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This movie was not good
sexydelight12 June 2011
I never write review. I'm not even good at writing. I was extremely excited to see this movie. Unfortunately, after watching the movie, I was so disappointed, that I had to register an IMDb account and post a review. Maybe this will get me into writing more reviews in the future.

Anyway, I'll start with the positives. The story was mildly intriguing. It definitely had some potential. The music was good. OK, that's it for the positives. Not much, eh? Well...that's the reason for a 2/10.

Acting: The acting was absolutely horrible by the main character. Everyone else was mediocre. The main character did not seem believable at all. Granted, this was partially due to the things they made him say in the script, but either way, it could have been much better.

Character Development: There was none. The main character was unbelievable and was impossible to sympathize with. I could not imagine anyone reacting the way he did in the same situation as he was placed.

Story Progression: The scenes were too long and drawn out. It was so boring that I had to jump ahead 10-15 seconds at a time just to get through the movie.

Music: Way too freakin' loud and prominent all throughout the movie. I could barely hear what the characters were saying.

Overall: I thought the story was good, but could have been significantly improved. The acting needed to be improved significantly. As much as I hate to say it, I would love to see a Hollywood remake of this.
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info-955-61096713 June 2011
I really think whoever wrote the last review for this piece of monotonous drivel was the director's Mum!!! (and I think she gave it a 10 - way more than once) Noboby else could have such excitement and kind thoughts about this fiasco!!!

The idea behind this little flick was great, but they just failed to deliver a coherent and understandable movie that had pace, interest, suspense or any of the things that make for a semblance of entertainment.

Plot: Lost in space. Script: Drivel. Music: Contradictory and out of character to the plot - (utter excitement through the boredom). Camera: Sporadic and amateurish. Direction: Meandering and confusing. In a nutshell - don't waste your time!!
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Good scifi poorly executed.
chuck-silva16 June 2011
The premise of the movie has the makings of a great scifi movie.

Unfortunately, this isn't it.

Amateurish acting and god-awful dialog overpower the almost acceptable photography, special effects and music and drags this film down to very pits of movie hell. And that's just the first 5 minutes.

Playing the part of the main character, Lukas Reyes, actor Brandon Slagle's delivery is totally devoid of the main ingredient that makes up even a merely good actor's repertoire--the ability to deliver up lines without appearing to be acting. The subtext of his entire delivery from the beginning to the end of this film is "I'M ACTING!!!" in capital letters and, yes, three exclamation points.

Part of Mr. Slagle's problem may have been the total lack of any character development. Not only is the main character not believable, he's pretty much devoid of any but the most rudimentary emotions making it hard to empathize or sympathize with his problems.

The rest of the cast is merely mediocre, brought on no doubt by Mr Slagle's poor performance and, again, the total lack of any character development at all.

In addition to poor acting and non-existent character development, there's the dialog. Some scenes in this movie were so long and drawn out, with no meaningful relationship to the development of the plot that I found myself wishing that someone would drive a car through the house just so I'd have something interesting see. Much like this review, this film could have been half as long as it is without any loss of context.

A couple of the previous reviews of this movie have mentioned an "intellectual storyline." If there is an intellectual storyline in this flick, it is buried under a pile of bad acting and dialog so deep that no professional well-digger or archaeologist will ever be able penetrate it.

As for becoming a cult classic. The only place this film will ever be a cult classic is in some future resurrection of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or whatever takes its place.

I was hoping for better treatment of a concept that's been around the science fiction world for umpteen years and a plot that has been--one version or another--in at least a half dozen science fiction stories.

Summary in four words? It REALLY does suck.
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Great plot, terrible otherwise
shirofox3 August 2011
The plot, the story, was great. Original and creative, sadly that is all that it has going for it.

The acting was nothing short of atrocious, I can see what the director was trying to do, maybe they should have sacrificed some of the plot to build character, better yet, hire some better actors. They were amateurs, there was no "oomph" behind the performance, no emotion.

The sound editors, fire them. Do they even understand what balance is? The film crew? Do not do with a camera what you cannot do with your eyes, it breaks focus. You have a long way to go, use the dolly. It's there for a reason.

I hope someone does remake this, doing it properly. It'll be much more watchable.
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decent sci-fi effort
terraformer22 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This seems to be becoming one of those love it or hate it kind of films. It has either vicious haters or passionate admirers. I'm closer to the admirers. While I do understand some of the criticisms I am reading here (long, drawn out scenes, loud music mix, etc), the good far outweighs the bad.

Brandon Slagle (who also wrote the film) is Lukas Reyes, and everyman who had just celebrated his wedding anniversay with his young (almost too young looking) bride, Sera (Andrea Chen).

The next morning, all evidence of their life together...is gone. The rest of his life, however, seems to be the same.

