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Beautifully crafted black comedy
The Dexter series has paved the way nicely for some modern anti-heroes. It's OK to be a serial killer provided the people you kill are not nice people. The worse the crime, the more acceptable (on screen) it is to kill the criminal and the less guilty we can feel about enjoying the spectacle of their death.

So Some Guy Who Kills People rides along on similar rails and gives us someone we can both root for, be afraid of and concerned about all in one highly confusing package.

Kevin Corrigan plays unorthodox Ken Boyd, a depressive cartoonist recently released from the 'loony bin' into a world he doesn't understand. Clearly resident in the kind of small town community where everyone knows everyone else, Boyd lives with his sardonic mother (Karen Black) and works the only job he can get: slopping out ice cream at the local diner.

Ken keeps his head down and his mouth shut, but life has a way of intruding on his self-imposed cocoon in the form of his best friend Irv's unyielding encouragement to get out there and grab the bull by the horns, the attentions of beautiful English girl Stephanie (Lucy Davis) and Ken's long absent daughter of eleven years, Amy. This trio of distractions are merciless in their presence, drawing Ken away from his preferred mode of introspection and silence.

Character development is awesome, with young Ariel Gade hitting just the right level of chatty pre-teen and needy daughter vs vulnerable sweet kid and mini-charmer to win us over rather than put us off. Corrigan is effortlessly charismatic despite his apparent predilection for decapitating his enemies, and his rarity of lines (despite his presence in most scenes). Lucy Davis is a little too attractive and besotted to be believable, particularly as the first time she encounters Ken he is dressed up in a most unbecoming giant ice-cream costume. Davis also has a limited acting range, giving the same performance here as she gave in The Office and other American projects of late.

But Barry Bostwick is simply sublime as the eminently watchable Sheriff Walt Fuller and Karen Black puts in a great performance as the disillusioned chain-smoking mother with only the lowest expectations in her son.

Ultimately a moral warning about the perils of withdrawing and allowing the past to consume the present; thus missing out on the important things (like the parent/child relationship) Some Guy Who Kills People is a thought-provoking, beautifully crafted tale from beginning to end featuring some of the most comically subtle black humour you're ever likely to see on the big screen. You'll laugh, but you'll also hover on the edge of your seat. Mixing comedy with genuine drama is no mean feat and full credit should go to Perez, Levin and their wonderful cast for pulling it off with unparalleled aplomb.
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Best New Horror Film?
gavin694225 June 2012
Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan), a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.

Since I did not know most of the people attached to this (besides Karen Black and executive producer John Landis), I did not know what to expect. I set my sights low, and came out with quite an impressed mind. This is not your typical slasher. It is oddly endearing and has just enough comedy and plot twists to really keep the audience interested.

Kevin Corrigan is superb, Barry Bostwick even better... but, of course, we must salute Ariel Gade in this breakout performance. She adeptly portrays the precocious 11-year old Amy, and is both likable and a good plot-carrier. Gade, even more than Corrigan, keeps the story going.

I have not yet checked out the special features, but would like to. I think they would greatly enhance my understanding and appreciation for this already pleasantly-surprisingly gem.
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Good Film with Bad Title
billcr1220 July 2012
This has to be the worst title the producers could possibly have come up with; someone must have lost a bet. It's a shame because it is really good and very few people will ever see it, unless the word of mouth helps, as happened with Boondock Saints. I reluctantly watched that and ended up loving it.

Ken works at an ice cream parlor after being released from a mental hospital. He has nightmares of a hazing type of attack from his high school days. One by one the classmates responsible die horrible deaths. Barry Bostwick is the town sheriff, and he is wise ass who is having a good time with Ken's mother played by Karen Black. She and Bostwick are terrific and sarcastically funny throughout. Ariel Gade is Ken's daughter Amy, and she is an actress to watch out for. The chemistry between her and Kevin Corrigan as Ken, her father, are totally believable. The girl is an absolute natural; never mugging for the camera, as many child actors have a tendency to do.

Ken is an outcast living with his mother and spending his spare time drawing sketches. His daughter finds out that he is her biological father and they have an awkward reunion. This is a murder mystery, a comedy, and a sporadically violent family film, all at the same time. Although a bit confused, the acting is so good, I was able to accept some plot holes along the way. Bostwick and Black are funny as hell, and the young Ariel Gade still manages to steal the picture, her potential is unlimited. Ignore the ridiculous title and trust me; try it, you'll like it.
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Fun, inventive, and unique
Jason Nagy13 June 2011
The title of this film, 'Some Guy Who Kills People' says it all. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at the horror and who-done-it films.

