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www.ramascreen.com15 January 2012
-- www.Ramascreen.com --

LOOSIES is surprisingly entertaining, I emphasize 'surprisingly' because the trailer didn't look appealing, there's nothing too creative about the direction or the performances either and the plot is pretty simple but overall it's a cute little rom-com written by Peter Facinelli who many of you Twi-hards recognize as Dr. Carlisle Cullen from The Twilight Saga franchise…

Who knew that Facinelli had it in him, this is after all his feature screen writing debut. I'm a big fan of his role in the series Nurse Jackie, I think he's got excellent comic timing. I've met Facinelli in person and I could tell that he's got more to offer than just being easy on the eyes and LOOSIES is not a bad start. In this film, he stars as a young pickpocket without a purpose, suddenly facing a dilemma that he couldn't see coming a mile away. The ever so cute Jaimie Alexander, who kicked ass as Sif in Thor, plays Lucy the girl whom with Facinelli's character, Bobby, had a one night stand. All of a sudden, Bobby's life gets even more complicated, way more than he'd like it to be. And the only person Bobby often turns to for advice is the same person who forces him to pickpocket day in and day out, it's a messed up friendship that has its expiration date. LOOSIES got a bit of gangster situation, it's got a bit of incompetent short-tempered cop situation, it's got a bit of a con man hilarity, the dialogue and the plot are very formulaic but the film is so not that heavy, you wouldn't mind the fact that the film hides in it being decent, no more no less. It's fun to see some of yesterday's big shots like Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, and Joe Pantoliano with something to do. For what it's worth, LOOSIES a well-structured script, I enjoy how Facinelli builds up and plays with the trust and the mistrust between Bobby and Lucy, that it's not easy to see the good in people who do shady things for a living but it's possible. LOOSIES has a straight to DVD quality to it but it's one movie I wouldn't mind watching more than once.

-- www.Ramascreen --
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How can anyone not love this film?
rooprect11 November 2014
I didn't know a thing about this movie other than its less-than-inspiring IMDb plot synopsis but I watched it anyway just because I had a sleepless night to kill. 88 minutes later I felt like I had just watched a modern classic.

First of all, who would've guessed that prettyboy Peter Facinelli ("Twilight") could write such a clever story as well as act it to perfection? Here we have a crime-drama-romance that can be every bit as chilling as Scorcese's "Goodfellas" (1990), every bit as human as De Sica's "Bicycle Thieves" (1948), every bit as romantic as Reiner's "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) and with an ending as unexpected as "The Usual Suspects" (1995), all wrapped up in a superbly acted & directed hour and a half.

The plot cannot be properly conveyed in less than 500 words so I won't bother trying. Let's just say it has to do with a small-time crook who gets in big-time trouble while simultaneously meeting his dream girl and royally screwing that up, too. But he's a good kid who loves his momma and is the most ethical crook since Robin Hood, so we can't help but love the guy. Unfortunately there are several psychos on his tail, and when I say psychos I mean psy-CHOs.

I didn't realize beforehand that two of my favorite actors were in this film: Joe Pantoliano (whom I'll always remember as "Doc" from "Eddie & the Cruisers", but you may know him as "Ralph" on "The Sopranos") and the incomparable Vincent Gallo ("Buffalo 66"). For you Gallo fans, he reprises a classic line from Buffalo 66: "All girls are evil!" which got a unanimous LOL from the room. I was sorta by myself, but that's beside the point.

Gallo actually plays one of the aforementioned psychos while the other psycho is played by a very disturbing Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs"). They each play the type of character who could, at any minute, jab a pencil in someone's eye just because they don't like the way they look.

Balance this against Peter Facinelli's boyscout charm and Jaimie Alexander's sweet, wholesome demeanor, and who could overlook the brilliantly cast Marianne Leone (Joanne on "The Sopranos") as momma, and you have yourself the full spectrum of characters, making this a very unpredictable and consequently a very tense film.

I should add that it has a very cool soundtrack with music by bands I had never heard of, but I'll be looking them up. Particularly the film's theme song "Sing Out" by the Grand Magnolias.

I usually end my reviews with a list of similar films, but "Loosies" is truly one-of-a-kind. Don't miss it, if you know what's good for you.
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great romance movie
Vanessa A31 March 2012
Just watched this movie and felt obligated to let the world know how great it is...

it's not your normal clichéd movie about romance...

the script was great.

