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Better than expected
stratozyck12 February 2011
First of all, it is an Adam Sandler movie. If you hate Adam Sandler movies, then you won't like this.

I gave it an 8/10 because it was one of the better Adam Sandler movies. The plot and storyline was better than I expected; the development was pretty good as well. There were definitely a lot of points where I had to slap my forehead b/c it was silly funny.

Yeah, its highly unrealistic, but if you expected realism, whats wrong with you? Sure, Jennifer Anniston is the "uglier chick," which is like saying a million dollars isn't that much money, but she did a good job in the movie.

The only complaint I had was Adam Sandler used all the lines I planned on using with the girl I took to see it!
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Just Go With It
matt-327818 February 2011
I'm a bloke of 32. I took the other half to watch this last night as I do enjoy Comedy's. Not much of a cinema goer as tend to be the one saying 'ooh I knew I wanted to see that' when the film gets released and then completely forget to actually go.

I was in absolute stitches watching this, it's by far the funniest film I've seen in a long-long time. Normally watching a comedy I'd chuckle and laugh a bit but I was actually laughing out loud almost the whole film - as were a most of the other viewers in the cinema.

I do like (as my missus puts it) 'stupid comedy's' like; Anchor Man, Dodgeball and Hear no Evil See No Evil etc. so this is where I'm coming from.

I think the whole cast was near on perfect with Adam Sandler providing hilarious moments throughout, with Jenifer Aniston sexier and funnier than I've ever known her to be. if you watch the film you'll know that Dolf Lungren was side splitting at times and The kids worked really well especially Keekee-D's Mary Poppins English Accent!.... Oh and not to fortget the beautiful blonde :)

All in all an absolute hoot and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Would have given it a 10/10 but nothings perfect :) so its a 9/10 from me.

ps. Just go with it hit the spot so much that this is the first film review I have ever done!
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not expecting this: job well done
littlemssvixen12 April 2011
I've seen almost all of Jennifer Aniston's movies and most of them I really did not like. So my expectations of "Just go with it" were very low. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was laughing with tears in my eyes the first 20min of watching this movie and I didn't stop laughing till the screen showed black.

Al though the movie almost is 2 hours long, I wasn't bored at any time. The story was well written, the acting was amazing and hilarious and it was original in it's jokes. It did have a typical ending, but for once it didn't bother me because of the good build up in the story and the development of the characters.

If you do have a weakness for typical comedy movies, but can't seem to find a good one these days, definitely check out this one: laughter guaranteed!
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Just go with it
lavoie712 February 2011
If you are looking for a highly intellectual movie, forget it. This is a simple movie with a simple story line and simple jokes. However, if you like to go to the movies just to break the routine, to have some laughs, and to change your mind, this is an excellent movie. Most highly critical people looking for perfection will give this movie a bad review, no doubt. People who gave an 8 to True Grit will not appreciate this movie...

Acting is excellent. Jennifer Aniston is perfect in that role; this is her best performance in a movie so far, except maybe for Marley and Me. Adam Sandler is much more natural than usual. He does not have to deliver all of the stupid jokes, and has a to act his role during most of the movie. I would say this is an equivalent performance as in 50 First Dates, or even better. He is very funny (as usual), but also compassionate and lovable. Nick Swardson is the clown of the movie, which allows Sandler to act more and leave some of the funny stuff to others. Swardson made me and my whole family laugh out loud during many parts of the movie. In fact, it had been a long time since I heard my two teenagers laugh so much and so loudly during a movie.

The two kids are really good supporting actors. They bring a lot to the movie. They make the situation more complicated a few times in unexpected ways. Bailee Madison is very impressive. We will see her again and often.

The normal cast of Happy Madisson movies are all there for their usual 2 minutes and all bring their own laugh. One of them made me swallow water in my lungs! He is good! I will let you guess which one.