Lukas's best friend, Damon (Dee Martin) has the perfect solution...get his friend crazy drunk...and he does. The next morning Lukas wakes up, seemingly married to another woman, Nara (Devanny Pinn). He has no memory of this life and upon her claims they've been married for two years, he threatens to call the police on her and throws her out.

Sera soon appears, but not before Lukas finds himself attached by a group of mysterious men calling themselves "The Knowers", who "police and fix" any rifts in the "symbiotic relationship" between parallel worlds, which states that each world must maintain a balance, which I assume means that multiple versions of the same person cannot occupy the same world at the same time, or that world destroys itself.

It is an interesting, if slightly convoluted, storyline indeed, and quite ambitious for an independent film with no instantly marketable names in it. A lot of similar indie films rely on gore or sex to market themselves, but this one trusts its subject matter to sell it.

Does it work? For the most part, yes.

The performances are rather understated. A lot of them seem more like improvised conversations sans a few longer passages of dialogue. While this is on one hand a good thing, it also offsets the tone on occasion. Sometimes the film feels like a grandiose epic and sometimes it feels like a small "mumblecore" drama. The editing and cinematography is above average and the music, while it IS loud, is quite well done. A few licensed songs pop up here and there, and in appropriate places.

Overall this is an enjoyable effort, with room to expand upon the storyline. A film called "15 Past Midnight" is listed as in-development on IMDb, and I can only assume that is a sequel. If the right tools are given, that could very well be something to look forward to.
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Ambitious film, not for viewers with short attention spans
skorponok13 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I can see this film becoming something of a niche cult hit. While it looks like a slick Hollywood production on the outside, it has a daft, intellectual storyline hidden beneath the surface.

Our story starts with Lukas (Brandon Slagle) and Sera (Andrea Chen) enjoying their second wedding anniversary. The next day Lukas awakens to find Sera missing. But not only is she missing, but all of her possessions as well as evidence of their life together is missing too. Lukas goes to work and his best friend (Dee Martin) tries to talk him through his depression, even taking him out for drinks that night. In mid barhopping, Lukas meets a young woman named Nara (Devanny Pinn). The two go home together and when they awaken the next morning, Nara believes that she and Lukas have been married for two years, and numerous items owned by her have also appeared.

Lukas threatens to report her to the police so she leaves. Then at work, Lukas's friend tells him that he and Nara are expecting a child. Lukas goes home, finding himself perused by a man who resembles one of the Agents from the Matrix a bit too much, who attacks him. Lukas finds himself pursued by more agents and soon finds Sera again, who has been trapped in a paradox of her own.

By the end of the film, Lukas is apprehended by a group of men calling themselves "The Knowers", explaining that he himself is trapped in a loop and jumping between different parallel versions of his life.

The film takes an extremely dark turn at the end, which I won't spoil. I will say instead that this is a film that will leave you thinking for hours after you watch it. I found plot points clicking in and suddenly making sense after the credits stopped rolling, which is something many films can't and don't do these days.

Aesthetically speaking, the film makes great use of many New York City locations. The music, while a bit much at times, is reminiscent of Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard. The performances are solid across the board, each actor coming into their own throughout the film.

The film may be a bit heavy handed for a lot of viewers, especially in this day when Fast Five opens to 90 million dollars. This is a film for the portion of the audience that still uses their brain, and doesn't need big stars to draw them in (for example, Inception probably wouldn't have had the audience it did had it not had a hot director and top shelf cast).

If you come across this film, and you enjoy films that make you think, then this is definitely for you. If not, I'm sure you can get Beverly HIlls Chihuahua or Step Up 3 in the 5 dollar bin.
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A pleasure!
Falls_media8 July 2011
I'm not a professional reviewer, so I'm not going to get into all the fine details, but felt I needed to give this film a fair shake after seeing all the negative reviews. I can only guess they are expecting some multi-million dollar blockbuster with city destroying explosions, robots, and half naked chicks. This film was filmed on a shoestring budget, over a very tight shooting window, by guys that are "semi-pro" (for lack of a better word...)

Anyways, with that in mind, I thought the movie was excellent. First of all, it has a plot line, that's solid, and thought provoking. More than I can say for those robot films... The acting isn't bad at all, absolutely no worse than Shia's, so don't see that argument either. Yes, I will agree the soundtrack was a bit overbearing at times, so audio I would consider the weakest part of the film, the actors didn't seem mic'd properly a few times, but no where near killed the movie for me. Camera work was solid, and effects felt appropriate to the situation.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, felt the story was intriguing and deep. Which I what I watch movies for, not from eye candy. It held me through the entire film. People just need to watch it as an indie production and stop expecting a $200 million dollar budget.
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Nothing good about this film
jfenski-116 June 2011
This was an awful movie. To some that may seem intriguing, but this movie is not even awful in a way that one should be curious about.