Kevin Corrigan and Barry Bostwick were great, but the person that really stole the film was Ariel Gade. She was funny and brash, but came off so sweet.

It has a dark subtle humor that I'm a fan of. The kind that makes you pay close attention so you don't miss a line. The Directing and cinematography were excellent, and the acting was spot on.

This is a film has many layers and will be liked for it's comedy, mystery, and horror elements.
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Violent, yet touching.
evlkeith16 December 2011
You can smell the involvement of John Landis in this production very early on. It hits just the right tone of slapstick horror, comedy and family drama.

Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) has been in a hospital for the treatment of his depression and suicidal tendencies. When he gets out, he acquires a little job working in an ice-cream parlour (the advertising of which provides many chuckles). We get flashbacks of bullies at school torturing him. Then, back in the present, the bullies start to get killed with a modicum of gratuitous violence. Throw into the mix his daughter Amy (Ariel Gade - Dark Water), who has just found out where her dad lives, and you've got the recipe for gory death pie topped with tender fatherliness.

This film has many strengths. It is well made and well written. Most of the funny lines go to the Sheriff and Boyd's mum and there are enough to keep you laughing throughout (your sense of humour needs to be on the black side though). The main strength is the acting and relationship of the father and daughter. Corrigan is fantastic as a man coming from depression into a state where he feels more able to cope with life by the end. Gade is wise beyond her years and the relationship between her and her dad comes across as very real.

One fly in the topical cream is the inclusion of Lucy Davis as a love interest for Boyd. She was in The Office. She's irritating.

If you can stomach a small amount of gore and blood you will be rewarded with a funny and touching experience.
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Some Guy Who Kills People is set to become one of the classics of the genre. And that's no joke.
Robert Harding8 December 2011
Going into Some Guy Who Kills People it seemed like nobody knew much about the film and going by the trailer, nobody was expecting much either. Was I ever wrong. This film didn't just kill it's own characters, it also had the audience dying with laughter. Don't get fooled by the trailer... you'll only end up a fool yourself.

Karen Black isn't in the film as much as I'd like her to be as she not only has some of the best lines in the film but her performance is absolutely fantastic. Karen really outdid herself in this role and though some veterans might just decide to call their roles in, she goes well beyond what anyone could have expected from her.

A newcomer to the scene, Ariel Gade, is a breath of fresh air. Move over Chloë Moret, there may be some new competition in the young genre actor category. Ariel not only plays a smart character, she's a smart choice and a great find. Who would have thought the little girl from Dark Water and Aliens vs Predator - Requiem would turn out to be such a good actor? She was made for the role and delivers it with a timing you usually only find in seasoned veteran actors.

Finally there's Barry Bostwick. What can I say about a man that first caught my eye as Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? How about being my favourite thing about this film? From the trailer for the film you can see that there is humour involved in his part. What you don't see is the fact that because Mr. Bostwick is the sheriff, he's in the film a lot. His character is absolutely off the wall and Mr. Bostwick plays him brilliantly. He is comedy gold with a deadpan serious delivery that combines super intelligence with hit you over the head obvious observations. He might give Yoda a run for his money.

Some Guy Who Kills People is marketing itself to the wrong crowd. This film is comedy gold through and through but seems to be trying to sell itself as a horror comedy. Sure there are elements of horror with the serial killer aspect but the horror portion of the film is only there so that the comedic elements have a plot to wrap themselves around. This film should focus on selling the laughs and less on trying to win over the genre crowd.