The acting was totally believable and boy! those actors are HOT. Though I have to admit, as someone who has watched Twilight, I was a bit iffy seeing 'Carlise' be NOT Carlise...but surprisingly, the actor played Bobby really well - maybe even better than he played Carlise (but then again, Carlisle never had much to say/do in the movie adaptations)..the girl actress was really pretty and a great actress...

Overall - really impressed with this movie. I sort of never wanted it to end.

Check it out! You wont be disappointed.
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The internet has made idiots of...
Ghenghy10 October 2012
half the population. Well actually, these idiots have always polluted the gene pool, but now they get to spread their ignorance around the world via the internet.

First of all, don't pay any attention to these bad "reviews," I seriously doubt these people actually watched this movie. For an independent, it was quite a surprise. Facinelli does a terrific job with the screenplay about a pickpocket trying to pay off his Father's $500,000 debt to scumbag Vincent Gallo. Along the way, he manages to lift a badge from Michael Madsen, who works for acknowledged superfreak William Forsythe (in a very subdued role) and then all hell breaks loose.

As our lead is being pursued by seemingly the entire NY City police force, his mom breaks bad with Joe Pantoliano, and he "accidentally" bumps into and falls in love with the beautiful, but recently impregnated, Jaimie Alexander, with whom he had a one night fling then apparently forgot about.

The writing is tight, the characters are well cast, there is humor, drama, intrigue, and romance, and this is Michael Madsen's best role since ... well since hell I cant remember... a long damn time.

Anybody that doesn't like this movie needs their heads examined. For its budget, a solid 9/10.
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Surprisingly good
George Gates19 March 2012
The first thing I noticed was the unique look of the Canon 5D camera. Expectedly there are some really nice cinematographic moments which are only possible with this camera setup.

The story gradually drags you in, and the photogenic actors and performances help a lot. It is not the typical "seen it all" Jennifer-Aniston kinda-romance type story and cliché, but rather a sexy written "bad-boy/good-girl got knocked up in a one night stand" kinda story.

The dialog is sexy and well written.

Most importantly the runtime is manageable.

Anyone who is sick of romance-movies in general, especially the usual, Clichè-spiced stew, should still check this movie out. Definitely above average.

Rating: 6 + 1 star for the camera setup and the cinematography. Looks beautiful. (Although the movie definitely doesn't set a benchmark for next-generation cameras)
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Great Movie
Janette Reddie19 October 2012
Brilliant Story, excellently written and executed. I like this genre anyway and feel that this film is up there with the best of its kind. I am a huge fan of Peter Facinelli and follow all his work, so I was naturally looking forward to seeing this film and I was not disappointed. The characters are all very believable, the story is original, and the ending was really satisfying. The acting was very good, helped by a great cast. I really enjoyed the relationship between Bobby (Peter Facinelli) and his Mum (Marianne Leone) it felt very natural and believable. The story between Bobby and Lucy (Jaimie Alexander) felt destined and I enjoyed the development of the relationship. I would highly recommend this film and look out for more of Peters work in the future. Already looking forward to watching it again.
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romance doesn't work
SnoopyStyle18 June 2015
Bobby Corelli (Peter Facinelli) is a pick pocket in NYC. Lt. Nick Sullivan (Michael Madsen) has become the butt of the joke after Bobby stole his badge and started using it. Jax (Vincent Gallo) is his fence. He runs into Lucy Atwood (Jaimie Alexander) who tells him that she's pregnant after their one night stand 3 months ago.

Peter Facinelli is great at being a weasel and he does a good job in Nurse Jackie. However he's not leading man material. He's good at being pathetic but he's not good at being a stand up guy. He comes off as whiny. The romance just doesn't work and his character is horrible. He's kind of cringe-worthy. It's scary to think about this character as a father.
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Wow, what a great movie!!!!
rightwingisevil14 March 2012
this is the first time when michael madsen, the great B-movie icon, in a movie that turned out to be great! now i know, as long as he's the supporting actor instead the main one, then there's great possibility that specific movie might have turned out GREAT! and this film is exactly proved what i figured out just now. all the ingredients of being a great movie are well prepared and mixed together seamlessly: the screenplay, the scenario, the storyline, the acting, the directing, the editing, the sound track....i mean, everything, wow! this is a gem might be overlooked by lot of people.