The acting was horrible by everyone. The actors seemed to be working with a minimal script (very poorly written) and took to ad libbing the rest. This left almost every scene feeling awkward and unbelievable. The only relief is that the musical soundtrack drowned out much of the dialogue throughout the film.

Which brings me to the overall production. Everything was amateurish at best. I've seen teenagers make more professional looking youtube videos. Weird camera angles and inappropriately executed effects, hacked editing, it all further contributed to the pain of watching this movie.

The story, on its face, is creative and may have been interesting, but was ruined by the lack of any discernible plot. Every scifi seems to have its holes, but the expansive voids in this film were too much to ignore.

Finally, what really blows my mind is the 9 or even 10 star reviews on here. I can only reason that they are paid-for confederates of the movies producers or the producers themselves. To liken this film to any recent big budget sci-fi is moronic and one review even seems to beg for a "hollywood producer" to pick up the story for a remake. It was because of these reviews that I gave the film a shot and now it's also due to those reviews that I feel so betrayed as to write my own.

Don't make the same mistake I did. Take this advice and spend the time you would've taken to watch this film on something more productive like observing the drying of paint on a wall.
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Mindbending Sci-Fi on a budget
David Anders14 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
15 Till Midnight

The phrase "High Concept Sci-Fi" is tossed around quite a bit these days, and usually directed at big budget films like Christopher Nolan's Inception or Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men, films that take the science fiction genre into strange new worlds beyond the typical "Space Opera" genre.

15 Till Midnight is just such a film, breaking down the walls of the big budget Sci-Fi extravaganza and stripping it down to its core, proving that you don't need a multimillion dollar budget, excessive special effects or A-list actors to tell a powerful story of a man thrust into unbelievable circumstances.

The first half hour of the film is pure build up, introducing us to Lukas Reyes (Brandon Slagle) and his wife Sera (Andrea Chen), and laying the first bricks of the bizarre into the story. Lukas wakes up one morning to find that Sera has seemingly disappeared into thin air, everything she owned is gone, along with the photos of the couple together. Lukas is distraught, but heads out to a bar that night with a friend to drink away his problems, and meets the lovely Nara (Devanny Pinn) who he takes home.

The next morning Lukas wakes up to find that Nara has seemingly moved in overnight, even going so far as to claim that they've been married for two years. Lukas and the audience are left to wonder what the hell is going on, and from here on out, the film pulls out all the stops, pulling us through a mind bending, reality warping nightmare of secrets, lies and men in gas masks.

To put it bluntly, I loved 15 Till Midnight from start to finish. The story kept me engaged, the characters felt real and the dialog never felt wasted or forced in any situation. Brandon Slagle's performance as Lukas was captivating, giving the viewer a solid anchor to the ever shifting and changing world of the film. To his credit, Slagle not only portrays Lukas, but also the "Evil" Reverse Lukas who makes periodic appearances throughout the film but doesn't really get a chance to shine until the last twenty or so minutes of the film. Devanny Pinn's Nara is an intriguing character, unfortunately she's out of the story nearly as quickly as she arrives, and giving us little time to truly grow attached to her as a character. However, the raw emotion that Pinn brings to her final scenes is so heartbreakingly honest that I found myself relating to her character despite her brief screen time. The other stand out moment of the film comes near the end when Andrew Roth gives one of the most moving speeches I've heard in a sci-fi film in a long time, bringing a human element to what could be a one dimensional villain.

My only problem with the film had less to do with the film itself and more to do with my screener copy. Darker scenes were blurred and everything had that slightly washed out look of a low resolution Youtube video, but in a testament to not only the script but to the actors and everyone else involved in the film, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for the entirety of the nearly two hour running time.

15 Till Midnight is the type of independent film that you pray for as a reviewer and fan of genre cinema, a film with a solid script, acting that actually draws you into the film instead of pulling you out, and well thought out cinematography and special effects that enhance the experience instead of distracting from it.
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The film in general
adamstan16 June 2011
It's funny how people tend to want to rip this film apart in reviews , the best part is the film was made in 7 days and on a very small budget with a crew of 4 including the director . The film is shot on red one and everyone that has been watching it is watching a stolen version which is a rough cut of the film and people have been misled to think this is the finished film. It's a shame when people steal films and throw them online.

I have to say the film stands strong for what time limit there was to shoot and to get it in done with heavy equipment and camera and limited crew . I would like to see all the people that speak such ill things about others go out and make a film . It's understandable for people to like or dislike something. It's still a good indie film and for people to compare it to 40 to 60 million dollar budgets just makes me laugh...I give the film 8 stars for the hard work that goes into the indie film making.
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