This is just one funny movie.
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Much more then I expected
Psy-Ko16 June 2012
You've got all the elements of a 80's slasher here. Comic geek, bullies, mean mom, quirky sheriff. so that's what I was expecting an average slasher to pass a Saturday afternoon. What I got was so much more! Great writing, great character development and great acting! I'm not big on the trivia of movies/acting so the only person I recognized was Barry Bostwick as the quirky sheriff and he played it brilliantly. I also thought the girl who played Amy was quite good and expect to see her getting more work. At first I wasn't too fond of Ken, the lead character, but as the story went on I got to really like him which I think says great things about both the writing and the guys acting. There is a twist at the end and you kind of know there will be but you just don't know which way it's going to twist. I was happy with the ending though, happy with the whole movie in fact. Only thing I would tell people is don't go into it expecting blood and guts, you're not going to get it. Not sure I'd even label it as horror, more of a thriller and a drama, oh and can't forget the comedy. It all ties together well. One of the best I've seen in awhile!
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A revelation
movieman_kev6 July 2012
Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan, Grounded for Life) is a newly released mental patient who works at an ice cream shoppe by day and dispatches the people that he blames for screwing his life up by night. Sheriff Walt (Barry Bostwick, Spin City) is the cop out to get the perp, once he finds out who he is.

This film came as quite a shock. Renting it at Redbox (always a risky gamble) and knowing nothing about it, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that this movie was expertly acted by all involved. Corrigan and Bostwick are both great, as is the eternally beautiful Karen Black as Ken's mother. It's also funny, Bostwick in particularly shines in this aspect. The less said of the plot the better but suffice it to say it could very well be the best horror-comedy of the new millennium.

My Grade: A
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Great Flick
holey-396-67795422 June 2012
This Is my first ever review so I hope this makes sense. I watched this last night and found the acting to be brilliant add the black humor and a lead that was hard to read and you will enjoy. I am getting sick of the rampant commercialism we are seeing in the main stream movie genre (or i am getting old) these days its all about special effects. This movie makes you think and gives you a giggle at the same time so is well worth the watch. The story line has been done before but the way this is delivered and the great acting by Kevin Corrigan makes it interesting the whole way through. These sort of movies don't always come down to the budget it always comes down to the cast and this one got it right.
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Not so bad it's good. Only bad in a very good way.
Gustaf11 October 2011
Saw this movie during the Flimmer film-festival i Norrköping, Sweden on the 9th of October 2011.

This movie is about some guy who kills people. There's the main storyline, and it's completely enough for making an intriguing and compelling story.

The movie itself is a perfect blend between a classic B-movie and a block buster movie. The dialogue is a bit cheesy and the special effects simple. However, none of this drags the movie down, instead it adds to the movie, presenting an unique and remarkable experience that is hard to find.

I didn't know any of the actors of this movie before I watched it( well, I've seen Lucy Davis in "The office"). But I must say that all of them did a very good job portraying their characters. Barry Bostwick is incredibly funny as the sheriff, and Kevin Corrigan does a good job playing the slightly disturbed and depressed main character.

But the actor that truly puts on a performance is Ariel Gade. She does a so good job she could be the next Jodie Foster or Dakota Fanning in my opinion (I'm talking about child actors).

This movie is not so bad it's good. It's bad in a good way.

The closest similarity I can find to this movie, is the video-game "Deadly Premonition", which much like this movie, despite technical difficulties manages to tell an amazing and engaging story. Sometimes it's over the top, sometimes it's spot on. In one scene I'm laughing hard, and in another I'm deeply involved concerned about the characters' situation.

The only thing that I would have changed with the movie is the ending, which I thought was a bit abrupt and hastened. Other that that, it's a fun and well done story that has you interested during the whole playtime.

I can recommend this movie to anyone who would fancy some dark comedy, thrilling excitement or just would like something to do on a Friday night. This movie excels in every kind of way, and is well worth a 9/10.
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The Way Horror-Comedies Should Be!!
anythinghorrorscott25 July 2012
I love this title: Simple, descriptive, and effective. The movie is indeed about a guy who goes around killing people. But wow there's so much more going on. SOME GUY is written by Ryan A. Levin and is inspired by Levin's 14 minute short film, THE FIFTH. The writing is every bit as clever as it was in the short and it's nice to see that Levin could make that leap from a short to a full length feature so effortlessly. But what director Jack Perez (yes, the same 'Jack Perez' who directed MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS) smartly does is cast some terrific actors that do great jobs in making this story successful. SOME GUY is a horror-comedy and the best one I've seen since TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL.

As the film opens we join Ken as he bolts awake from a recurring nightmare. in which he's tied to a chair with tape over his mouth being tormented by a group of guys. Ken arrives late to work (again) where his boss is angry (again) and his buddy Irv is there to cover for him (again). Ken has just recently been released from the local nut farm where he spent a few years after trying to kill himself. But it seems the prolonged stay in the loony bin did Ken some good. He's calm, stoic, introverted, and intelligent. He's constructed a thick shell around himself and doesn't let anyone in -- not even those closest to him like Irv and his nightmarish passive-aggressive mom Ruth.

