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A Case Could Be Made - Most Important Documentary Ever
dhunsber27 July 2010
I saw this film at a screening in Philadelphia on July 26th.

Most of us understand by now that the typical Western diet is not ideal. But this film explains that, in early clinical studies and scientific research, the overwhelming evidence points to some specific things we eat that are slowly killing us. It also explains that there is a way to eat that you will very likely live long and well. This movie is as simple as that, and as complex as that.

Traveling along with some of the pioneers in this field, you get to really see how obvious the approach they support is to them, and probably should be to us. You also get a "taste" of what this movement is up against. I get the sense that this film's point is to show the Dr.'s who were screaming: "Why isn't anyone listening to us?" and giving them a chance to say, "Hey everyone, here is what we have been saying for 20 years, and here is our clinical and scientific proof, now go ahead and tell us how we are wrong."

Most of all, it is very well done. I really enjoyed how well the stories intertwined, as well as some terrific graphics. Some of the personal stories, for me, were the most convincing.

Every once in a while, a documentary comes out that is just in the right place at the right time to become must see and force social change. I believe in 10 years, people will be talking about this film as the moment when America and Europe finally "Got It". I cannot imagine that this will not be an early favorite for an Oscar for Best Documentary.
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Incredible movie, compelling facts behind it
Andreas (andythaler)10 November 2010
I don't know exactly what to praise first.

First, there are the facts. They are very important. The doctors featured in this documentary have conducted numerous thorough nutritional studies (among them the likely most extensive nutritional study ever performed, the 'China study') that present compelling proof for a simple fact: Eating animal-based foods will make you sick. Eating a diet of whole food, low fat, plant based foods, will keep you healthy. However, they did not just find out this big secret, they used it very successfully over decades to treat - and cure - severely ill patients that had already been 'given up' by conventional medicine. When I first heard this story and saw the proof (I read the book before viewing the film), I asked myself 'Why did nobody ever tell me that?' The documentary answers this question, and you will not like the answer (it has a lot to do with what is more important for the US government, the financial well-being of its big food companies or the health of its citizens)

Second, there is the movie. Apart from bringing very important information, it is well made and entertaining. Nobody likes to hear talking heads reciting scientific data, regardless how important it is, for the length of a movie. The way it is made, weaving stories with background information, makes it worth viewing also from the entertainment point of view.

And third, there's the fact that the entire film crew (producers, directors, cameramen, cutters, even the interns on the set) and the composer of the music score all adopted a lifestyle based on plant based nutrition. If this does not tell you that the information presented is credible and convincing, then what does? Go see the movie. If possible, go for one of the pre-screenings or see it later in a cinema near you. And most likely also at the Academy Awards presentation...

Best regards, Andy
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Medically Correct Document
bhouman29 May 2011
This is an extraordinary documentary movie, which clarifies the truth about the relationship of the food we eat and our health. Everything is correct and precisely documented. As a physician and surgeon, who is "not" vegetarian, and with 30 years of experience in one of the most reputable institution in my specialty I can testify that the food and activity that we have WILL affects our health without a doubt.

As much as our eating habits and dietary intakes are in most part, or at least 30 to 50% is based on animal-based products this information opens the viewer's mind to other options, which in some cases have proved to be a lifesaver, according to presented documents and angiograms. In all fairness, the producer shows the opposite opinion and their views and leaves the decision to the viewer to decide. This movie certainly did not show a one-sided view of vegan life style. It presented the views of other people who in fact are proponents of "balanced" diet too. In short, I recommended it extremely highly. Physicians should watch this movie, so do their patients and relatives.
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open wide
Lee Eisenberg12 June 2011
By now, there have been a number of documentaries about the health disaster that is the all-American diet. Lee Fulkerson's "Forks Over Knives" makes the case that simply switching from an animal-based diet to a plant-based one is the best thing that one can do not only for himself but also for the planet. Much of the documentary focuses on the work of Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn and Colin Campbell, who have researched the health effects of different foods over the years. It should come as no surprise that the increased processing of foods after WWII led to more heart disease and cancer.

The documentary doesn't simply preach. It even has a disclaimer at the beginning noting that it should not be interpreted as a substitute for a doctor's recommendation. It's just a warning about the deleterious effects of the western diet, especially with all the chemicals and antibiotics pumped into the food nowadays. As Bill Maher says in some footage, "The answer is not another pill. The answer is spinach." I recommend the documentary.