All and all, we left very satisfied and happy we had this family night, even the teenagers. No frustration like we had in True Grit and no disappointment like we had in Sanctum. This was better than expected and worth its money. Just sit down and "Go with it!".
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Likable Sandler-fare, as usual
jantoniou20 June 2011
Adam Sandler is getting pretty solid at producing and acting in quasi-poignant tales that get him somewhat further away - and, ultimately, closer to (doesn't make sense, I know) - from his proto-Sandler-style of filmmaking that has his vaguely proto-typical cast of characters - hapless, hopeless geeks, improbable ladies' man, a "nice guy" that all the ladies want, but still seem to settle on the douches. Sandler brings his "crew" together - former/current SNLers, Allen Covert (who is pretty much in every Sandler movie that I can think of), and some heavy-hitters occasionally. "The Wedding Singer," "Grown-Ups," and, now, "Just Go With It" all pander to this amiable style of film-making that is at times borderline gross-out - but just pulls away before you realize this probably isn't an Apatow-slacker movie, nor is attempting to be.

Sandler is a plastic surgeon who long ago accidentally discovered he could play the "my wife is a terrible person who abuses me" card to score with hot chicks at the bar. Fact is he's not actually married - he and/or his wife left him at the altar many years before when he discovered she really didn't like him - but he's become so comfortable with lying to score with the chicks he just doesn't care - or seem to. Jennifer Aniston is his office assistant, a sweet, single gal with 2 kids. She doesn't much care for how he deals with the ladies, but she still likes him because she sees what a sweet guy he really is under the surface of his rather devious womanizing that all starts with a lie.

Sandler meets the bounteous and beautiful - and, very young - Brooklyn Decker at a party. They sleep together on the beach and in the morning Decker discovers he's "married." Sandler immediately throws a lie out there - he IS in fact, married (wait, no he's not, but it's all a lie anyway) but he's in the process of getting a divorce because his relationship with his wife - again, playing the same card - is very bad. Decker somehow believes him and off we go with the rest of the movie where Aniston agrees to be his fake wife and ultimately go off on a vacation with Decker, Sandler, Aniston's kids, and Nick Swanson as the court jester/boob (basically a version of Rob Schneider from Sandler's other "Happy Madison" movies) who pretends to be Aniston's boyfriend.

There are a lot of funny setups and jokes - enough to enjoy the movie, for sure, even if they do clearly seem to be Sandler-ish in their obviousness. Hey, he's a plastic surgeon, let's see where we might milk that. Decker is half his and Aniston's age - let's see where we might milk that. Swanson is an often over-the-top boob - let's see where we can grab some silly jokes there. Aniston's kids - the daughter, especially - are good for quite a few laughs as well.

I half expected Decker to be pretty bad, but she does just fine. She is playing against top comedic talent here - though honestly Sandler nearly seems on auto-pilot in most of his movies - and nowhere is Jessica Simpson-like delivery in evidence. It hardly needs to be said she is being used for her looks more than her supposed talent, but her ability to transcend the "Hey, I'm just here to be a C-cup blond bimbo in a bikini" obviousness of her role is commendable. Sandler is notorious - or very successful, depending on your perspective - in bringing in at least one or two pieces of eye candy to most of his films, but in a manner that is less blatant or purely perverse. Yes, Sandler likes hiring hot chicks, but he also likes the good/nice guy to have a shot with her, which makes most of us nerds feel at least a little bit more hopeful. Decker and Aniston both of course fill this role, quite well.

While clearly not an intentional Oscar-winner, Sandler proves he is again capable of making a funny, somewhat poignant, generally enjoyable PG-13-bordering-on-R-rated film.
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The Adam Sandler Formula Works Again
Cunnilingilator7 September 2010
Just saw at this an advanced screening in Huntington Beach.

It was pretty damn good. I do have to admit that I am an Adam Sandler fan. Being 21, I grew up seeing his films in theaters and for the most part liked them all. I think with Big Daddy, Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison crew really started a formula of movie. Central conflicted and imperfect character Adam (who has a good heart of course), falls in love with the girl of his dreams, who is younger and way better looking than him, all formulated around a specific central premise (i.e. with this film it's Adam's lies piling on top of lies) supported by extremely strong, quirky side character performances. This might be the epitome of this established formula, really passing 50 First Dates in my opinion. The typical Sandler ridiculous humor and smart-ass remarks are extremely well balanced with perfectly timed and executed emotional moments. The set-up for the story is pretty basic and at first almost appears predictable. It is to some extent, but the crazy directions the movie takes based on Sandler's lies is well done and only stretches a few times. But what do you expect from the Happy Madison crew?