Ken has a crappy job at the local ice cream shop where he must dress up like a giant ice cream cone and work catering jobs and pass out fliers on the street. One day in a random, chance encounter Ken bumps into a girl on the street who he later discovers is his eleven year old daughter, Amy. But Ken wants to make a change in his life and he really wants to make an effort connecting with his daughter. Ken seems to be on a roll and shortly after "meeting" his daughter meets Stephanie at one of the catering jobs he's working.

Amy hasn't been getting along with her mom lately so she decides to pack up and move in with her dad ... on a whim ... without letting Ken know about it. Now Ken's world is turned upside down as he tries to adjust to having an eleven year old daughter living in his house who he knows nothing about. But Ken also has an active night life killing those people from his past he believes ruined his life. Is it the same people who haunts his dreams? Did they indeed ruin his life or has Ken constructed this fantasy world in order to blame someone for his crappy life?

SOME GUY is a hugely fun flick. The dialog is quick and witty and cleverly hilarious. Writer Levin doesn't construct silly situations to create funny moments. All the comedy is completely organic in the film. SOME GUY takes place in a small town and the sheriff, Sheriff Fuller and his deputy Ernie are brilliantly written and provide some of the biggest laughs in the film. They aren't, though, bumbling small-time cops who resort to slapstick and low-brow humor. Their characters are aware that there's a serial killer in their small town and that they're extremely ill-equipped to deal with such a crime. They try so hard to figure out what's going on but they mostly come up empty handed until Sheriff Fuller stumbles upon some important evidence. Fuller and Ernie are extremely well- written characters and Barry Bostwick pretty much steals the show here with his deadpan delivery.

Beyond Bostwick, the entire cast does a great job here and Kevin Corrigan (Ken) plays his role beautifully. Corrigan is perfect playing a guy who's not just beaten down by life and unhappy with the direction his life has taken, but he also expertly plays a man who doesn't really fit in anywhere ... especially in his own skin. Corrigan is simply brilliant in this role.

Levin also manages to do something I never thought would be possible: Levin has written a horror-drama-comedy. What's a "horror-drama-comedy," you ask? Well the horror aspect of SOME GUY is pretty obvious. A serial killer is stalking and killing in extremely graphic and bloody ways various men in town. But the 'drama-comedy' part of this film is interesting. Levin has written a heart-warming story of a psychologically damaged man who's life hasn't really turned out as he expected and who's constructed a wall around himself in order to further shield himself against the outside world. But in a world he can no longer connect with, he discovers there's one final connection that he just can't abandon -- his eleven year old daughter. So we watch as these two slowly bond and connect amidst his nightly killing sprees. I know; it sounds bizarre and a very unlikely combination, but it works. Director Perez keeps everything moving along and he really surprised me here. For the last couple of years Perez has been a director of films for The Asylum. Yeah; I know. But this guy's got some great directing chops and knows how to make a great film, and SOME GUY proves that.

The final act feels as though it drags in some places, but it soon became apparent that Levin and Perez have something up their sleeves. They throw in a twist that I didn't see coming ... and it works. The ending gets a little dark and 'heavy' (which was a nice touch), but the ending is completely satisfying.

I really loved SOME GUY. The writing and acting are spot on and it has great energy. This is the way a great horror-comedy (sorry ... horror-drama-comedy) should be!!
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The title isn't necessarily a *spoiler*!
nixskits26 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is certainly a cult classic in the making! The always resourceful Kevin Corrigan goes from supporting stalwart to a first rate leading man here, in a performance that demands simultaneous charisma, creepiness, vulnerability & menace. His Ken is a man who's been through a personal hell and just wants to be free from his painful past. But the thorns in his paws are not quite gone yet.

Ken's mom Ruth (Karen Black), mom's love interest, the Sheriff (Barry Bostwick, absolutely hilarious), confidant Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick as the loyal best friend) and a BIG surprise, in one of the most winning roles in a long time, Ken's recently discovered daughter Amy (played by the very talented Ariel Gade) make up the pillars of the insular world our main character exists within. His high school days were filled with such trauma that his ability to move ahead now seems permanently stunted. His talent for drawing was and still is a therapy outlet he revels in, but deep down, he yearns for something much more cathartic to happen. Director Jack Perez keeps a deliciously twisted tone throughout the film, making one wonder exactly what will happen next. Things aren't too hard to guess at times, but the flashbacks co-existing with present day events make Ken a lot more sympathetic than hateful.

