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mhbimage26 January 2011
I was very disappointed when I could not find Undercover on Tuesday night. This program was an updated Heart to Heart, with black faces.I was very happy to see television programing changing and improving. It appears that much has not changed. I am sure the rating were not that poor. I hope that more people write in to complain.There was not one episode that I did't enjoy . This was an action packed show with great casting and wonderful plots. The idea that a couple could be young black educated wealthy and in love, awesome for the screen and true.What suggestions do you have to help keep programs on TV like undercover? or should I ask how do we get it back.

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tony-davis-319 October 2010
"Undercovers" is first and foremost entertainment. The program is framed in such a way as to present a myriad of possible directions. Each character has so much potential for back story and fore shadowing. I was impressed with the casting of veteran performers and fresh new talent. Much is made of the degree of "Blackness" of the principal characters. I believe the creators of the show made and brilliant move in casting. The characters have the flexibility in appearance to have a viable presence in the environments of the script. I enjoy the pace of the show and the fact that the couple is in a loving and supportive relationship. I look forward to potential situations ahead and I will be sure to GuGu every Wednesday.
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Surprised how generic this was.
drigmy1123 September 2010
Far less enjoyable than any of Abrams' other offerings. I wouldn't really be bothered making any comment at all except for the fact that he has shown that he has some good writing skills in the past. Hopefully there is some improvement in future episodes but this pilot episode just seemed like any other generic spy/detective show I've seen in the past. Furthermore, the actors so far haven't shown anything above average, jokes, lines and delivery all seem pretty smug.

I might give this show one more chance just because JJ has shown merit in the past but if the next episode is the same quality as this one then I won't bother giving it anymore attention.
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Enjoyed Undercovers - Looking Forward to More
dragsd471623 September 2010
I enjoyed this new show immensely. It's nice to see two, intelligent characters who sincerely love each other. They enjoy their work and work hard, have a sense of commitment to marriage (wow!), and show loyalty to friends and country.

This new couple is fun to watch and Mr. Kodjoe is GREAT to look at (Gugu is pretty too).

Most TV isn't fun to watch anymore, i.e., cruel "reality" shows, twisted comedies with sick/demented characters, etc.

Watching Undercovers was fun and exciting. It's nice to see characters that have traits one would actually aspire to cultivating in oneself. Looking forward to more!
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Great Show! Can't Wait to See More!
tobsydney5923 September 2010
Very entertaining! I loved it! This new spy-fest feels like a cross between the TV shows "Hart to Hart" and "Alias" and the movie "True Lies." Even though the pilot may have seemed a little lackluster at times, this is usual for pilots, since the script has to incorporate the introduction of brand new characters and situations to the audience as well as a backstory. There is obvious potential for fun and exciting story-lines this season, and I'm really looking forward to it! The casting of Boris and Gugu as the main characters is fabulous! They have wonderful chemistry and actually have the "aura" of spy-intelligent tech-geniuses! Also, it is quite refreshing to have a husband and wife team who have a LOVING relationship instead of the unhappy, fighting, "why did I marry you" type of couples running rampant in today's sitcoms. I hope they stick to their guns like "Hart to Hart" and keep this couple in love and in one accord. Movie and TV writers/producers should realize that there REALLY ARE some HAPPY couples out there -- emotionally mature, secure, and enjoying their relationships! It's time to reflect that segment of the population on screen too! Anyway, so far, the show looks like an adorable winner! Loved the globe-trotting locations too! Can't wait for the next episode!
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SPY vs. SPY (sigh)
mamanoooooooo24 September 2010
I tried. I really did. A married couple who are retired spies trying to live a normal life is called back to active duty. This spy vs. spy type show has been done a hundred times before, but this is the worst version I have ever seen. The dialogue is pure dribble. Sexpionage? Boris and Gugu have no chemistry so that idea went straight out the window.

I won't bother going into details about the pilot, mostly because the plot was dragging and not engaging and I was so bored with what was going on that my mind would drift off and I found myself having to rewind to catch up.