The 2 kids in the film did a good job and had some funny lines. I am not a Jennifer Aniston fan at all but really actually liked her in this. I sort of understand her popularity and charm after this movie. She seemed more genuine and I felt an emotional attachment to her that I have always lacked with her. Plus, she is showcased in a particular waterfall scene and looks absolutely fantastic in a bikini. Brooklyn Decker is unbelievably gorgeous, as we all know from the SI Swimsuit Edition, but I was very surprised at how natural of an actress she was. She seemed very comfortable and didn't overact much. She is extremely cute and lovable. Nicole Kidman and Dave Mathews were great as an uber cool couple. Nicole was a bit over the top as she has been of late (like since Moulin Rouge), but thats what her character called for so I understand. Dave was surprisingly good as an almost drugged up yuppie, cool boyfriend of Nicole's. Nick Swardson was absolutely hilarious and by far steals every scene he is in. He really comes into the movie about 1/3 of the way in and from there on out its his movie. Nick Swardson deserves fame for this.

I can't say for sure how the critics will receive it. I can handle suspension of disbelief as long as it leads to a funny payoff. For the most part these moments are delivered. It's a great date movie and a great movie for Sandler fans. He has an unbelievable recent track record for success, but this will top all of them at the box office.
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If you like Adam Sandler and Happy Madison then this one's for you!!
hartzfeld22515 February 2011
My wife and I watched this movie on Valentines Day. The way we decided on this movie was that we watched trailers for all the movies in our theater and this one stood out by far as the best.

Once we started watching this movie I realized that this actually was gonna be a good pick for Valentines Day. It was a very well done Romantic-Comedy. I was just suspecting a full out comedy but was happy that the movie was the way it was even though I normally dislike most R-C's.

The cast worked excellent together. Sandler was funny as usual and meshed very well with Jennifer Aniston. Nick Swardson is always a funny guy and lives up to that in this movie. Brooklyn Decker played her part to a tee, and the children added just the right touch to every scene they were in.

This movie was a winner in my book. I am usually much more critical but there was just something about it. I will be at least renting when this comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Who knows...maybe i'll spend the $20 and buy this one. Go see it! You won't regret.
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I came, I saw, I laughed!
Hal Cyone19 February 2011
If you're looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend this movie. You'll definitely enjoy it with your friends or your family. If I want to watch a comedy, I'm not critical about anything, if the movie can make me laugh then I'm good. I know what I was expecting when I went to see this movie but I wasn't expecting that it was going to make me laugh that hard!

This movie has heart, it deals with friendship and family. It's like 50 First Dates and then some, and then some more. It's not your typical boy-meets-girl romantic-comedy either, it doesn't focus on the lead characters alone. Here, you'll see the supporting characters, and their relationships grow with the lead characters.

The dialogues were great. Jennifer and Adam really have chemistry in this movie. I was glad to see Nicole in a comedy! The kids are hilarious! Basically, everyone did a great job!
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Just throw up on it...
headly6621 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a horrible movie that actually made me laugh a bunch of times but that still doesn't save it from my rating. The laughs have absolutely nothing to do with the plot and are mostly sight gags. The entire premise is absurd, instead of telling the truth to the new girl he met about wearing a wedding ring he concocts a lie so complicated and stupid it could never work under any circumstances. One point being the idea that he is automatically going to stay with this girl even though they only had one night together but still creates situations that would not work in any future with her. His fake wife is really his assistant, his cousin has to do a fake German accent and his fake daughter has to continue to do a English Cockney accent forever?

The blonde girlfriend must be the dumbest woman on the planet to believe the nonsense she is being told.

The end is predictable.