never thought that i could have such wonderful time to completely enjoy the performances of all the actors. the well crafted screenplay with very logic and natural dialog have undoubtedly allowed the actors to perform so smoothly natural and cute. i like almost all the characters appeared in this film, including michael madsen's cop role, an innocent, senseless detective who had his pocket been picked and lost his badge. what a great performance of those two young actors! almost perfect!!

i just felt very happy as the movie ended. this is how only good and great movies could affect viewers.
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An unexpected romantic dramady
mhendersonny12 October 2012
A surprisingly cute, witty and interesting movie. Since it's already on DVD, I highly recommend watching it. Peter Facinelli looks amazing and is amazing in it (I could watch him stare a grass). It really shows his range (if you compare the role to "Coop" in Nurse Jackie and "Patriarch Cullen" in the Twilight "Sagas"). New York is also the unnamed supporting character in this movie. It shows the true NYC, not the glammed up version you see in big budget films. I was a little confused in the plot (how the main character got himself out of the mess he is in..it just didn't add up, but Peter looked good doing it so I didn't mind :-)). A great "stay in and order take away" movie. Watch it! You won't be bored.
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A surprise hit
juneebuggy24 November 2014
I didn't expect much from this (as I'd never heard of it before) but ended up pleasantly surprised. A decent cast here too, following a successful pickpocket who reevaluates his life after he is confronted by a one night stand who tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

This was just different enough from the mainstream rom-coms to intrigue me and also had a slowly revealing plot line that kept me guessing. Peter Facinelli does a great job as Bobby (also writing and producing this) and the acting in general is decent. I'm not sure I would go along with this being labelled a romantic comedy however (it's more on the drama side) and the title is pretty terrible - I can't figure out what it means.

I enjoyed the actual pick-pocketing scenes here, they look cool and are well done as slippery fingered Bobby makes his way through the city. The romance angle was just so-so, although Bobby does do a couple of neat things, with the phone #'s (fate) and Lucy's picture. I also enjoyed the relationship he had with his mother. A surprise hit.12.13
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An Excellent Movie That You Haven't Heard Of
moderniste5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Loosies" is an unexpectedly excellent movie that received zero hype, but made it onto Showtime's movie rotation, which has allowed me to view it multiple times. I've found that only truly great movies can survive multiple viewings, as you get the opportunity to really dissect the screen writing, editing and acting, and only the strong survive such close scrutiny. The casting is one of "Loosies" strongest points, starting with Peter Facinelli as the lead, and whom is apparently the main driving and creative force behind the picture, as he is listed with Production and Screen writing/Story credits.

Facinelli would be difficult to cast as a truly malevolent villain, as his handsome face is so naturally open and friendly and he is possessed of an enviable comic timing that he uses with restrained subtlety in the role of Bobby, the Pickpocket-With-a-Heart-of-Gold. He surrounds himself with a tight group of the industry's greatest character actors.

Facinelli's hero is bookended by two well-written and played villains: the lizard-like Vincent Gallo as the amoral, fatally greedy psychopath and criminal Jax, with Gallo pulling out all the "Gallo stops" and playing the dirty bathrobe-wearing Jax with a greasy glory; and Jax's opposite, Lt. Nick Sullivan, a bent cop with as much villainous ill temper as Jax, played by the always-great Michael Madsen, with a seething, explosive anger just barely below the surface. These twin poles of evil bedevil Bobby throughout the movie, and make for the high amount of tension between the main characters that drives the tightly written plot forward.

Lastly, is Joe Pantoliano, cast against type as the deceptively nebbish Carl, whom ends up being the hero's loyal sidekick after a number of amusing trials. Gone is the typical Pantoliano Italian-American swagger, instead replaced with a touching sweetness backed up with a well camouflaged, non-macho toughness. At the end of the film, bobby and Carl, at first at odds with each other, have become fast friends, and I felt truly happy about Bobby's future without it being spelled out for me.

I was particularly impressed by the Gallo's character, Jax. This is a meaty role, and Gallo, kind of nutso in his own right, really digs in. He thrives on being a boorish bully and wildly overestimates his own intelligence and sophistication as he surrounds himself with a pathetic crew of sycophants who are even more stupid than Jax,but just barely.

Bobby uses Jax's stupidity and greed against him, as he carries out a very clever plan that relies entirely on smarts as opposed to physical might. Watching this plan unfold is among the most entertaining scenes in the film. Jax is drawn in by Carl's mention of $500K of diamonds, and his greed blinds him to many obvious signs of warning. After Carl skillfully grabs ahold of the wad of cash in Jax's hand that was intended to be just for show, Jax is forced to realize that his supposedly carefully laid trap for Carl might not be so invincible. The bitter and annoyed sideways glances Jax gives to Carl in the taxi are priceless.

