Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Poster


Heather Miller: Do your thing, cuz!

Nikki: Welcome to Texas, motherfucker!

[Nikki then shoots at Leatherface through the barn door and the chainsawing stops]

Ryan: Did you hit him?

Nikki: I don't know.

Ryan: Did you hit him!

Nikki: I don't know!

[Ryan sees headlights heading towards the barn door]

Ryan: Something's coming back up. Back up! Back up, Nikki!

[Nikki yells when the van rams through the door]

Heather Miller: Get in!

Ryan: It's Heather!

Darryl: Family's a messy business. Ain't nothing thicker than blood.

Heather Miller: So, you're a Hartman.

Burt Hartman: Yes I am.

Heather Miller: [tries to stab Carl in the neck through the glass in the police car] I'm a Sawyer!

Drayton Sawyer: [to Leatherface] You did it now boy! You let that bitch-meat get away.

Nikki: [cries] The hell was that? What was? Wait where's Kenny?

Heather Miller: He's dead, he's fucking dead!

Nikki: [cries] What!

Nikki: [while changing tops] So do you know anything about this place?

Heather Miller: Just the address

Carl: We're just heading out, right?

Ryan: That's the deal.

Carl: [Pointing the gun at Leatherface] Drop the fuckin' saw! I said, drop it! Put it down!

[Leatherface throws the chainsaw at Carl, missing him]

Heather Miller: Do your thing cuz!

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