When a few nasty people from his past start turning up butchered around town (in over the top and very comic book style demises), Ken's got to reevaluate the nature of just how much revenge is warranted for their youthful crimes. Ryan Levin's terrific script balances the black comedy with more sensitive moments. Opening the soul of the lead with possibilities of romance (Lucy Davis, as the first woman he can start fresh with and reach in to repair his shattered self image) and the huge demands of fatherhood (his spunky little girl is already on the cusp of puberty and he's overwhelmed by the stress of how to suddenly make up for the years they lost out on), Corrigan is simply sensational! His light and dark touches are equally interesting and complement the story as it heads to a conclusion that's strangely fitting.

Do yourself a favour and check this little wonder out. Definitely worth watching and I sincerely hope it becomes the genuine hit it deserves to be!
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IMDb ratings
chinchew521 October 2012
I'm sorry but I've had enough of people who review films on here 6.2 for this film is a total injustice for what is a original script highlights important social issues and for me is a great mixture of comedy and spectacle.

i don't even want to say anything about the film because if i do i would spoil it but all i can say is DO WATCH IT and get taken on a whimsical ride of love friendship and guilt with real blood splattering moments real belly laugh moments and an ending that will have you in tears not many films mix genres together good but this one does for me its a must see
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What a nice surprise this movie turned out to be...
Paul Magne Haakonsen15 December 2012
This movie totally surprised me in a good way. With the name of the movie, I thought that this was going to be one of those movies. Yeah, you know the kind I am talking about. Boy was I surprised when this movie was finished.

Despite having a super cheesy named, "Some Guy Who Kills People", then the movie really had a great storyline and it was really nicely executed. Plus the characters in the movie were really interesting, vibrant and full of personalities. And of course, the great cast really helped moving the movie along nicely.

The story is about socially-challenged Ken Boyd (played quite well by Kevin Corrigan) who has been released from a mental institution, and he is now living in a small rural community. Having been bullied by a bunch of people, Ken plans for the demise of his tormentors. Unforeseen, his estranged daughter shows up in his life after 11 years, and Ken is now also struggling to coming to terms with being a father.

"Some Guy Who Kills People" does have a great list of actors and actresses to its credit. As mentioned above, then Kevin Corrigan really did a great job in portraying the main character. And his daughter, played by Ariel Gade, really brought a lot of charisma and merriment to the movie. It was also great to see Barry Bostwick and Karen Black in their respective roles.

This is the type of movie that lets you slip into the storyline alongside the characters, because they are so nicely portrayed and have a lot of depth to their personalities. You quickly form bonds with characters and get carried away into the movie.

The movie is so wonderfully absurd and twisted that it is actually fun and a great treat to watch. The director, Jack Perez, really handled the balance between comedy and horror so well, and made it work so great, and the end result is a rather enjoyable movie that most likely will surprise most viewers.

If you haven't seen "Some Guy Who Kills People" yet, then you should treat yourself to it, because it is well worth a watch.
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Dark, Funny and needs to be seen!
d_laffin3 December 2012
I don't often watch films that I have no information about (trailers, stills etc) but decided to give "Some Guy" a watch because the name was self explanatory. To say the least I was pleasantly surprised. This is an indie treasure that should be celebrated. The thing that strikes me the most is how all of the characters connect with the audience, which is rare for a horror film.

Kevin Corrigan plays a serial killer discovering life and shares a great chemistry with the always charming Lucy Davis. Barry Bostwick gets some great lines in this movie and really adds to the comic relief as does Karen Black, playing the sarcastic parent. However it has to be said this film has uncovered a new talent in Ariel Gade. Although she is still at such a young age she gives a strong performance, more so than a lot of higher paid Hollywood teenage stars.

I would definitely recommend "SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE" as it is a horror film with a heart and deserves recognition, especially for the cinema goer who is sick of sub par big releases.

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Beautiful and brilliant
ZombieSteak .com18 July 2012
Loved it! I have to admit from the title I was expecting some mindless comedy that was just "OK". It only took me 15min to realized that I was in for a rare treat. I thought this movie was beautiful, brilliant, dark, hilarious and touching. In my experience its rare to find a movie in the horror genre that could even come close to fitting in all of these categories.