Even at the point when he should be happy about getting away with a huge score, Jax manages to still be cruel and selfish as he cuts Bobby out and doles out a pathetically small portion to his comrade, being mean and nasty as he always is. Jax only shows happiness when he is either exercising his bully power over someone or when he thinks he's getting away with something; he showed such greasy satisfaction when he turned Bobby in to the cops, with no embarrassment at all at being a snitch, something that in his world would be a huge crime.

The final Jax scene, when his door is bust open by Lt. Sullivan and his group of thug cops, is doubly satisfying as Jax gets what's been coming to him for years from such an unsavory character as the Lieutenant. And Lt. Sullivan, who was so obsessed with catching the cocky criminal who stole his badge and paraded it around town, is catching the wrong guy, which is also satisfying as you don't want such a nasty, bent cop to succeed.

The combination of very well-drawn characters perfectly cast with an airtight, fun plot makes this movie as good as it is. I've now seen it about 8 times, and have not yet grown tired of it. I highly recommend seeing "Loosies", with it's excellent cast, dark and sweet humor, and thrilling cops and robbers-with-a-twist plot. A true dark horse.
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Step Up To The Pro Plate, Peter Facinelli!
gradyharp24 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
LOOSIES is available to watch on Amazon, thank goodness, because while it is simultaneously in the theaters it just doesn't seem to be getting the promotion it deserves - like so many other art house films that take a while to build an audience, but then enjoy a faithful following. But this film is a real find: Peter Facinelli is known to everyone as the head of the Cullen Clan in the vampire TWILIGHT series and as the goofy delusional doc on the NURSE JACKIE TV series (and from roles in a lot of small films where he didn't get the notice he deserved). But who could tell that this tall stud muffin natural comedian could also write? Facinelli came up with the story and wrote the screenplay for LOOSIES and he also stars as the main character - and he is a hands-down winner in each category. Director Michael Corrente seems to let Facinelli have the film and he plays it to the hilt while at the same time molding into a solid ensemble of fine actors.

Bobby (Peter Facinelli) is a young pickpocket in New York City, snatching wallets, cellphones, briefcases and money as slick as any pro could perform. He lives with his mother Rita (Marianne Leone, wife of Chris Cooper!) and follows his life of petty crime to pay off his recently deceased father's gambling debt. All his work is turned over to Jax (Vincent Gallo), a filthy clod of a guy who berates Peter's inability to go big time in theft. Bobby is a fairly happy-go-lucky guy until he accidentally encounters Lucy (Jaimie Alexander), a beautiful girl who works in a bar but who Booby happened to have a memorable one-night stand with three months ago. Lucy confronts Bobby, Bobby doesn't remember her name, and when Lucy informs him that their little tryst created a pregnancy, Booby tries to do the right thing and find the money to give Lucy to 'take care of the pregnancy'. This leads to a serious of crazy events: Bobby needs big money, mistakenly lifts a police badge form a cop (Michael Madsen) whose boss (William Forsythe) threatens to fire him unless he can get his badge back. The 'cops and robbers' scene plays out: Lucy doesn't want to be associated with a pickpocket despite the fact there is a newly rediscovered chemistry with the changing Bobby, Bobby resents his mother's finding a boyfriend Carl (Joe Pantoliano) who owns a jewelry store, but plans a gig with Jax to work a deal with Carl to get the cops off his tail and allow him to become the guy he really wants to be.

How Bobby makes his way through this complex plot is the magic of the fine writing and the first class acting by the surprisingly hunky Facinelli. Jaimie Alexander is a terrific find, and the cameo roles by Vincent Gallo, Marianne Leone, Joe Pantoliano et al are beautifully realized. 'Loosies', by the way, is the term for loose cigarettes that people can but without investing in a pack. Seeing the film, titled so appropriately, will make the audience sit up and pay attention to Peter Facinelli in a totally new realm of respect. He is VERY good!