The only good thing was Nick Swardson who is very funny.
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Totally predictable, poor writing, sorry acting
vixendale6 April 2011
There isn't much to be said. Brooklyn Decker is nice looking but that's about the only redeeming feature of this movie which is the worst I've seen in a long time. Some poor casting and worse writing makes this one close to unbearable. You know right from the opening scenes that you're going to be in for a long night. Jennifer Anniston proves once again that she is one dimensional and the rest of the cast isn't much different. I did enjoy however the scenes with Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews because at least if was something a little different. Save yourself the time and the money, because let's face it - one way or another, you've seen this movie before.
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Forget It
mmccord912614 February 2011
This terrible remake of I.A.L. Diamond's work on Cactus Flower back in 1969, itself based on an excellent stage play, was difficult to sit through: Too long, too unfunny, and to formulaic. Relying on sight gags and stale jokes cannot save a bad film, much less a screenplay that probably required very little effort on the part of the writers. Of late, much of what's coming out of Hollywood reeks of paranoia. When one is afraid to take a risk, in the genre of romantic comedies, remake something that was successful years ago. This travesty is indicative such a mentality. Also, when will Jennifer A. wake up and stop getting herself involved in films that will do little for her career? Save your money and rent Cactus Flower. Trust me, you'll be happy you did.
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Dumb and Offensive
Leftbanker2 April 2011
Why do people always say "I just want to be entertained" when talking about a horrible movie? As if anything that isn't completely moronic couldn't possibly be entertaining. This movie didn't have a single shred of honesty or humanity. The plot seemed to come directly from some Microsoft program that creates boilerplate scenarios for lame romantic comedies. And why does every movie have to be about rich creeps? I'm certainly no Bolshevik but I am thoroughly sick of watching movies about people who live in mansions and spend $1,000 on a single pair of shoes. When was the last time you saw a movie about someone who had a normal job?
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Was the movie made on 'opposite day'?
photo2-320 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just awful. Sandler is not even trying to act. The rest of the actors are are slighted with such a bad chemistry that it is painful to watch. The pacing, cutting, acting ... you name it is all bad.

The plot couldn't be more further from reality or from values that would help us like these characters. Let's see: here is a plastic surgeon (sandler) who spent the last 20 years lying to women that he was married so that he could get them to bed.

His assistant doesn't see anything wrong with that. To the contrary, she will allow her kids to be bribed and exploited so that this plastic surgeon can take his lies even further. Hey his assistant even agrees to pose as his wife in this scam.

In addition his friend finds out about a trip to Hawaii so he dresses up like some funny accent yahoo and assume a role of his wife's boyfriend in order to hitch a ride to hawaii (all expenses paid by Sandler) In the meantime the woman that Sandler wants to convince that he is not a liar seems to be completely gullible (dumb) and doesn't have any suspicion about this.

It just so happens that (surprise!) the assistant falls in love with Sandler and doesn't really care about him being a liar, womanizer ... whatever else. Basically every character is so thin and so removed from reality ...

actually let me correct myself ... they are all very real characters to someone who personifies the negative Hollywood image. Someone who has no clue about real life, real people... someone who doesn't get that everything in these characters is flawed and therefore it will be unreasonable for them to be likable.

It is all about the world of 14,000 per night suites, eating out and lying every step of the way. Add to this a complete lack of chemistry between the characters and you have a movie that I do not want to ever see again.
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Sorry Adam & Jennifer - You've wasted 2 hours of my life
Lemos14 June 2011
Whilst I wouldn't regard myself as a Sandler fan, I've watched most of his films over the years, and some are even excellent to barely acceptable - a fairly good record considering the amount he has put out since he started. Just Go With It, well, I won't mince my words is just atrociously bad - badly acted, badly directed, badly scripted. In fact I would go far as to say this was my razzie awards film of the year. I guess the clue was already in the title, possibly pleading fans for patience whilst watching it. Sorry Adam & Jennifer, this was sheer self- indulgent dribble, poor and very weak. How the hell Nicole Kidman got caught up in his script, beggars belief or any decision of good common sense. Was she forcibly made to do this? I see no other reason for her wanting this role. The script is so full of utter implausibilities, so stupidly riddled with holes, (not at all funny as Sandler can be), I felt insulted, violated, when watching this film, squandering 2 precious hours of my life which could have been occupied with much anything else - that's how meaningless of any entertainment value I think this piece of utter junk is worth.
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Unfunny Abysmal Movie!
Hoohawnaynay22 February 2011
I had the misfortune of sitting through this movie with an elderly patient and his wife. NO ONE laughed much in the entire theater.

The jokes were obviously written either by a 12 year old boy or someone with brain damage.

Why does Jennifer Aniston keep playing the SAME character over and over? Adam Sandler is supposed to be a plastic surgeon and Aniston his assistant. Their unprofessional behavior would have me running from this office. Jokes were stupid and crude. Sandler fakes being married to pick up women because he was hurt years ago at his wedding. Stupid premise to begin with and it just got worse and worse.

Nicole Kidman did nothing to liven up this dreary mess.

