Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

texas massacre
mansion road trip
fifth part killed in a chipper
duct tape gag chain link fence
skinning hacked to death
wine cellar blood trail
ferris wheel woman undressing for a man
characters killed one by one stabbed with a meat hook
playing pool cemetery
woman wearing black lingerie adopted girl
breast kissing group photograph
kicking a woman in the head pump action shotgun
scenes from a previous film returning character killed off
masked man meat grinder
death of grandmother revelation
cousin cousin relationship cut into pieces
achilles tendon cut stabbed with a pitchfork
duct tape over mouth topless female nudity
bound and gagged lawyer
revenge slaughterhouse
corrupt cop father son relationship
hit by a car bar
severed face gore
hatchet stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest shot in the forehead
dead body in freezer severed head
bone murder of a police officer
flashback shootout
trail of blood deputy
police station stabbed in the stomach
carnival chainsaw murder
car crash double barreled shotgun
open grave hiding in a coffin
foot chase falling down stairs
dismemberment impalement
hung from a hook blood splatter
torso cut in half knocked out
severed hand severed finger
slow motion scene corpse
woman in bra and panties barn
stabbed in the back hidden door
necklace marijuana joint
character repeating someone else's dialogue mayor
beaten to death head bashed in
hit with a hammer cheating boyfriend
crotch grab graveyard
pool table vinyl
gate hitchhiker
rain young version of character
bare chested male supermarket
1970s photograph
severed leg baby
kicked in the face scar
molotov cocktail shot in the head
angry mob pistol
house fire person on fire
shot to death shot through a wall
shot in the back shot in the chest
murder shotgun
scene during opening credits sheriff
critically bashed scene after end credits
slasher flick 1990s
interracial relationship interracial kiss
interracial romance chainsaw
leatherface sequel
3d sequel to 2d film 3 dimensional

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