Grady Harp
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Terrible Horrible Awful Movie
tadainthenickoftime27 March 2016
What an awful film, I seriously can't believe how many people seem to inexplicably have liked this as shown here by the amount of positive reviews. The script was poorly written, misogynistic, clichéd, horribly paced, and just all around boring. At some points I just had to laugh at the beyond ridiculous lines and their abhorrently acted deliverance. If this wasn't the last straw after "Twilight" that banished Peter Facinelli to guest staring on B-rated TV, I don't know what was. I'm also sad to see Jamie Alexander relegated to this trite and uninspired piece, she deserves so much better. I hope no one ever has to suffer such a nauseatingly low budget feel, with horrid music choices, an awful script, and sadly unrealistic ending that made me feel no resolution or satisfaction. If I could give this zero stars I would.
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Liked it so much I watched it again 24 hours later
Nancy Despeaux22 May 2014
It was just a normal evening of picking out a streaming Netflix flick to watch on my tablet at the same time I tinkered on my desktop computer. It was actually the second movie of the evening, and I didn't expect it to be enthralling - just good enough for me to pick - second.

I loved it! I thought about it all day today, and smiled a lot at the nice moments. And it was also painful, thinking of how thoroughly sad Bobby's life was. All he had in his life was pick pocketing. And he could tell no one about that, hence he could have no friends. Not a single friend figured in the whole movie. He didn't show any interest in ball games, or music, or anything at all. Very, very sad to think that probably, there are people out there living his life.

I couldn't wait to get home so I could watch it all over again, which I did. I really wanted to see a lot of the scenes again, knowing all that I had learned by the end of it. The story was fascinating to me, and I'm fascinated by the fact that the story was written by the main character. I never saw or heard of Peter Facinelli before, but I'd have to call myself a fan now. Really gotta see if he is as perfectly cast in other roles as he is in this one, and what else he has written or directed.

Enjoyed it as much the second time as the first. And if I've reviewed a movie even once before in my life, I don't recall it. But I enjoyed this movie so much, I just had to make an exception, and offer my two thumbs up!
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Very Good - Already have watched it again
Don Shroyer15 January 2013
This is a Comedy/Drama/Romance Movie, that is, a "chick flick." I'm not generally into chick flicks, but I watched it anyway, intrigued by the fact that it was written, as well as starred in, by Peter Facinelli, the head vampire in Twilight.

Having watched it once, I watched it again a couple months later... and then I recommended it to my adult daughter, who is into chick flicks, and we watched it together. And you know what, I will likely watch it again sometime. Yes, I feel it is that good. In fact, any project with Facinelli's name attached to it will garner my immediate attention from now on.

Since he wrote it, I guess he knew exactly how he wanted to play the guy who has yet another in a long series of one night stands. The woman is played by Jaimie Alexander, and he is unusually fascinated by her (that's almost a pun). He struggles with leaving her his contact number, but can't decide yes or no...

Well, he seems to forget the encounter, but then she suddenly shows up to tell him she's pregnant with his child. She reminds him her name is Lucy (another almost pun). He is a pick pocket who has no kind of life style for anything but consequence free living. Actually, he is a pick pocket slaved to the man who his father owed a significant monetary debt to, so I guess he's not actually so free living.

Anyway, the depth of the movie is what all happens next. No spoilers here so all I will say is that if you watch it, you will likely not be disappointed.

This action movie junkie (and his daughter) rate this as a movie well worth a watch or three.
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Quirky, lovable in its own way, with some weak secondary acting but a strong lead
secondtake4 June 2014
Loosies (2012)

A modest film with a small odd and almost quaint hook to it: a young pickpocket has gotten a girl pregnant. It's set in the present in New York City, and we gradually learn the thief isn't such a bad guy, but was trapped by circumstances. The girl it turns out is not so bad either, and the two have a troubled but growing friendship as the main guy figures out his life.

The one bigger twist is a bit exaggerated and then weirdly undeveloped—one of the thief's scores is a cop sleeping on the subway. And so this main character is now wanted very much by the police, more than ever. As his life seems to crumbling around him there is the promise of change. His mother moves in with a boyfriend. His pimp (forcing him into crime) is greedy for diamonds. And the girl is wondering what is going on with her own life, and what this man might offer her beyond money for an abortion.

It's all very enjoyable, actually, and not so low budget that it shows. There are some gaffes in the plot, mainly with the cops, but in all it hangs together. Most of all there is the teetering relationship between the young man and woman. In the end, this is a romance movie, a matter of boy meets girl. And what ensues.

