missed out.

Jim is a worship pastor. We meet his wife and kids. He feels good and confident. He sings an original song called "Drive." It's country-ish. Simon likes his voice. Avril worries about him traveling on the road but likes his voice but still says no. So he gets three yes's. He's teary and happy.

We see a montage of terrible people.

Next is Damien who is a martial arts fanatic who demonstrates his skills. He makes sandwiches. He should stick to that given his workout of "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'." He hits a bad note and realizes. Simon says he should go. He does, upset with his choke.

We get a montage of cute little kids.

Mary has an 8-year-old daughter who loves Simon. She sings "Love is a Battlefield." She's fine. Simon likes her voice but not her look. Avril likes her raspy punk rock voice. Four yes's.

We get a montage of Glamberts. Then we meet one who actually shopped a demo to him. His name is A.J. and he does a crazy version of "Cult of Personality." He can probably carry a tune just fine but he's got all these word affectations that he's putting on his voice. Avril Lavigne can't stop laughing. Four no's.

Day Two, new judge Katy Perry.

First up is Austin who is flamboyant and brash. He sings Cheap Trick's "Surrender" very theatrically, with a British accent, and not much finesse. Four no's.

Then we get a montage of people responding poorly to rejection, lots of tears. Including someone who either is the crying girl from the Sanjaya season or looks just like her.

Next is daddy and neck-tatooed Andrew whose parents grew up in gangs but moved him out of that environment. We meet them, they're very proud of him. He sings Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning," he's pretty good, raspy. Simon likes him and thinks he's the only one who's been a genuinely good singer.

We meet Tasha who is a personal assistant by day and minister by night. She sings "Baby, Baby, Baby" by Joss Stone. She's also pretty good. Four yes's.

Then the unfortunate Jason who is very dramatic and creepy. He then gets creepier with the Divinyls "I Touch Myself." He's bad and he does bad dance movements and he goofs the words. He tries to hit on Simon, creepily. Four no's.

We get a montage of Kara and Katy disagreeing over several contestants.

The final contestant is Chris a former foster child. He walks the trains tracks and talks about wanting to be loved and feeling secure in music. He's fine, good pitch control. Kara and Katy fight over Kara saying he has a good "story" since Katy says this isn't a Lifetime movie. He gets four yes's. (The ones from Simon and Katy are "small y's". )

22 in all got golden tickets. We see a montage of yes's and celebrations.


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