Im a huge fan of J.J. Abrams and was sorely disappointed that this show was so bad. Maybe it will get better but I wont be watching.
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Tired of spies
judy24 September 2010
Don't the TV execs know by now that we're getting tired of spies. I am African-American and I would love to see more of us on TV, but this is really a boring show. You would think that the writers could have found something else to do with these two gorgeous looking people than having them running around the world without any decent plot or dialog. There are far too many spy shows (especially humorous ones) on for them to think that this was going to work. It was nice seeing Gerald McRaney back on TV but I already think he should start sending out resumes as this show won't last long. I kept turning to something else and then turning back only to be disappointment that nothing more interesting was happening than when I turned away.
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Far more boring than Bond
alanrayford9 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a unique year for television. Sixteen new shows have debuted across the major networks, making this season very busy. "Undercovers" is one of these shows, and I'd been looking forward to it. But now that the first three episodes are out of the way, there's a problem. "Undercovers" falls apart because it doesn't seem to know what it wants to do. Here's what I feel demonstrates this underlying flaw in what could be a great show.

1). The catering service angle and the attached characters need to go. Here, Stephen and Samantha Bloom act like they belong in a sitcom. Everything is a setup for some profanely banal gag, and all of the story lines involved with this setting are extremely inconsequential. Too top it all off, none of this is remotely amusing. In short, this setting hinders by taking away from both how the show is marketed and what the audience wants—intrigue and action. Just get rid of this backdrop and focus solely on the Blooms as special operatives coming out of retirement.

2). The action needs to be amped up. "Hawaii Five-0" is the highest rated new show this season. A large part of that is because it delivers on the action front. Sadly, despite being a show about specialized intelligence operatives, "Undercovers" doesn't really have memorable action. To be what they are, it seems the Blooms would likely have received a high level of training in weapons handling, demolitions, close quarters combat, evasive driving, infiltration, and surveillance. But we don't see that here. What we get is this: Steven punches some random guy in the face, and the dude falls out cold; and Samantha chases someone down, tackling him to the ground at gunpoint. It's not all that interesting. Maybe Kodjoe and Raw could do some more, in-depth training with the onset fight choreographer and weapons handler to give these scenes a bit more oomph.

3). The characters need to feel more in line with the darker backbone of the show. The Blooms really do feel as though they were lifted from a UPN sitcom, and that just doesn't feel right giving what they used to do for a living. They should skew a little darker in their outlooks and interactions. "Chuck" is a comedy/action hybrid that shows how seasoned spies are going to be a little different from the rest of us. Since "Undercovers" supposedly has a harder edged premise, it should really start getting with the program. Make the Blooms more imposing and give them a penchant for gallows humor. As for their pal, Leo Nash, he's little more than a "shagged your wife" plot device. His character and this show could probably be better served by him being graduated from a third wheel to something else.

4). Boris Kodjoe is, admittedly, not a bad looking guy, and I could easily find myself watching Gugu Mbatha Raw do whatever she wants to do (be it on NBC or the BBC). However, this show simply has too many gorgeous people in it. Gerald McRaney and Ben Schwartz look like real people living in a real world. But too many of the supporting players look like models. Too many of the guest stars look like models. Too many of the extras look like models. Due to this, "Undercovers" feels like a graduate of the "Baywatch" school of casting. The show drastically needs regular looking and unattractive folks, because we do exist. Balancing us with the model types would base this show firmly in the reality the audience lives in, and make the Blooms seem even more dynamic to boot. Also, Kodjoe looks waaay too streamlined to possibly blend in anywhere on Earth. Have him grow his hair out somewhat and maybe gain a five o'clock shadow to lend something of an average guy vibe, and cut him down a bit.

All of this can be done pretty easily. Maybe Leo could make a serious play for Samantha. Steven and Leo might then get in a very brutal confrontation, resulting in gunplay. It's possible that Leo could escape the injured Bloom and then rat the Bloom's out to enemies. Then, while the Blooms are being sequestered at a base, the bad guys could possibly have their home and business bombed. Faced with the utter demise of their civilian lives, the Blooms might then escape their protective detail to locate Leo and find out who else was involved—and make them pay dearly for it.

This would eliminate the bothersome characters and plot threads introduced by the catering service, since it and the people who work there would be no more. The action would get a serious shot in the arm as the Blooms search would lead them headfirst into some pretty heavy situations. The Blooms would come off as being more intense and proactive, instead of blasé and reactive, since their goal would be retribution. Even Leo would get the boost he needs to become a character of at least some depth. This, combined with a greater eye for realism in casting, would make "Undercovers" as interesting to me as it first sounded when in development.

