War Horse (2011) Poster



Albert Narracott: We'll be alright Joey. We're the lucky ones, you and me. Lucky since the day I met you.

Rose Narracott: [to Ted] I might hate you more, but I'll never love you less.

Michael: The food in Italy is good, yeah?

Gunther: [nods] Yes, very good.

Michael: And the women?

Gunther: Not as good as the food...

Michael: From eating too much of the food?

Emilie: And you've never done a brave thing in your life?

Grandfather: Maybe there are different ways to be brave. Did you know the French have the best carrier pigeons? And this could be the difference in the war - our messages getting through.

Emilie: I don't want to hear about the birds.

Grandfather: They are released at the front and told to go home - this is all they know. But to get there they must fly over war. Can you imagine such a thing? Here you are flying over so much pain and terror - and you know you can never look down. You have to look forward or you'll never get home. I ask you - what could be braver than that?

Gunther: Well look at you!

Maj. Jamie Stewart: Be brave! Be brave!

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