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Character error 

(at around 1h 40 mins) The man in front of Cal is "recording" with the lens cap on.
When Cal begins telling Emily how to re-light the water heater pilot he tells her to open the gray door by sliding it down. As he finishes the directions he tells her not to forget to slide the gray door, "back down", presumably to close it.


During the parent/teacher conference, the word "ASSHOLE" onto the chalk board changes the writing style four times.
When Cal and Jacob meet at the mall before shopping, the slice of pizza Jacob is holding changes inconsistently between shots.
When Jacob summoned Cal for the first time in the bar, Cal's drink does not have ice anymore but when he approached Jacob's table ice magically appeared in the drink. Also, the orange slice on Jacob's drink shifted to another position when he asked Cal to take a seat.
When Bernie finds out that his daughter is in love with Cal he drives over to the house where Emily and the Weaver family are living. When he runs around the corner of the house, Robbie immediately calls out "Jessica!" even though she is not yet visible and Robbie can therefore not know Jessica is also coming.
When Jacob is standing naked in front of Cal at the gym the conversation moves from the locker room to the sauna when the camera switches between characters, but the characters never switch positions.
Before Cal flees from the car, his seat-belt is either being worn across his chest or absent depending on the shot. When the driver's side camera is shown, it is noticeably missing.
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After Jessica pulls Robbie off the "scaffold," and they argue, the scaffold has disappeared when Robbie goes back inside the school.
When in his apartment with Kate, as they are spinning around, Cal's suede jacket is off, then back on, and off again in consecutive shots.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

Cal tells Jacob that he has only slept with one woman. after he sleeps with Kate, you see him pick up an additional eight women. later, when his wife finds out he slept with Kate, he says he has now slept with nine women. If you add his wife, Kate, and the other eight women, that would actually equal ten women he has slept with.


When Jacob and Hannah are starting the conversation about his parents, Jacob's head is laying on Hannah's legs, which change between straightened and bent a few times.

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