PS: Rush Limbaugh recently said that Michelle Obama's proposed diet doesn't sound like something healthy. Well, who knows more about unhealthy diets than El Rushbo?
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Even this Texas boy gets it
David Ferguson17 May 2011
Greetings again from the darkness. Don't show up for this documentary expecting Morgan Spurlock or Michael Moore. This one offers little entertainment value. But then, that's not the objective of the filmmaker, writer Lee Fulkerson. Mr. Fulkerson provides the polar opposite of Spurlock's award-winning "Super Size Me". Where Spurlock ate McDonalds fast food at every meal for a month, Mr. Fulkerson rejects our typical animal-based and processed food diet for plant-based whole foods.

This test is conducted under the watch of Dr. Matthew Ledderman, who along with his wife, run all pertinent blood and medical tests, and then proceed to teach Mr. Fulkerson how to shop, cook and eat in an entirely new way. The goals are weight loss, increased energy and a reduction of prescription drugs.

This film plays more like a PBS special or a film for medical class, as it pounds the viewer with data and information and studies and examples. A few doctors are interviewed and only minimal input is obtained from the "other" side.

The film gives the impression that Mr. Fulkerson set out to prove his point, much like Dr. Esselstyn and Dr Campbell give every indication that their goal is to prove their own points. The famous China-Oxford-Cornell study has received some heat over the years, but regardless, it seems very clear that WITH PROPER GUIDANCE, a plant-based whole food diet affords many benefits to the human body when compared to the animal-based and processed food that have become so prevalent in the U.S.

No attention is given to cigarettes or exercise as this is totally focused on nutrition and it's effects. There is also some information provided in regards to the governmental subsidies of corn crops, and meat and dairy farmers. This leads our filmmaker and many others to presume that the government is not necessarily interested in what's best for us or school kids' lunches. In fact, it appears both sides have a bit of self-interest at stake.

I would encourage everyone to see the film and educate yourself so that you can make the decisions that are best for you. Consult with multiple doctors and nutritionists. No one can argue with the goal of reduced disease and minimal drug intake ... the big question is what's the best way to achieve this.
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Identifying the health system of food
leifthor-126 December 2011
Two years ago, I was lucky enough to have the position as the Program Director for the Alternative to Meds Center in San Francisco who specialized in getting people off non-prescription and prescription meds, and a diet with no sugar and white flour (meat was still included) had a huge effect on our patients.

I can say I've seen this simple change to people's diets along with supplying appropriate amino acids the right way completely change their attitude along with their physical health being given back to them.

Thank you so much for making this excellent documentary! It's not all or nothing, and simply shifting or reducing one piece like no caffeine or cutting down white flower or sugar by 50% can make a huge difference.
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Important health information everyone should be aware of!
joybeth6817 July 2011
If you, or anyone you know and love, are concerned about or dealing with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, other obesity-related issues or autoimmune issues, PLEASE see this film! It is not by coincidence that of nearly 310 million Americans, 290 million are sick with any of the above issues. What we eat matters immensely to our health, and unfortunately, the American public has been duped by the food industry, US Government regulatory industries, and by default misinformed by health professionals regarding what a truly "healthy" diet consists of. The foods we have been eating (even according to government approved "healthy" nutritional guidelines), are directly contributing to more and more people becoming chronically and terminally ill. Treating our illnesses with surgeries and drugs isn't a "cure," however, making an informed decision to change our diet and lifestyle may not only reduce our chances of experiencing the above diseases, but can also greatly improve symptoms and/or slow the progression-- or even reverse the course--of these diseases if you have already been diagnosed! Please see this documentary to begin learning first-hand about the extensive research and studies supporting a plant-based diet as highly beneficial to our overall health, wellness, and longevity. Wish I had known 25 years ago what I am learning now about plant-based nutrition. This film is thorough, well-done, and well-documented. A great way to get informed, and to start on a path toward taking more responsibility for our health and well-being! Drs. Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard, McDougall, and the other physicians and specialists in this film have my utmost respect for stepping forward and providing us with this vital information!
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Very Entertaining and VERY VERY alarming.
rsn828 September 2011
I decided to watch this documentary a few days ago because I've recently watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "Foodmatters" and I loved them both. They were both inspiring on some level, but more than inspiring they were eye opening. It can't come as a surprise to anyone living in the west that we are clearly doing something wrong. We may not want to hear about it, or agree on what "it" is but I can tell you after you watch "Forks Over Knives" you will hear a convincing case against the consumption of meat and dairy. The documentary illustrates the findings of two different scientists who have spent more than 50 years each researching the link between nutrition and disease. Their findings are compelling to say the least. Not only does this documentary show tons of scientific evidence but it mixes in some personal stories for variety and entertainment. I eat tons of meat and tons of dairy so some of the science presented in "Forks over Knives" wasn't exactly music to my ears, but the evidence is hard to deny. Even if it's not what you want to hear, and you have no inclination to become vegan you will still find this documentary highly entertaining and memorable.
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Wake-Up Call
spamuptheyingyang22 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Forks Over Knives confirms several things we've all suspected for years, but most of us haven't wanted to face:

  • The Standard American Diet and most of its variations are killing us by the millions;

  • Several of America's most prevalent diseases can be halted or reversed by changes in diet;

  • This fact has been understood for many years, but is avoided by doctors and other health care professionals;

  • The diet recommended to us by our government is designed to benefit the food industry, not to benefit people's nutrition;

  • The health care and pharmaceutical industries benefit by keeping Americans in a continual state of controlled disease symptoms rather than in a state of optimal health.

In a nutshell, "Forks Over Knives" can be interpreted as "Eat A Great Diet In Order To Avoid Surgery." This isn't some startling new concept; over two thousand years ago Hippocrates, "the father of modern medicine" and writer of the original Hippocratic Oath, said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." The film explains how some common foods are killing us and how other common foods can cure us.

The film's lesson is staggeringly simple, the scientific evidence is staggering, and the personal stories are compelling. This documentary is entirely about health; the mantra repeated throughout the film is "a whole foods, plant-based diet." Although the word "vegan" was used a few times there is essentially no mention at all of either the environmental or compassion benefits of this diet. The focus is squarely on eliminating disease, primarily heart disease, cancer, and diabetes - three of this country's most urgent health issues.

Most of the people excited about this film have been those already familiar with the issues discussed. For example, my wife and I have copies of The China Study, The Pleasure Trap, and several books by both Neal Barnard and John McDougall, so the film didn't offer new information to us. Happily though the film isn't written for the vegan one percent of America, it's written for the vast majority of Americans eating a poor diet and facing increased risks of a variety of health issues. For them the information presented in this film will be a wake-up call, and let's hope it will be compelling enough that they take appropriate action and change their diet.
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You cannot ignore this and hope it goes away.
josephchammas13 June 2011
If you are someone who is serious about your health, this documentary cannot be overlooked. Diet is so important to ones survival in this modern world that is so important to understand why people are getting sick, not just dismissing it as oh that person just got unlucky! There is a reason why people get serious illnesses and and that reason is most probably the abuse you have done to your body your whole life. I have healed myself with the help and wisdom of nutrition based on some of the knowledge in this documentary. Please try not to take it for granted just keep an open mind and try to emotionally detach yourself from what you think food is to you. It is far more than filling emotional voids, it is your health and your medicine. I hope people really get this documentary, I loved it!!
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This Movie....Is REAL...Not Fluffy!....
Warning: Spoilers
This Movie....Is REAL...Not Fluffy!....

EVERYONE should take the time to watch this movie! If you can go watch it with an open mind....It' basically common sense! From a Biblical beginning of time perspective (though this is not a religious movie) it makes so much sense! Why plants have protective things in them.

Why when we eat them they Help US! Why so much of what we eat is not beneficial to us in a nutritional way! If every time we took a bite of food and thought is this good or bad for me....there would be no obesity! Go see this movie with an open mind! I Loved the book and Thankful for the movie!
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Not the best documentary
truantru26 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The crew of this documentary follow some claims that ALL animal based food is bad for your health. One doctor presented a study that says 20% casein will encourage cancer in rats while 5% casein will make it go back. Then it jumps to the conclusion that ALL and ANY animal based proteins are a source of all evils in human health.

Nowhere in the entire movie they will show proof that you need to be at 0% animal protein.

When they talk about the low cancer rates in Japan they just skip the information that they are fish and seafood eaters and they just go to a study made in China.

This is a terrible vegan PR movie. I'm not against vegan-ism, nor against vegetarianism, I'm just saying they pretend knowing everything while they don't seem to be able to distinguish left from right.

