"Xam'd: Lost Memories" Blackout on Sentan Island (TV Episode 2008) Poster

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Sentan Island, supposedly a Free Zone in the war against the Southern and Northern governments becomes a very hot spot. The Northern Government attacks with humaform weapons, odd large monsters whose laser-like weapons cause explosions. Soldiers all ready at the scene of a bus explosion (seemingly unrelated) are surprised when a pod of a humaform weapon land nearby. All ready unnerved, one shots Akiyuki, a boy who in the last episode was turned into a Xam'd by a pale girl. Haru, Akiyuki's friend, knocks out (or accidentally kills) the soldier who shot Akiyuki when the Xam'd recovers. She seems to know that it is her friend though she didn't see the transformation. The humaform attacks and Akiyuki gets caught up with it in a battle. Haru goes after them and winds up having to get protected by Akiyuki. However, after the humaform is killed, Akiyuki starts to turn into red crystal. Nakiami from the postal ship arrives and saves the day by asking Akiyuki if he wants to live (after Haru ...

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