Ken Boyd, an artistic and depressed man is recently released from the mental hospital, lives with his sarcastic Mother, who loves him but picks at him any chance she gets. Its seems that Ken wants to live his life as cocooned as possible until his path crosses with the chatty outgoing Amy, who tries to push him out of his cocooned depression.

Ariel Gade, who plays Amy was almost like a light cast on the darkness of the film. She was perfect for this part and one couldn't help smiling every time she came on screen. Then there is the sheriff, this guy was hilarious and play his character perfectly. Karen Black, Ken's Mother, played the perfect Mother, who loved her Son very much but has no expectations of her Son and makes it known she thinks he's a low life.

Add all these colourful characters together and add some Slasher to it and you come out with one the most brilliant horror films I have ever come across.

Definitely recommend this one to anyone and if you miss this one, you are missing out. - Discover a whole new world of Horror Films
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A surprisingly excellent film
Argemaluco6 August 2012
The title suggests a simple parody, but the truth is that Some Guy Who Kills People has higher narrative ambitions, defying classification by combining drama, comedy and horror in a satisfactory and hugely entertaining screenplay, complemented by perfect direction and solid performances. I wish we could find more movies like this in the "indie" universe.

It's not the first film to attempt something like it, but Some Guy Who Kills People is one of the ones which best achieve putting us on the same side of the killer, showing his crimes not as a simple catharsis, but as the last resource from a frail spirit who was destroyed by injustices through his life. Kevin Corrigan's performance (the fans of the TV series Community -like me- will surely remind him as Proffesor Professorson in that memorable episode about conspiracies) overflows warmth and humanity, and makes us wish that his character will find the internal force and motivation to overcome his traumas and find the happiness. Sure, he's killing people and we might not agree with his bloody methods, but the central subject of the film isn't revenge, but redemption.

All this would be too somber if it weren't because of the healthy doses of humor which accompany the drama and the violence, bringing a likable and accessible atmosphere which doesn't take itself very seriously, but which doesn't self-exonerate because of the main character's moral ambiguity. As I previously said, the emphasis isn't on the deaths nor on the jokes, but on the characters development, and I'm glad to say that screenwriter Ryan A. Levin built them with an amazing precision employing stereotypes which are easy to assimilate (the likable loser, the possessive mother, the stupid policeman), but adorning them with finely worked details, and as a consequence, they come alive and feel like living people. And the fact that the characters are perfectly written is complemented by the excellent performances from the whole cast. My only complaint against this film comes from the final twist; it ties the loose ends and it takes us to a satisfactory ending, but some details from it feel kinda convenient.

Nevertheless, the biggest twist from Some Guy Who Kills People comes from director Jack Perez. His work in this film is brilliant, because he could perfectly handle the dramatic scenes, the funny moments and the killing parts. It's difficult to imagine that Perez was previously responsible of atrocities such as MegaShark Vs. Giant Octopus or Monster Island. So, in conclusion, I think Some Guy Who Kills People is worthy of an enthusiastic recommendation for being a surprisingly excellent film full of positive elements.
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Well worth the wait!
atinder19 December 2011
I have been really looking forward to this movie.

I Really enjoyed this movie, there are a lot of funny moments and most funniest parts are with the cops, they cracked me up in every scene they were in. there are some good ones lines from everyone.

There is also family drama at the same times, and the deaths scene in this movie are gory and funny ( all of the deaths are in the trailer, if you not seen the trailer yet, DON'T , it will ruin most of the movie. and There is also little curve in story.

I was little disappointing that it was not as funny as I hope it to be, however I still found it really funny and really enjoyable.

8 out of 10
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Excellent horror/comedy
Gabriel Ruzin8 December 2011
This great low-ish budget flick has been making the film festival rounds and gobbling up awards for a while now. And deservedly so.

SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE is directed by Jack Perez, written by Ryan Levin, and stars Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Lucy Davis. The gist of it is that Corrigan's Ken Boyd is fresh out of the nuthouse after enduring a brutal attack by a bunch of neighborhood toughs. Boyd's got a bit of a pent-up anger problem and suddenly the guys who tormented him start dying in increasingly- unfortunate ways.

