The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

disappearance journalist
hacker background check
research computer hacker
investigation libel
island punk
investigator cottage
lawyer murder
scandal gothic
forced blow job death
foreign language adaptation merkin wig
anal sex car explosion
car fire no cellphone signal
bisexual woman head wound
sniper gps
crime scene photograph riding motorcycle
phone booth bible quote
newspaper archive video recording
fireplace stroke
tabby cat pressed flower
birthday present year 1966
passenger train umbrella
rain mob of reporters
clothes ripping female in shower
video surveillance killing a pet
gagged child molester
german shepherd vengeance
sexual sadism corrupt lawyer
wikipedia internet research
undressing orgasm
woman on top lens flare
lesbian kiss rape with a dildo
loan leather jacket
daughter murders father man with glasses
hiding in a car trunk hidden camera
knife gas
lesbian bar pierced nipple
uncle nephew relationship notebook
uncle niece relationship revelation
suffocation bag over head
google cigarette smoking
deception corpse
killing an animal dead cat
severed head gash in the face
threat hung from a hook
exploding car bible
shower character repeating someone else's dialogue
hit with a golf club tied to a bed
anal rape older man younger woman relationship
slow motion scene news report
blonde wig disguise
mohawk bare chested male
female rear nudity taser
female frontal nudity tattoo parlor
pistol younger version of character
magazine editor blackmail
father daughter relationship brother sister incest
parade rape and revenge
fellatio woman punching a man
attempted robbery nazi
body piercing old money
laptop computer topless female nudity
father daughter incest fraud
goth girl elevator
revenge subway
ward of the state police record
police station sex
torture stray cat
wiretap london england
car accident bridge
missing girl 1960s
photograph flashback
anti semitism secret code
teenage daughter cocktail party
tattoo rape
bisexual oral sex
stroke victim motorcycle
dysfunctional family serial killer
grandfather train station
train infidelity
snow stockholm sweden
lawsuit based on novel
surprise ending

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