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Best to watch this extra BEFORE viewing the movie
charlytully25 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Because, if you do, you will learn that HUMPDAY is entirely unscripted, which means at least half the film comes off as bull sessions probably less scintillating that some of the ones you've had yourself in the past week.

That being said, this making-of is better than many such feature companions, beginning with brief comments by writer\director Lynn Shelton. According to the mind behind HUMPDAY, the main subject explored during the 94-minute running time of the movie is the question of boundaries around the characters' sexual identities.

Actor Mark Duplass notes that his character Ben has a "latent issue that could have stayed latent." After a word from Joshua Leonard (who plays Ben's wild child friend, Andrew), Alycia Delmore notes that her character (Ben's wife, Anna) is the "moral core" of HUMPDAY.

Since the movie is totally improvised, it often plays like a not-so-successful passage in some third-rate film school's Acting 101. But, as Lynn Shelton admits at the end of this featurette (shot by the MORE professional Ted Speaker), "I can't sacrifice a good time on the set to make a great film." In other words, Shelton should have just circulated HUMPDAY DVD's among friends, rather than foisting them off upon the paying public.
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