My own conclusions after seeing this film is that people need to dial down their animal based diets. Not really not eat that, just do it in moderation, not on a daily basis.
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Let The Viewer Beware
mre2117 November 2012
I have mixed emotions about this film. I like the message that Americans (actually most of the world thanks to the spread of fast food chains) is becoming less healthy and more obese. However, despite what 'bhouman' the alleged surgeon on this site wrote, there are many seemingly deliberate inaccuracies in this film. Here are just a few:

* Prostate cancer is not the leading cause of cancer in men. It is skin cancer (

* There is a risk in having a plant based diet in that there are nine amino acids our bodies cannot produce and, while these are found in meat, they only exist in certain plants. This was the argument of the director of nutrition at Wash U. but it was dismissed with a response that has nothing to do with the quality (types of amino acids present) of protein: "eating whole foods it is virtually impossible to be protein deficient without being calorie deficient because even if you take the foods that have the least amount of protein in it, lets say potatoes or rice – eight, nine percent. That's the figure we more or less need."

* The film claims that milk causes metabolic acidosis which in turn leads to lower levels of stored calcium in bones. The explanation given is that milk lowers blood pH and calcium is taken from bones in order to form calcium carbonate and thus help neutralize the blood. The truth is that sodium bicarbonate is used to neutralize blood pH and although milk is slightly acidic, it is nowhere near as acidic as the stomach itself. Metabolic acidosis is typically related to kidney or liver failure or in an uncontrolled type 1 diabetic reaction (DKA). This whole explanation about milk in the movie is ridiculous and feels manufactured to scare people away from drinking milk.

* A claim is made that Americans drink energy drinks, caffeine, and sugar because they have chronic fatigue. Okay? Based on what evidence? None is given, but this sets the stage for arguing for spinach which typically provides some sense of energy.

* The whole argument about the USDA conspiring with the meat and dairy constituents of the government to falsify dietary recommendations to the American people is just paranoid speculation which is completely unsubstantiated in this film.

Most of the rest of the film has some great points that are true.
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A bias documentary that makes you think, and hopefully also act.
Daniel Heeris4 September 2013
There is no doubt that this documentary, like so many others is bias, in this case bias towards a vegan diet, and they do seem to leave out facts for that very same reason. However watching documentaries you should know that this is often the case, and you should do your own research and form your own opinion based on other sources than just the film. That said, a documentary is supposed to make you think, and this certainly did that for me. It moved my perception of and curiosity about diet more than any other film or article has. Perhaps it was the astounding facts it presented me with, perhaps it is because I am already looking more at what I eat than I used to. At any rate I highly recommend watching this and forming your own opinion. It does not lecture you about morals of eating meat or tries to make you a vegan to protect the environment. While it does briefly touch on the subject of energy footprint in food production, its most important and dominant message is your health, plane and simple. Do you think meat is vital for you health and survival? The answer this film gives might surprise you.
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Great & important information, really bad filmmaking
GormanBechard13 March 2012
I would rate this a 10 for the information contained in the film.

But I'd rate it a 2 for filmmaking.

But the information is more important, thus the non-averaged score of 8.

This is one of those movies where you have such amazing and important information being given to the viewer, but it's done in such a badly constructed way that it's difficult to watch. The narration is about as boring as any I've every heard. There's no narrative line, so to speak. The filmmaker had no idea how to tell the amazing story he was trying to tell. And the sound is truly awful at times. But that said, the information contained here is something we ALL should see and hear and understand. So, if you put it on, and are immediately turned off as to how bad it is, stick with it. You will learn how to live a longer healthier life, and for that we can forgive the bad filmmaking.
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Beware of adjusted data
sitichon15 May 2012
Nice film, but some statistics either adjusted toward the desired result or just plain false. Please see for a rebuttal on many of Campbell's "scientific" claims. Or read a much more enjoyable summary of it at

The film has some good intentions. Yes eat less, exercise, and stop taking pills for every ailment. Nobody likes to find out they've been lied to. The rat story is blatant. The truth is to eat your fruits and veggies, but eat red meat sparingly. Obviously biased from self-interest groups which warrants the low rating.
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One-sided religious propaganda film
LilyDaleLady28 March 2013
Even if I was a vegetarian, I'd be dismayed by this film, which is a textbook example of propaganda -- think Leni Reifenstahl and "The Triumph of the Will" in Hitler's Germany. Such films have an agenda, and use cinematic techniques to promote that agenda, without balance or integrity or truthfulness. Truth plays a backseat to promoting the political agenda.