I'd like to see "Undercovers", at the very least, remain on the air long enough to find its groove. But seeing how competitive this T.V. season is, I realize it may not. However, should it get a full season commitment, I hope that someone reading this finds one or two of these suggestions to have some merit (since IMDb is public domain, you never know who reads these posts). As the show is now, I can only give it a five. That's pretty generous seeing as how the first three episodes have one major thing in common—putting me to sleep.
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This show is missing something
markdolph25 September 2010
It is hard to describe what it is, JJ Abrams shows, though conventional television, have an an edge. Perhaps it is something about the characters, that is intriguing, that make you want to know what really makes them tick. Think "Alias." With these two characters, all I want to do is look at them. Which, by the way, is not a bad way to spend an hour in front of the TV.

I can only conclude that this is an Abrams knock off. I think NBC has been doing so poorly in the ratings that they went out and bought the equivalent of a fake Louis Vuitton purse (the kind you by on the streets of Shanghai or Beijing).
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very good show
terry bross15 January 2011
I don't know what is wrong with the other person that reviewed the pilot episode but they were way out of line this show is more than good its the best work yet of jj and i know because i spend 12 hours a day 7 days a week watching TV show and no I'm not fat or a couch potato i just like to study TV shows and watch for mistakes (i.e first episodes of happy days were out side of al's restaurant there are palm trees and roofs that you mostly see in la) or look for poorly written episodes (i.e. shows like cougar town) of all the shows that i would rate this up with fringe and house great acting and great writing i hate people who do not know what they are talking about and get all the good shows canceled and bad shows stay on the air
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Outstanding new series
darkgraypony22 September 2010
Undercovers is a well written, well acted new series about a married couple that work for the CIA. I don't want to give away any details but that bit is commonly known. I loved the series and think you will too, it's great mix of action, comedy and drama. In this age of reality TV it's good to see a show that has a winning formula and J.J. Abrams has done it again. This show has a great cast and you can practically see the many directions in which they could take these characters. The chemistry between the two main characters, Steven and Samatha Bloom played by Boris Kojoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw respectively, is so electrifying that it leads you to believe there must be some off camera romance going on. The show is an hour long but the action scenes are tied in perfectly with the story telling and the result is a fast paced series that keeps even the most attention challenged person interested.
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killer1h23 September 2010
Watching this show I have to admit J.J. Abrams is starting to make a pattern in plot lines. It's extremely predictable, there's nothing new about it, still a story about spy's doing their thing you know the usual. Roof tops, high speed pursuits, shoot outs, none of this is new its actually almost like they just inserted a new cast into one of his old shows and give it a new name.

Now for the basic plot, the whole show revolves around 2 spy's who have left the CIA a while back and are now a normal typical married couple, and beyond that... thats it. There is no twist no element of surprise, and if that weren't enough the dialog is bland and boring. Please PLEASE someone bring back puns because these screenwriters are murdering my eardrums. 5/10 since it still lives up to the "standard" of a typical spy show.
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Hart to Hart without...um...heart
Scott Miller4 October 2010
I like action TV shows, I like throwback shows and I like Abrams, but Undercovers is dreadfully dull.

The show has very high production values, but the recycled plots do nothing to cash in on them. Locales and set pieces are interchangeable as the by-the-numbers plots unfold. There's nary an original idea to be found.

This might not be such a problem if we at least had good characters, but Undercovers is lacking there, too. We get only the most cursory back story for our leads. They seem to exist only in the moment. Even what we know about their past doesn't seem to jibe with what we see. First, they show no indication that they were ever highly trained operatives. They carry themselves like second-year agents, not the top spies who had to be reactivated because no one else could handle the job. Also, Samantha had a relationship with two characters on the show, but she has absolutely no chemistry with either of them.

And that is the nail in the coffin for the show. All the other weaknesses of the show could be said about a similar cheesy mystery show from the 70s/80s: Hart to Hart. But the two leads in that show had chemistry, and it carried the entire series. The only thing that carries Undercovers is Gerald McRaney...but his appearances are too brief to do anything more than remind us of what this show could have been.
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Has Abrams finally lost it?
IBrakeForTrees24 September 2010
(Note: this review is of the pilot episode only.)

Zzzz. Was there anything in the pilot we hadn't seen dozens of times before? Has JJ Abrams been watching too many 1970s TV reruns? The plot is old, the main characters are more glitzy than interesting, the dialog is boring....