Avoid this like the plague unless you are into sadomasochism.
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Horrible premise horribly dished up
mariondowning-427-46934419 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So a film about a plastic surgeon who makes fun of his patients, lies to girls to get them in bed and multiple "boobie" jokes- that's right it's an Adam Sandler movie. He plays the same girl chasing immature character in every movie, except with a different job and name. He even makes the same silly voices, e.g. when he says, "My Precious".

Are we supposed to find the premise of lying to girls to get into their pants funny? A kid putting on an English accent funny? Is a female assistant who has been hurt by at least one man - and willing herself to help this guy scam his way into a relationship with another female realistic or sympathetic? What is funny about this film exactly? The jokes about "boobies"? Him having a huge nose in the beginning? Are we supposed to buy that the female assistant falls in love with this scam artist because he has appealing characteristics such as scamming women to get in their pants?

Are we supposed to think it's romantic that he isn't made accountable for years of treating women like trash to use and throw away and then he finds "true love"? Sorry I'm not buying it Hollywood. I'm not submitting to being dumbed down and taught to accept mistreatment and manipulation by men.
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Silly premise - bad acting and poor direction
debbie-654-51654517 February 2011
Seriously, this movie was ridiculous from the very beginning. Sandler and Aniston were bad caricatures of a plastic surgeon and his compassion less assistant, Brooklyn Decker came across as the world's stupidest school teacher and worst of all was Nick Swordson's rendition of Jerry Lewis' Mad Professor. The kids (although cute) weren't even likable and as their mother, JA showed all the warmth and maternal instincts of a Madame Tussaud figure. On the bright side for Aniston, her bikini body was way hotter than Deckers. The only bright spot was Nicole Kidman's conniving character. I can only assume that a lost wager on Kidman's part accounted for her appearance in this charade of a movie. If that's the case, she's probably sworn off betting forever. So sorry I added to the week's coffers. It's not even worth the price of a rental.
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Disappointing and Unfunny Comedy
Claudio Carvalho15 July 2011
In 1988, in Long Island, the future cardiologist Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) overhears the nasty conversation of his wife-to-be and her friends on his wedding day about his big nose, his family and himself and he calls off their wedding. Danny becomes a womanizer and uses his wedding ring to lie to women and get laid.

Twenty-three years later, Dr. Maccabee is a well succeeded plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills that still uses his wedding ring to get women to bed. When he meets the younger mathematic teacher Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) in a party, they have one night stand on the beach and Danny has a crush on her. But Palmer finds his wedding ring on his pocket and he lies to her, telling that he is divorcing from his wife. Palmer asks to meet his wife, and Danny asks to his long-time assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his wife. Katherine accepts, but things get more complicated when Katherine, who is a single mother, receives a phone call from her daughter and Palmer learns that they have two children and asks to meets them. Now Danny bribes the two children to travel to Hawaii to spend a couple of days together knowing each other.

When they are at the airport, Danny's friend Eddie (Nick Swardson) unexpectedly joins them telling that he is Katherine's boyfriend expecting to travel to Hawaii with the expenses paid by Danny. The group arrives in a fancy hotel where Katherine meets her university foe Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman) that is lodged at the same hotel.

The overrated "Just Go with It" is a disappointing and unfunny comedy with Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman. The absurd and unethical story if awful and even Adam Sandler seems to be irritated with a poor performance. His unconvincing character is a liar and womanizer, capable to bribe children to keep his lies and to marry a woman that he has seduced using successive lies without any moral value or ethics. His assistant Katherine not only accepts to participate in the scheming to lure his girlfriend, but also allows her children to be bribed and accepts the invitation of her enemy to have dinner together. Palmer is a moron capable to believe on the most unrealistic stories. His best friend is a complete dummy and disloyal, capable to take advantage of a situation to travel with his expenses on Danny.

There are the usual exaggerations of the contemporary Hollywood productions, with Danny expending lots of money in fancy and fashionable boutiques and in the suites of the hotel. Further to the unrealistic plot and unlikable characters, the jokes are silly in times when moral values seem to be less important than an easy senseless laugh. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Esposa de Mentirinha" ("Fake Wife")
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msbean13-129-12639417 December 2011
One of the worst films I have ever seen. I don't know how they got Kidman or Aniston to do this film! Especially when you compare it with some of the amazing comedies these actresses have been in. I love most Aniston films but I couldn't sit through this.It lacked her witty humour and the edge she and Kidman usually bring.