Here the agenda is .... veganism. And not just general "it's good for you!" veganism nor even the "save the cute widdle animals" veganism -- this is a direct polemic stating that veganism -- and ONLY veganism -- will save your life, enable you to cure a whole range of diseases and live for a very long time, the whole while as a fit, buff triathelete or firefighter.

The theories of Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Esselstyn are the most extreme of all eating regimes -- not even vegetarianism is remotely good enough here. This is the Pritikin or Ornish diets, on steroids. ZERO fats, zero meat, zero dairy products -- yup, folks, YOGURT will kill you. Milk, of course, will kill you -- even organic skim milk.

What does this leave you to eat? Only vegetables, and more vegetables. Furthermore, they must be steamed or baked, as you cannot of course fry or stir fry, sauté or fricassee because remember -- ZERO fats. Yes, folks -- OLIVE OIL, now it's bad for you. Even Canola oil. No oils or fats whatsoever, in any form. SO this is a diet of steamed vegetables and only steamed vegetables, and nothing else.

Needless to say, this very harsh diet is not too appealing to any normal person, nor is it a diet normally eaten by any human society on earth. It lacks a number of nutrients and vitamins, which must be taken by pill form (B-12 etc.). But of course, unpalatable as it is, it leads directly to weight loss -- and the weight loss to remission from obesity, Type II diabetes, coronary artery disease and cholesterol problems.

I can almost accept that, though of course 99% of people cannot stick to a diet this horrible. You might as well say you can cure these things if you fast all the time, and live on water, but it does not translate that most folks can do that.

But it goes off the rails when the filmmakers state you can CURE METASTATIC BREAST CANCER (and infer, all cancers) by eating vegan foods. Not prevent breast cancer -- not cure a primary tumor -- but cure breast cancer which had spread to the subjects spine, liver and bones. This is untrue, and a hateful, ugly promise to make to suffering cancer victims, which cannot possibly be true. Nor does the movie offer any PROOF, besides one elderly lady's anecdotal story (we do not even know for sure she ever had cancer, for starters) that this is so. Certainly any "proof" would involve thousands of patients with metastatic cancer over many years, and with double blind studies.

It is shocking and horrifying that two physicians who call themselves "scientists" would promise such a thing. It proved to me, what I had been thinking silently through the rest of the film -- this is not science, this is RELIGION...the religion of veganism, which incorporates a hatred for all things pleasurable in the world (but especially food), a belief in eternal life (promised to you by eating vegan!) and the necessity to preach at and convert others. As such, it is frightening beyond any other type of diet hucksterism.

NO matter what you eat, I assure you -- you are going to die sometime, and you will die of SOMETHING. No diet in the world can save you from metastatic cancer, and I am appalled beyond words at DOCTORS pushing a protocol on patients which involves REFUSING chemo and radiation (proven to help) and instead an unproven diet plan. (Note that cancer victims typically lose a lot of weight and have trouble eating; I can't imagine a worse thing that forcing them to eat tasteless vegan dishes and lose weight on purpose!)

On top of this, the film is dry and full of statistics, along with simple-minded attacks on old filmstrips that show "the 7 basic food groups" or whatever, from like 1946. Also I noted that when the filmmaker himself is shown going on his diet, as well as other participants, they are very openly showing bags and boxes from the Whole Foods chain of stores (was it a paid advertisement?).

In short, not recommended. This is religion, not science. It is a sad comment on society that we cannot discuss and debate issues about food and diet, without it becoming an attack on other people who eat differently than we do, or on other people's body types or habits.
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Biased beyond belief
cullenbrian12 November 2013
So you have lazy fat processed food eating burger loving types who never get off their asses to exercise who end up fat and sick , on the other end of the scale are this lot , who stroke the Chakras while drinking lentil soup made with " organic water " that cleanses their stressed body's of big pharma toxins etc etc , it really is simple in one sense , a well BALANCED diet with the correct amount of foods from all sources and some exercise , extremes on either side are unnecessary and also no fun . The statistics used are in some cases laughable and lots have been debunked as mentioned above , eg the china study .ill be honest i only watched the first 40 mins of this and had to turn it off, i would recommend HBO's The Weigh Of The Nation for a balanced look at diet and why the health of the developed world is the way it is .
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disappointing, the research presented is misleading and lacking essential information!!!!!
axanghelescu6 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Warning this might have spoilers !!