Clearly not an inventive, masterful, or even quite memorable film. But I liked the main characters enough I was taken up by it all, and you might be, too.
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Not recommendable
It has only happened once that I turned a movie off without finishing it entirely. I couldn't make it longer than an hour. Unlike other users I found the trailer to be very entertaining, which was in the end in absolute contrast to the movie. Although the movie is not very long, the whole thing feels like its super-protracting. I just signed up on IMDb to warn other people to watch this film. If you wanna make out with your girlfriend and you are looking for a reason to not watch a movie although that was the plan (you know what I mean), you should chose this one. If you want to be entertained, go look for something else. I still can't believe I wasted an hour. Why would people film this story? Its nothing. It only got a second star because it is proper HD and camera as well as acting weren't too bad. Its just the story.
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Warm, funny and well-made.
milicab14 June 2013
This movie was a complete surprise to me as I was looking for something that I could watch and not pay much attention to. Loosies completely draws you in and you really care for the character Bobby. The story is funny at times and sad at others.

It left me feeling wonderful afterwords in a truly feel good movie manner.

The soundtrack goes well together with the movie and really captures the feeling of the characters (whose actors do a great job by the way) as well as the scenes.

All in all, you will have a good time watching this movie and you will want to see it again... As I have already done!
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Indie film about nothing
siderite6 January 2013
The movie is about a young pickpocket. It's written right there, in the tagline. If you have watched any of the trailers, then you already know the story. Therefore if one is to enjoy the movie, that must come from funny moments, intelligent dialogue, exciting action or special effects, which in Loosies, are non-existent.

That doesn't mean the movie is bad, it just means it is certainly not good. I might consider it a story that was not interesting at all, but said right.

Bottom line: it has an indie flick feel, with all the fashionable songs in the soundtrack and the movie tricks to make things look more alert or to say a longer story from flashbacks. It's like somebody really wanted this to be good. Unfortunately the story of a pickpocket that finds love and it all works well for him because he has nice eyes is completely boring. Girls won't even like it.
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haze_me24 May 2012
Don't know where to start. This is just poor quality, poor acting, unrealistic. I can't believe anyone sincerely gave this movie a good rating, I'll have to believe those votes/reviews come from people who made this movie and their friends. Even a soap opera has higher standards than this, I voted this 1 star, and similarly to the other review who warns you guys not to watch this.. I couldn't watch it all. fast forwarded many parts of this pathetic movie.

IMDb is supposed to portray a realistic review of the movie, and a realistic voting... I hope in the future you can start to exclude the totally unrealistic votes/reviews. I know it's not always easy, but some extremes are easy to spot. Someone who gives a 8 to this movie, is simply... false.
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Matt Kracht1 December 2012
The plot: While paying off his father's debt, a skilled pickpocket finds his life turned upside down when his mother reveals that she's moving in with her new boyfriend, a cop with a vendetta closes in on him, and a one-night-stand reveals that she's pregnant with his child.

Loosies is a pretty harmless movie. It's set in a world where people fall in love with strangers quickly and easily, characters find redemption effortlessly, and everyone's problems are neatly resolved. As long as you're willing to accept that, I see no reason why you can't enjoy this movie.

If you're looking for a gritty, realistic crime drama, there are plenty of movies like that (Scorsese and Coppola have done quite a few good ones). If you're looking for a somewhat whimsical movie that blends elements of romance, drama, heist, and action, then you could do much worse. It'll never be my favorite movie, but I think the critics were a bit too harsh.
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Armand18 July 2014
a decent film. using ,in smart manner , clichés, mixing action with romance and humor, it has the virtue to search be more than part of a large theme of same theme. a nice film, not bad acting, good occasion to remember many similar situations from another movies with same theme but beautiful example for a decent job who could be more than same game with old pieces. one of keys- the lead actors acting and a Michael Madson who gives to spectator a nice surprise.not very serious, smart and seductive, it is perfect choice for a comfortable evening. and that does it deep interesting because it is useful link between high quality movies, crazy blockbusters and the full of clichés. and that virtue is real important.
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Great Indie
jjstanley2620 March 2016
As an actor and filmmaker myself, I really appreciate this film! A friend told me about it so I steamed it on Netflix- surprisingly I never saw it in the Indie section..

Loosies has a gritty feel to it, that is appealing for men, but it also encompasses romance that my girlfriend enjoyed. There are some neat twists in it as well that I never saw coming, which is always nice..

Loosies is really well written and the actors are SOLID! If your looking for a good film to watch, this will definitely keep you entertained.

Hope this review is useful to anyone considering viewing..
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