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Irish Feature In View To Screen At Galway Film Fleadh

  • TheMovieBit
As part of the 2016 Galway Film Fleadh, Underground Cinema are proud to present the Irish Premiere of In View the extraordinary directorial debut of Ciaran Creagh whose previous feature Parked starring Colm Meaney was a winner at the Fleadh in 2011.The world premiere of In View was held at the Dallas International Film Festival in April 2016 and the producers are delighted to present the film for the first time in Ireland at the festival. When In View was written it was always the director’s hope that one day the script would be made into a film and not just remain words stuck in his head. According to In View’s producer, David Byrne, "It is extremely difficult to get funding to produce a feature film especially one of this genre. Everybody said we were mad to even attempt to make such a film. Never did we realise that so
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Curzon Home Cinema Presents Irish Film Season

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Curzon’s on demand service will present a season of acclaimed Irish films including the award winning titles ‘Parked’ and ‘Waveriders’, starting from Friday, November 14th in partnership with Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board (Ifb). Curzon Home Cinema offers the very best in hand-picked, critically-acclaimed and award-winning independent cinema and, supported by the Ifb, presents a selection of quality independent Irish films to homes across Ireland and the UK from November 14th. The titles are: ‘Eden’ (2008): A powerful examination of marriage adapted by Eugene O’Brien from his own acclaimed play ‘Waveriders’ (2008): The inspirational and untold story of the Irish roots of worldwide surfing and today’s pioneers of Irish big wave surfing ‘Parked’ (2010): A funny and moving story of an unlikely friendship starring Colm Meaney and Colm Morgan ‘Snap’ (2010): The feature debut from Irish playwright Carmel Winters is a taut and suspense-filled psychological.
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Parked | Review

  • ioncinema
Home Is Where The Heart Is: Byrne Takes Up Fiction

For the decade prior to making his fictional feature debut, director Darragh Byrne helmed a number of Irish television documentaries that held implications of those who found themselves in various unfortunate situations, whether outlaws by chance (or choice, in The Underworld) or afflicted immigrant by law (as was partially the case in Mixed Blessings). Making the leap from non-fiction to fabrication with the socially conscious dramedy, Parked, Bryne continues to follow similar themes without rehashing worn material or sentimentally moralizing. Instead, the director takes a pair of downtrodden contradictory characters he could have plucked from one of his previous docs and rubs them together in classic odd couple tradition like a comedic experiment to see what kind of charge will result from the friction.

Long an Irish emigrant working odd jobs in Britain, Fred (played by a lovingly precarious
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UK DVD Review: Parked

If you're going to make a movie that relies heavily on symbolism, you need either a particularly light touch, or to be bold enough about it people get swept away by your vision, no matter how daft it might come across on paper. Darragh Byrne's Parked has neither. It starts with that title, and the idea this is about a man whose life has stalled, almost literally - a nice, but pathologically self-centred loser whose declining circumstances mean he lives out of his car, and his fumbling efforts to turn things around. And it gets steadily worse from there.The great Colm Meaney (Hell On Wheels, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) tries his hardest in the lead, but he can't do anything for a film that...
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A list of movies with an Irish connection for St.Patricks Day viewing

  • TheMovieBit
In no particular order, here’s a list of movies either based in Ireland or with an Irish connection. The Snapper The Guard 28 Days Later Disco Pigs The Actors My Left Foot Millers Crossing In Bruges Happy St.Patricks Day to everybody, no doubt the fighting, drinking and sheep molesting is starting. On the off chance that you’re not partaking in some mutton molestation today…or painting yourself green here’s some extras on the above selections from the crew here at The Movie Bit. Vic: For some vintage Colm Meaney (and his finest performance comes in Parked)and even if it is quite brief, some vintage Brendan Gleeson, check out The Snapper. Based on the Roddy Doyle, this is nothing but pure hilarity about pregnancy. And speaking of Brendan Gleeson, that dude has been in everything from Braveheart to Artificial Intelligence, but one of his finer moments has to be in The Guard.
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DVD Review: 'Parked'

  • CineVue
★★☆☆☆ Darragh Byrne's debut feature Parked (2011), starring Bel Ami's Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan, is a disappointing example of contemporary Irish cinema, especially when compared to last year's triumphant and hugely successful comedy The Guard (2011). The film follows Fred Daley (Meaney), who returns from England without cash or employment, ultimately forced to live in his car in a parking lot beside the sea. This is where he meets 21-year-old drug addict Cathal (Morgan), who becomes an unlikely friend brightening up Fred's lonely life.

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Film Feature: The 15th Annual EU Film Festival Arrives at Chicago’s Siskel Center

Chicago – One of the annual gems of the Chicago movie scene is the Siskel Film Center’s unmissable European Union Film Festival. It provides local movie buffs with the opportunity to sample some of the finest achievements in world cinema. For many of the festival selections, their EU appearance will function as their sole screening in the Windy City.