The cast is awesome. Corrigan gets a chance to do some serious acting here as troubled Boyd, Bostwick is hilarious as the Matlock-ish sheriff trying to solve the case, and Black and Davis are solid as Boyd's grouchy mother and his prospective girlfriend, respectively. I'm not going to get into the meat and potatoes of the plot, but the film is far from a straightforward slasher (although there is copious bloodletting for the gorehounds).

The script is fantastic, deftly balancing multiple subplots, such as Boyd's relationships with his long lost daughter, dismissive mother, and a burgeoning love interest. In between fountains of blood and gales of laughter whenever Bostwick or Black is on the screen, there's a genuinely-touching core of sadness about Boyd that makes for an interesting character exploration.

You owe it to yourself to see this film, even if horror comedies aren't necessarily your thing. There's something for just about everyone here. Great stuff.
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Grab it, watch it, enjoy it
garrywilliams59-228-18131813 December 2011
Some people who write reviews are just way to serious, they really think others are going to turn them into a celebrity reviewer to be feared !. What they forget is that unless the film is biographic or based on facts, it is nothing more than entertainment. As such entertainment is given to us by a director for fun and to chill out or whatever it is the director wants us to feel from its genre, with the same directors artistic licence. If you don't like his view or licence then do not moan or take it too seriously.

Having said that this film ticked all the boxes as entertainment, it was neither boring, over the top, or ridiculous. It was pure fun, and all the actors etc did a fine job of keeping me amused and happy for the duration.

Go get it, watch it, and enjoy it. It is worth the couple of dollars or pounds you spend doing so.
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unbekannternutzer21 June 2012
i am usually really trying to find bad things about movies. but this one just did it right. and that's rare. i don't really know what to write about this one. it's just done right. the acting is good, the actors are well chose and do a good job. the story will make you think and it has a very memorable twist. one which is not expected, at least not by me. and i am usually good at that.

camera work was not noticeable for me and that's the best you can achieve. you see what you have to see. not more.

but it is not really a comedy. there are some parts that made me laugh but it was dark and not that funny. exactly how i like it.

just a quick warning: if you are used to a lot happening on the screen, a lot of suspense and twists, this might not be for you. they are telling a story and at times this has to be slow. that's life, you know. not always fast paced. you may also not find it very funny. it is actually quite serious. but also not too serious to just have negative emotional impact on the audience. that's one of the real challenges in movie making. and they succeeded. at least for me.

10/10 because i cant think of anything they could have done better. but it's not for everyone. which is a positive aspect for me, because i usually don't like movies that are made 'for everyone'.
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Hits all the right notes
Brennan Tilley27 March 2012
When I first heard about this film, all I knew was that Kevin Corrigan and Karen Black were starring in a film together. That was enough to convince me to check it out. I sure am glad I did. Pitch perfect comedy with a crime suspense flavour.

I was a big fan of Karen Black's films of the 70s. This along and Maria My Love are returns to form for her. The darkness she has imbued in characters her whole career has gained poignancy as she begins to portray characters in their 70s.

I do not recall Kevin Corrigan previously in a lead role. In my opinion he is one the strongest supporting comedic actors. He has excelled as he is given more opportunity to broaden his range and finally carry a film.
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An intelligent slasher with well executed comedic elements
josephstacey12328 November 2012
Some guy who kills people boasts fantastic camera work, interesting characters and clever writing that will keep you glued to your seat and guessing till the very last scene.

There is a Very interesting comedic performance by Barry Bostwik that contrasts delightfully with Kevin Corrigan's subdued and quite unnerving portrayal of loner Ken Boyd. Lucy Davis puts in a delightful performance as the unlikely love interest which adds to the quirkiness of this great little film.

All in all a very strong film which manages to temper comedy with slasher horror and keeps you intrigued right up to the very end.
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Don't Judge a Movie by it's Title
huntercym22 November 2012
This movie has quickly made it to my top 10 list. It is a dark comedy that is surprisingly touching. Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) is a man recently released from the "looney bin" and is now trying to adjust to life on the outside while those around him, that have wronged him in his past, start to mysteriously die.

Barry Bostwick is just delightful, he steals ever scene he is in as Sheriff Fuller. Kevin Corrigan and Karen Black also play their respective roles extremely well. Black will make you appreciate your own mother.

This movie will offer many laughs and still satisfy your need to see people killed.
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