If anyone knows me they would say that I'm the biggest health advocate, so I really had high hopes for this movie. And while I don't hold any degrees in nutrition, I do have graduate studies and critical thinking in general, and I do know how to write/read scientific research on a topic. That being said, I thought this movie LACKED ESSENTIAL DETAILS ABOUT THE RESEARCH RESULTS shown. It's unfortunate but the way they presented the research was very biased (to prove their theory "animal produce bad, plant produce good") which is just wrong. I have a hard time believing a person that does research in this field at Cornel University would choose to ignore the whole research and present only parts of it for the sake of making this movie, so I am really baffled as to what these people actually think and how they could make such a one sided story. After I saw the movie I thought it was great but I couldn't help thinking how come the striking "scientific" discoveries and correlations between cancer tumors and plant/animal protein intake were not taken seriously by the medical community. Well I answered my questions just by doing a tiny bit of research. There are many blogs objectively discussing the misinformation in this movie (and there sure is a lot). So just google some critique, it is all there including "The curious case of Campbell's rats", or dig up the original research papers if you find the critique non objective.

So that was a major disappointment, I can expect people to misinterpret and broadcast bad research but not "scholars" who have dedicated lives to it.

The movie has the right intention, YES the western diet is killing you, YES people are uneducated when it comes to knowing what to eat, YES people don't know that food can be your medicine, YES your diet can save you from taking a fist of pills and having surgeries. But NO, there is no scientific proof that animal products cause cancer or reduce your life span while plant-based food reverses the cancer and guarantees longevity !!!! No such thing folks. There are so many many complex factors in determining what is cancer(and how different all types of cancer are), how it evolves and so on. Half of this movie is presenting some very biased and taken out of context evidence. That is unacceptable, and that's why I can't give it more than 3 stars. If you want to watch a documentary about food, watch FOOD INC.
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The general and the particular and the problem of reductionism
mp-11117 January 2015
There is meat and then there is meat.

There is meat that comes from animals that eat the kind of food that they naturally seek, such as cows grazing in fields their whole lives.

And then there is meat that comes from cows that are fed genetically modified corn which is really bad for them. The former are healthy animals that live a happy life, the latter are terribly unhealthy and slaughtered shortly before they would otherwise die of metabolic syndromes and cancer.

Moreover, industrial, grain-fed cows are then processed into strange things that are sold as food with all kinds of chemical additives.

Scientific studies on "red meat" do not take these differences into consideration: they conflate the general with the particular. That's poor science.

There is no danger in eating meat generally - hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary history testify to that, or else we wouldn't be here - but there is a severe danger eating meat from sick, mistreated beasts that have been fed terrible "food" and been processed into cheap "food" that people buy in supermarkets.

Don't follow leaders - Watch the parkin' meters! Free thinking allowed.
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Based on flawed "China Study"
Igorpdx9 February 2011
Production standards for the film are excellent, however the whole thesis taken from Dr T Colin Campbell's book 'The China Study' is dangerously flawed.

Read the evidence for yourself at the Weston A Price foundation site and decide for yourself. I believe that good saturated fats such as butter and coconut oil play an important part in keeping us healthy and that animal proteins are far superior to the vegan ones that Dr Campbell is promoting. The radical notion that zero cholesterol in our diets is beneficial is in my opinion a dangerous one.

Dr Campbell ignored many important facts, which even his own studies found, in order to "prove" his beliefs.
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Absolute nonsense
efrosean17 January 2015
Using misinformation, bad science and conspiracy theories this film is just bunkum. One of the problems with documentaries of this ilk is the low level of scientific knowledge that the general population has, when presented with material pretending to be science most people will just accept it as fact. This is especially the case in areas where the public can be misinformed for profit or influence, the vegan agenda is the influence here. I have no problem with someone who is or wants to be vegan, go ahead. However, to justify your choice and convince others of the validity of your choice don't feed me BS. Unfortunately that is what this film boils down to a lot of BS. The work of T.Colin Campbell, upon which a lot of this film is based, has been re-examined and been found to be extremely lacking in rigour. Have a look here for a very good critique of Campbell's work.
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Very one sided
peardjames31 August 2014
After about 40 minutes I desperately wanted to turn this off. The whole thing starts to feel a little creepy like your being brainwashed or like a video trying to recruit you into a cult. I think in the whole video there is just one lady that gives opposing views.