This year’s edition, running from March 2nd through the 29th, includes high profile films from world renowned filmmakers like Andrea Arnold (“Wuthering Heights”), Bruce Dumont (“Hors Satan”), Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon (“The Fairy”), Abdellatif Kechiche (“Black Venus”) and John Landis (“Burke & Hare”). Moviegoers will have the opportunity to see the latest work from some of the world’s most acclaimed and beloved actors, including Léa Seydoux (“Belle Épine”), Tahir Rahim (“Free Men”), Colm Meaney (“Parked”), Noomi Rapace (“Beyond”), Andy Serkis (“Burke & Hare”), Isabella Rossellini (“Late Bloomers”) and Ewan McGregor
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Parked Review: Charming & Mildly Amusing

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Fred Daly, (Colm Meaney) quite literally does not have pot to piss in and lives in his clapped out car, which is permanently parked in the local beach car park. It’s a meaningless existence until young druggie Cathal (Colin Morgan aka BBC’s Merlin) comes into his world. The question is: will Cathal’s chaotic energy give Fred’s life the kick up the arse that it needs?

Starting off with an always brave dialogue free opening five minutes, Parked meanders along as Fred mopes about, either staring wistfully out to sea, washing in the public toilets, or trying to sign on. From the off, it’s easy to see that this ambling pace may be a struggle for those audience members with a short attention span and despite the appearance of Cathal entering the fray, we still never get out of second gear (my
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This week's new films

Take Shelter (15)

(Jeff Nichols, 2011, Us) Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Tova Stewart. 121 mins.

After a year-long disaster-movie onslaught, apocalypse fatigue could well be setting in, but this one's worth the extra effort – particularly since it's less about the end of the world than the threat of it. That plays large in the mind of Shannon's modern-day Midwestern Noah, who sets about building his underground ark. His wife worries more about his mental health, and their day-to-day problems. Brilliantly constructed and performed, it's a domestic saga infused with haunting, unnamed dread.

50/50 (15)

(Jonathan Levine, 2011, Us) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick. 100 mins.

The Knocked Up of cancer movies? Not quite, but this is funnier and more frank than most terminal illness movies. Gordon-Levitt is a potential victim, to whom Rogen offers blokey support.

The Deep Blue Sea (12A)

(Terence Davies, 2011, UK) Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston. 98 mins.

Davies again recreates postwar Britain, this
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Film Review: 'Parked'

  • CineVue
★★☆☆☆ Despite accruing an impressive array of film festival credits, director Darragh Byrne's feature debut Parked (2010) is unable to compare in ambition or quality to recent notable Irish efforts such as In Bruges (2008) or this year's The Guard. All to often finding itself on the wrong side of whimsical mawkishness, the film follows the newly homeless Fred (Colm Meaney) who returns to Dublin from England with nowhere to live except his car.

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Parked – review

A mild drama about a man living in his car finds itself on a slow and winding road to self-discovery

Every morning Fred wakes up, pulls the seat upright and climbs out of his car. He hasn't had much luck on the housing front, so for now a Mazda in Dublin's Coast Road car park is home. Life would be grim if it weren't for Cathal (Colin Morgan), a fellow auto-dweller and unusually altruistic junkie, and Juliana (Milka Ahlroth), a kindly Finnish piano teacher that Fred (played winningly by Colm Meaney) bumps into in the local swimming pool. They're allocated their own diversions in this mild drama – Cathal's dad's disowned him, Juliana's a widow toying with moving back to Helsinki – but there's little doubt that we're heading on a pre-logged route: a slow and winding journey to self-discovery. There's a little action – drug dealers are after Cathal for €600 – and a little comic relief,
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'Parked' Scoops Mannheim-Heidelberg Festival Prize

  • IFTN
'Parked', the directorial debut from Irish director Darragh Byrne (Starstruck, The Suicide Club) starring Colm Meaney (The Perfect Stranger, Whole Lot of Sole) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) has won the top prize at the Mannheim-Heidelberg film festival, a festival dedicated to up and coming new directors. The award was collected by producer Dominic Wright and Colin Morgan at the festival on Sunday night.
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This week's new films

Magic Trip (15)

(Alison Ellwood, Alex Gibney, 2011, Us) 107 mins

Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters' LSD-fuelled 1964 road trip is one of those seminal cultural moments you can't believe really happened, at least not like it did in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. But here it is, chaotically shot and narrated by the culprits themselves and painstakingly reassembled. That makes for a certain lack of perspective, and watching others having a great time isn't necessarily the same as having one, but the contrast between these turned-on teens and square 60s America is often hilarious.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (12A)

(Bill Condon, 2011, Us) Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner. 117 mins

At last, some consummation! Bella and Edward's wedding comes a few movies too late for neutral observers, but the supernatural saga is in no danger of coming to an abrupt end, thanks to the franchise's determination to vampirically milk fans dry.
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Darragh Byrne & Risteard O'Domhnaill For Irish Film Festival London

  • IFTN
Irish directors Darragh Byrne (Parked) and Risteard O'Domhnaill (The Pipe) are attending the Irish Film Festival London, which is being launched later today at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith London. The festival, which brings Irish film, documentaries, shorts and animation to a London audience, will run until Sunday 6th November and opens with John Michael McDonagh's 'The Guard' staring Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Part 1, Troy) and Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2, Hotel Rwanda).
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Merlin star Colin Morgan to open Belfast's Takeover Film Weekend

Colin Morgan, star of BBC1's Merlin, will be bringing his special brand of magic to the Queen's Film Theatre (Qft) in Belfast to open the Takeover Film Weekend on Friday, November 18.