I think we're supposed to give the show high marks because the main characters are a black married couple, which is on the original side. But that's not enough. They have no deeper motivation than they miss the excitement of being heroes. But a good hero has vulnerabilities and obstacles. He/she is not perfect. He has a back story, often involving the loss of a family member, that makes him sympathetic to the viewer. I can only hope that will show up in the episodes after the pilot, because, right now, the best thing that could happen to the show is if Boris gets killed and Gugu has to carry on without him.

And what's with the characters names? Samantha Bloom was a character on VR.5,whose sister and star was named Sydney. JJ Abrams already had a series with a Sydney, so now...? Maybe halfway through the series, Abrams will reveal this is all happening in virtual reality or a parallel universe. Now that would be interesting. :-)
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cheap version of Alias or Cover Affairs
djpitagora2 October 2010
In short, this is a cheap version of Alias or Covert Affairs. It's about the "adventures" of a married spy couple with similar mission to the 2 movies above. The only difference is that the spy action is totally unrealistic and the movie also lacks a personal side of the characters. Normally a spy movie shows a double life: the agent, and the normal guy/woman hiding her identity from her loved ones. This usually generates some kind of tension in the personal life of the character, but in this case we are talking about a married couple, with no secrets.

Did I mention our hot CIA agent is married? Sounds like her personal life is over :))
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Was so hopeful but episode 2, along with my patience, is nearing its end and I have to share my disappointment
aughinea29 September 2010
I really hate that this show is so awful. We need African-American leads on TV, and I love JJ Abrams, but all is wrong. If one thing were right: the writing, the acting, the directing, the editing, the score, just maybe it would be worth watching. I can't believe Abrams wrote this! It has zero personality, and so much of the spy jargon is recycled from Alias, which was hokey too but excusable because of the interesting character development. It must be hard to sell this stuff, but these two leads aren't, again consult your Alias for how to. The directing and/or editing is not very sophisticated. The tricks needed to sell the action aren't there. Very disappointed.
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Undercovers failed as a show for many reasons
andrea-m-mccrary8 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've been following this show since the first episode. I believe this show failed for many reasons ... including the lack of a plot from the very first moments. The potential for something interesting was there, but the show didn't take risks and was shallow in terms of characters and storyline.

I have enjoyed the past few episodes, and I believe the show has developed quite a bit, but it just didn't have enough umph in the first few tries to keep an audience entertained.
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This show is going nowhere
sasazg-17 October 2010
Wow...as I found out earlier this past summer that JJ Abrams will produce this show I was eager to see it, but now as I watch this few episodes I can say that this is by far the worst thing JJ ever did.

Firstly, the main characters are boring, there is no chemistry, and as the story goes, they are supposed to be experienced spies but their skill is shown as less then average. I guess the main premise of this show was to put few nice looking people on the show and let's wait and see what happens. And what happened was a big mistake.

The only character that is worth something is Hoyte and I am wondering why he isn't given more space in the show.

This show, like any spy show had potential, and I guess JJ got this on behalf of his previous success stories, but I will be absolutely stunned if this show goes beyond the first season, I wouldn't be even surprised if it was canceled in the middle of the first season, it's that bad.
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i like the show
Scotty5225 November 2010
As an African American I like this show. I think it's OK that the writing/plot do not rival the works of Shakespeare or Richard Wright.It is entertaining and has beautiful people as the leads and they are black.I think the casting is interesting and different. I love that they speak different languages and are not typical of the black characters I see on TV and in the movies. And since I have never been spy or no any spies I think they do OK for a TV SHOW. I'm looking forward to the next episode. I like Gerald McRaney's character but could take or leave Hoyt, he may be a little too over the top in his admiration of Steven Bloom. I hope the show stays on but not too optimistic, it seems for a show with African Americans to stay on the air it needs to have a high level of buffoonery and can't just be entertaining.
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JJ Abrams is a stuttering little goober!
buckfulkerson5 November 2010
JJ Abrams has already proved that he can't direct feature films (Star Trek 2009), so why does he keep trying to rehash old TV series? Don't get me wrong, he's an "adequate" TV producer. But, he needs to focus on ONE series at a time, otherwise he loses focus (A.D.D.). Much like Irwin Allen (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants) did in the sixties. "Fringe is the BEST series he has ever come up with. He needs to focus on THAT" show and leave everything else alone for a while! I'd rather find out what's going on in Fringe's alternate universe than follow two very boring "Heart to Heart" wannabes.

Besides, no one ever watches NBC anymore!
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