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"Scrubs" Our Thanks (2010)

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Now settled in as the new intake of med students, the end of the first semester at Winston University is fast approaching and the "newbies" are tasked with presenting a show of thanks to the families of the donated cadavers who have helped with the groups studies.

Lucy, however, feels the strain of trying to put together a fitting speach to the family of Ben, her problem is made worse after speaking to Ben's son who informs Lucy that Ben was not the nice guy she knew before he died.

Meanwhile after some meddling by Doctor / Professor Cox aim at ruffling the feathers of Doctor Turk, Turk reluctantly takes Cole under his wing, who after his recent cancer scare and Doctor Cox 's "good" advice leads him to believe being a surgeon is his true calling.

Drew panics at the thought of living with Denise after the dividing wall to their rooms is damaged and she makes the decision that sharing the rooms would be a good idea.


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