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Sweden had left side driving until 3rd September 1967. The cars/drivers on the bridge in "1966" seem to have adopted right hand side driving about a year early.
The camera Lisbeth uses in the film is a Sony NEX-3, a model that would have been made after the story takes place.
The story takes place in about 2005-06. Mikael and Lisbeth are using Macbook Pros with older versions of OS X, which correspond with the time. However, the Macbook Pros with black separated keys were not introduced until 2008.

Character error 

Henrik stands with Mikel outside in a snow storm showing him where each family member lives and how they're each related. He points to a nice and up-kept house within walking distance of Henrik's house (the main house) and says Isabella lives there, but later Isabella's son, Martin, claims Isabella was "excommunicated to the old house on the other side of the island."
When Blomkvist is reviewing Inspector Morrell's notes from the accident, he highlights what he considers to be interesting facts. One of them is about Inspector Morrell interviewing the family, however, "interview" is misspelled "interveiws".


When Salander is searching crime records she is entering SQL queries, but the result does not match her query. The query specified last names starting with the letter "L" but the result included names that did not start with "L"
When Lisbeth is checking Mikael's email in the beginning of the movie, the incoming emails are all dated "2/1/06" (thus indicating either January or February depending on date setting), whereas the next scene takes place either on Christmas Eve or shortly after.
Stockholm has two types of subway trains in use, the old original trains and the new trains. In one clip Lisbeth is sitting in a train with the old interior, i.e. an old train. The next clip shows the train from outside (meeting another train at Slussen), but both trains are new, not old.
When Mikael goes to Lisbeth's apartment he takes out 2 white plates. In the next scene when they are on the table they plates are now transparent.
When Cecilia is looking at a family tree diagram on a wall in Mikael's cabin, the camera focuses on two paper sheets containing photos, Post-It notes and name labels about Cecilia and Harriet. When it zooms out, the photos, sticky notes and labels are arranged in a very different way.
Blomkvist's MacBook Pro magically downgraded itself from Mac OS X Lion to Mac OS X Tiger during the movie. Even if he did want to downgrade the OS himself, that would be entirely impossible due to the fact that Tiger cannot run on the hardware present in the Macbook Pro displayed.
During the chase scene; when the camera is pointing back towards Lisbeth, her face is lit by the glow of the motorcycle's instrument cluster (speedometer & odometer). But when the camera switches to her point of view; the dials are dark and not lit up.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the caretaker is lighting a fire, the reflection in Blomkvist's glasses show a green screen instead of of it.

Factual errors 

When Mikael tries to call from his cellphone and the can't get a network signal he gets the "Number not found" tone. To get that signal you need to have a connection to the mobile network.

Revealing mistakes 

On Wennerström's Wikipedia entry, all the "blue links" are external links (denoted by an icon at the end of each link). That amount of external links in the body of an article in Wikipedia would be considered spamming and is forbidden. External links in Wikipedia (when deemed reliable and pertinent enough) normally go to a section at the very end of the article.
When Lisbeth Googles Wennerström she finds a Wikipedia entry on him. Apart from the first few lines, the content of it is placeholder text.
When Mikael Blomkvist arrives at Hedestad for the second time, he takes a taxi to the the small house. It's snowing very hard, but you can see lots of car tracks in front of the house.
When Lisbeth searches Hans-Erik Wennerström on Google, the search results list a Wikipedia article first that lists Hans-Erik Wennerström's birthday as "May 29, 1952." When Lisbeth clicks through to Wennerström's Wikipedia page, it lists his birthday as "12 June, 1951."


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When the SUV crashes during the chase scene it goes through the wooden guardrails by the bridge. In the next scene during the day the guardrails are undamaged.

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