The weekend begins with the Northern Ireland premiere of Parked. It stars Armagh-born Colin, who will introduce and discuss the film. 

A story of friendship, hope and perseverance, Parked tells the story of how a proud man (Colm Meaney) living in his car is inspired by a young addict (Morgan) to become a better person. 

Marion Campbell, Qft Education Officer, said:"Takeover Film participants from local community groups have worked together under the guidance of creative industry professionals over the past three months to learn skills in cinema programming, graphic design, event management and film-making. 

"We are really proud of the programme they have put together, which encompasses a wide range of film genres and includes a Northern Ireland premiere,
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Parked Review

  • TheMovieBit
Up until now, it’s been a pretty amazing year for Irish film. The Irish film industry has had success after success. Enjoyable movie, after enjoyable movie. And I’m really glad to say that trend is now continuing, thanks to Parked. It’s the story of Fred (Colm Meaney) who lives in his car, in a seaside car park. A man of few words and at the same time a man who’s face tells a thousand tales. In between failed attempts at signing on the dole and successful fiddling with clocks, Fred’s existence is as barren as the ocean landscape he see’s through his windscreen. That is until Cathal (Colin Morgan) turns up, complete with his own car and drug addiction. Cathal almost instantaneously brightens up Fred’s bleak little world and the two become close friends, getting into a scrape or 2 along the way. As they grow closer,
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Festival News: 'Parked' & 'Stella Days' at Busan, Abära Disability Fest & John Le Carré Adaptation Festival

  • IFTN
Two Irish films have been selected as part of the European Film Promotion (Epp) at the Busan International Film Festival, which takes place in South Korea from the 6th-14th October. The Epp is now in its 14th year of its partnership with the Busan Festival. The two Irish features 'Parked' and 'Stella Days', directed by Darragh Byrne and Thaddeus O'Sullivan, are among the 20 European films in the Epp strand.
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The New Irish Film Festival at Nyu celebrates renaissance of Irish movies - Videos (IrishCentral)

Irish film has undergone a renaissance over the last decade, with new directors and world-class production facilities popping up north and south. Add to that mix wider government funding, new scripts that are more representative of life in modern Ireland and a stable of new and emerging talent achieving major star wattage globally, and you can say that Ireland’s moment in the sun has arrived. That’s why a new contemporary Irish screening series coming to Nyu’s Cantor Film Center on Friday, September 30 is so timely. Called Irish Film New York (Ifny) the six-film festival opens with the New York premiere of the remarkably absorbing documentary Knuckle, which takes a you-are-there cinema verite look the violent world of bare-knuckle boxing among Ireland’s Traveler community. Watch the trailers below Already the film has attracted major attention, and so the news that HBO is adapting the documentary into a
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Rave Reviews for Irish Films at Toronto Film Festival

  • IFTN
Critics are heaping praise on Irish productions following premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival. Ian Fitzgibbon's 'Death of a Superhero' had its world premiere at this year's Tiff and critics are giving rave reviews of the Irish feature. Variety lauded the Irish/German co-production saying that “Fitzgibbon has achieved something special…the pic's general appeal will lie in its honest and touching performances.” Cast in the feature include Andy Serkis (TinTin, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Thomas Brodie Sangster (Nowhere Boy), Aisling Loftus (Dice), Jessica Schwarz (Perfume) and Michael McElhatton (Parked, Happy Ever Afters).
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Irish Festival News: 'Watch me, I'm Irish' programme at Helsinki Film Festival, 'The Runway' wins in Frankfurt

  • IFTN
Helsinki International Film Festival, which kicked off yesterday, will screen a programme of Irish features and shorts including box-office record breaker 'The Guard', Ian Palmer's bare-knuckle boxing documentary 'Knuckle' and Ripple World Pictures' Irish-Finnish co-production 'Parked'. Irish stars to attending the festival include Colm Meaney, who will be present for the screening of 'Parked' with fellow 'Parked' co-star and Finnish actress Milka Ahlroth, and director Risteard O'Domhnaill, whose feature length documentary on the Corrib Gas Pipeline 'The Pipe' will be screened at the festival. 'Knuckle' helmer Ian Palmer will also attend the Finnish Festival.
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