I have no doubt that a lot of what they said could have positive effects on you health however there is absolutely no evidence shown of any possible negative side effects to only eating plant based foods. After watching I decided to do some extra research and do feel this is made by two scientists who are overly excited about their research and needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, or a good steak ;)
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Their own scientific evidence in the move disproves message of the movie.
redraidr8928 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This may be a spoiler for some, so I'm playing it safe and saying this is a spoiler. The producers obviously entered the production of this movie to promote, at best, a vegetarian philosophy, and possibly at the worse, an animal rights agenda because the science data does not support the message of the movie, which is eating meat is bad, Bad, BAD! The most damning evidence is when one of the activist doctor stars of the movie shows how he raised and lowered the protein of meat in lab rats. In his test, he had the mice at 5% protein, then raised it to 20% animal protein. When it was at 5% there were no tumors, but when he raised it to 20%, there were tumors, then the tumors decreased when he lowered it to 5% again. He repeated this process over a series of months. Remember, the message of the movie is that eating ANY meat is bad, Bad, BAD, A DEATH SENTENCE according to this movie. So, if they were fed 5% and they were fine and EVEN GOT BETTER from after eating 20% protein, the conclusion, then, is that 5% animal protein IS GOOD FOR YOU, not that ANY MEAT AT ALL is bad, Bad, BAD!! like they kept on pushing in the movie. This brings up another flaw of the movie. The producers of this movie are obviously horrendous researchers. Again, the movie used 5% and 20% protein tests on rats. If they wanted to prove that NO animal protein is good, then they would have had a control group that had NO animal protein, but there was NO SUCH TEST to compare between the 5% and the 20%. SO HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT ANY MEAT PROTEIN IS BAD FOR YOU or that NO ANIMAL PROTEIN (MEAT) IS BETTER THAN 5% meat protein in your diet?!?!?! The movie PRESENTS NO SUCH EVIDENCE!! So, it is a LIE that ANY meat is bad for you because 5% protein in your diet CURES TUMORS AND MAKES YOU HEALTHY according to the scientific evidence in the movie. DON'T LET THIS MOVIE SCAM YOU LIKE SO MANY REVIEWERS HERE HAVE BEEN!!!

If they were truly scientists, that would be the conclusion, that 5% animal protein and up to a certain percentage (which was never researched) is GOOD FOR YOU and would have taken it one step further and researched to find out the EXACT POINT in between 5% and 20% when it gets to be unhealthy, and to promote that max percentage that it is good for you. But obviously, they were not out to discover the truth through science, but were out to promote a political agenda. That can be the only conclusion. Don't be taken in by this windbag of a movie goes on and on and on, not refuting the claims of the critics, such as meat has critical enzymes we need, but IGNORE THAT and return to the mantra, based on flawed leaps of illogic, bereft of serious critical thinking, that meat, not just meat, but ANY MEAT, ANY Animal based product, is bad, Bad, BAD!!! That is why this is nothing more than propaganda to put up the straw man that ALL MEAT IS BAD BAD BAD!!!
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Excellent medical health and food documentary, is our best foods from plant life?
Danny Blankenship4 December 2011
All of us have became so common to the life of on the go and fast paced, that's why so many of us live off of TV dinners, fast food and processed food. And with our culture and media we have all been told that meat and diary food is a product of life. However after watching this eye opening documentary "Forks Over Knives" you may well change your mind. As evidenced during the film it proves thru actual research that the food we are eating is harming our bodies. As medical science and case studies have proved poor diets are linked to bad health especially heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

When watching this doc you will want to reject and fight against the consumption of animal based and processed foods. The film follows the study and research journeys of Dr. Colin Campbell a nutrition biochemist from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn a world known surgeon at the top notch Cleveland Clinic. Much of their studies and research lead to groundbreaking revelations and the most common is that diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes could be prevented if people would reverse their diet to whole foods and plant based, it's so clear that protein and animal fats and whole diary in study after study conducted proved that it was harmful to humans.

Most telling is how the film follows reality patients who are sick, and once these test studies change their diets it's interesting to see a pleasant ending journey in the end. This clearly is an eye opening film proving that the world's biggest problem is nutrition as what you eat can lead you to bad health. This now may have people for years to come trying a new diet of organic foods and plant whole based growth as a hobby that they live and work for every day. "Knives Over Forks" is clearly one educational, informative, well researched film that one needs to see as maybe it can change a person's way of diet and hopefully life. I believe it's true you are what you eat.
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