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Let's just say "a lot." This movie makes American Pie look like The Sound of Music.

Full frontal (female). Sexual innuendo throughout; graphic description of sex acts; simulated fellatio.

Sideshow moons Lance.

A topless woman sunbathes behind Rover.

It's implied Brett receives oral sex, later a hand job (neither is seen).

Rover's girlfriend sits with her robe slightly open, revealing breasts, as she talks to Rover, Lance, and Sideshow.

A nude guy runs up to a car to talk to the occupants, bare rear and bare side view seen.

Rebecca takes off her top, only see her bare upper back.

Two women mud wrestle, one is topless, as Lance and Brett pass by.

A topless bunny sits with Gates and Lance.

Bridget and Angel make out, Angel removes her top, exposing breasts.

It's implied the slutty cheerleader and Sideshow have sex.

Minimal. One punch results in a black eye. An incompetent attacker attempts to cut characters with a knife. A potential rape is averted by an unlikely hero. A guy grabs a woman by the hair. A guy punched out.

Oh, so much. Compared to the "Sex & Nudity" and "Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking" sections, the constant f-bombs seems almost normal.

Over 80 f-words, over 20 s-words, a few h--l, d--n, b---h, c-word. Numerous slang terms for anatomy.

Substantial alcohol use (including by an 8th-grade girl for comic purposes). Marijuana subplot involves buying and selling, as well as on-screen smoking. One angel-dust scene. Implied cocaine use in one scene.

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