Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

love divorce
friend bar
girl one night stand
dream law student
lothario unhappily married woman
copying machine century city mall los angeles
reference to supercuts reference to macy's
moving van caramel apple
imitating a seal playing catch
baseball glove baseball
reference to pringle's umbrella
los angeles california mixing a drink
gin the drink coffee
spitting into a drink eighth grade graduation
reference to miyagi reference to lowe's home improvement store
reference to the st. louis cardinals massage chair
reference to the home shopping network nervousness
slapping someone's hand reference to mcdonald's restaurant
depression buddy
sleeping answering machine
photographer camera
taking a nude photo of one's self ensemble cast
bicycle makeup
lipstick flowers
ballet ballerina
basement water heater
hardware store sexting
pursuit chase
reckless driving obscene finger gesture
school auditorium money
sushi marriage proposal
recording record player
listening to music reference to jennifer grey
reference to patrick swayze accountant
reference to wilt chamberlain boyfriend girlfriend relationship
watching tv punched in the face
policeman sister sister relationship
brother sister relationship liar
lie screaming
anger english class
dropping a cafeteria trap school cafeteria
school locker broken glass in a picture frame
valium jumping out of a moving car
talking to one's self stanford university
men's clothing apple computer
applause shoes
sneakers face slap
reference to hugh hefner wallet
credit card sunglasses
throwing away shoes reference to steve jobs
escalator employer employee relationship
crying reference to dennis weaver
wedding ring passing out
parent teacher conference sadness
reference to god reference to jesus christ
slow motion scene montage
reference to divorce for dummies the book gym
reference to the titanic classroom
class standing in the rain
rain drunkenness
bartender midlife crisis
cuckold telephone call
trimming a hedge gardening
friendship locker room
implied nudity computer
reference to ashton kutcher reference to demi moore
reference to conan o'brien sex scene
bare chested male lawyer
kiss 44 year old
dancing dancer
drink drinking
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
family relationships character says i love you
forty something marriage
creme brulee 17 year old
13 year old unfaithfulness
adultery disapproving father
toy windmill marital problem
infidelity bouquet
text messaging texting
blindfold fight for love
running a red light watching through a window
cell phone garden
nightmare f word
bed ice cream
teen parent extramarital affair
miniature golf raised middle finger
teacher recovering alcoholic
bar exam domestic strife
fight graduation speech
middle school graduation teenage crush
photograph nude photo
honesty cologne
reference to the scarlet letter lifting a girl into the air
playing footsie male makeover
true love teenage love
father son relationship father daughter relationship
bachelor pad middle school
pickup line womanizer
law school soul mate
babysitter teenage boy
marital separation husband wife relationship
title ends with period

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