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Thom Barry's character, Sheriff Hooper, is named after Tobe Hooper, who wrote and directed the first two films.
Originally, a plan for a new trilogy was pitched. The films would be released out of chronological order, with the second film coming out first and being set almost entirely in a hospital. The next film would be a prequel explaining the events that led up to the hospital scenario. The third film would complete the storyline. Fearing it was too ambitious and risky, the producers opted for a follow up to the original instead.
A draft of the script had Leatherface's name being Jebadiah Sawyer. However, this was later changed to Jedidiah Sawyer. In the 2003 remake, Jedidiah is the name of a young member of the Hewitt family.
When Heather looks at the list of bodies found in and around the Sawyer farmhouse, later in the film, the name 'Bubba Sawyer' is listed with his age being 17, meaning he is the Hitchhiker killed by the truck. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) listed Leatherface's real name as 'Bubba Sawyer'. As well as that, two names list 'John Doe' and one 'Jane Doe' which reference the cannibalized remains of 'Pam', 'Kirk' and 'Jerry' from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Has the distinction of featuring a total three different actors portraying Leatherface: Gunnar Hansen as the one from the archive footage, Sam McKinzie as a young Leatherface, and Dan Yeager as the main one.
This film features 4 actors returning from previous installments, surpassing the record of 3 set by Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.
Filmed primarily in July and August 2011, but unreleased until January 2013.
In the Sawyer family police files that Heather goes through at the station, they state that Drayton Sawyer is the father of Loretta, Heather's mother, making him Heather's grandfather and making his son Leatherface her uncle, not her cousin, as he is repeatedly called in the movie.
It was 106 degrees in Shreveport on the day that the fire stunts were performed inside the burning Sawyer house at the beginning of the film.
In 2007, Platinum Dunes announced they were abandoning the series following The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. In 2009, Twisted Pictures negotiated a multi-picture deal with Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel, who own the rights to the series.
In the opening scene, Bill Moseley, who portrayed Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, portrays Drayton Sawyer, the cook from the first two films.
Gunnar Hansen, who portrayed Leatherface in the 1974 film, portrays a relative, Boss Sawyer, in the beginning of the film. This marks the first time Hansen has returned to the series since the initial film. In interviews, Hansen has said that he has been approached before but was never offered a salary that would entice him to return.
John Dugan, who portrayed Grandpa in the 1974 film, reprises his role in the opening scene of this film.
Marilyn Burns, who played Sally Hardesty in the original film, plays Verna in this. This film and Butcher Boys (2012) were Marilyn's first movie roles in 28 years (excluding an uncredited Cameo in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation).
In May 2011, Lions Gate announced that it would be partnering with Nu Image to produce the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and that John Luessenhop would direct the film.
Drayton Saywer is repeatedly referred to as Leatherface's father. In the original two "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" films, fans often mistook the Cook, Drayton Sawyer, for the father of the Hitchhiker, Leatherface, and Chop-Top. However, Tobe Hooper has said that they are all brothers and, although not explicitly stated in the first movie, Drayton even refers to them as his younger brothers, not his sons, in the second one. This is either a notable change or a mistake in "Texas Chainsaw 3D", depending on how you look at it.


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Just as in the original, the first victim is bludgeoned to death while wandering the house alone.

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