The only appeal I could see is that guys had a lot to stare at a lot of attractive women looking attractive? The sets looked plastic, the whole film looked plastic. The plot was full of inconsistencies.

It had the aesthetic of Nutty Professor meets Wedding Singer but nowhere near as funny.The only answer I can come up with is perhaps this doesn't translate well to British audiences? Awful.
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WoW This Sucked
adrakeaz20 May 2011
The Adam Sandler days are over. I thought Grown Ups would of been the end of it but he had to make this piece of crap too. Sandler continues to come across as a fat, arrogant, rich Jew who doesn't give a crap about anything which probably isn't too far from who he is in real life. I hate to be so hard on him because Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore were gold. But this movie is just a major waist of time. Even the gratuitous shots of Any Roddick's wife weren't enough to carry even the slightest interest in the plot. Throw in the one dimensional Aniston and Dave Mathew's first acting appearance ever, and you've got a sleeper. If you want to still think highly of Sandler, don't watch this and put Billy Madison back in the VCR instead.
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what can i say...
sharadking26 April 2011
Initially when i was watching this movie, had great hopes on it. And slowly in my mind i started predicting what happens next. with little insight in my head i realized ... hey the movie is copied from some dumb Bollywood movie. now can u beat that. i thought Bollywood is suppose to have this kind of business line. and the worst thing is they didn't change anything. really a disappointment on that part with the lost of originality. the flow of the movie is good and ya it is funny at times. but i couldn't help my self but rate this movie 1 because of the fact that the story line is not original.

save your money and time ..
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A weaker Sandler movie
Warning: Spoilers
"Just Go with It" is a 5-year-old comedy that got featured (like most of Sandler's works) at the Razzie Awards as well as several awards shows for younger audiences. It is the American approach to an originally Indian film. The director is Dennis Dugan and I cannot say I am too familiar with him. Same goes for all the writers working on this one. Always a bit disappointing if there are so many and the outcome is still a letdown. Sandler may not be the most talented actor, but he does a decent job in picking roles and that's why the character here fits him nicely once again. Aniston also has more pros than cons. Sadly, I cannot say the same about Brookly Decker, who just is not a particularly gifted actress and at times it felt she was only in her to show us her great swimsuit body. At least the Andy Roddick cameo was funny at the end. And then there is Nicole Kidman, who seems stupid and unlikeable for all her early scenes and then somehow out of nowhere gets some depth and emotion added to her character. That was embarrassing. It was so obvious that they only included her final scene because it was Nicole Kidman playing the character. Cringeworthy stuff. I would feel sorry for her because of how low she has sunk, but then I remember she has won an Oscar and is a truly mediocre actress, always has been and I don't feel sorry for her anymore.

As so many other times in Sandler's films, the problem is clearly the script. Yes there are a couple good moments, but the whole story about who's getting together with whom is still very much uninspired and predictable. At least Decker's character did not fall for the weird crazy guy. That would have been too much for sure. A major problem with the story is that it is based on such a ridiculous beginning. A man carries a wedding ring around with him and talks about having a dozen kids (adopted). What is going on??? And how are we supposed to believe that this is really a turn-on for women. And why would Decker be constantly interested in spending time with her boyfriend's ex-wife. There is a lot in terms of the story here that doesn't make sense unfortunately. I think there are a few decent moments in terms of comedy and this actually could have been a solid film with less of the bad. But the writers clearly weren't gifted enough to make this a rewarding watch from start to finish. The maid also adds really nothing apart from failed attempts at getting laughs. The kids were so-so I guess, but these young artist nominations are certainly a bit too much. Overall, I do not recommend this movie. Not Sandler's fault though as he is (as usual) one of the better aspects taking everything into account.
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Just Don't Bother
Troy Putland21 September 2015
Just Go With It sits in the middle of the best and worst Adam Sandler films this side of the millennium. Many, considerable pitfalls exists. Sandler piles on the lies to get his girl. Firstly, pretending to have an ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston), because Sandler gets caught wearing his old wedding ring that scores him many girls (in his dreams). Secondly, having two children when he has none. Thirdly, his cousin Nick Swardson enters the fray, pretending to be Aniston's new German backpacker boyfriend. The lies are awful and flimsy. The charade's kept up for the entire movie. It'd be convincing if Sandler was only trying to get his leg over. Some laughs come from it, just not many memorable ones. Aniston is the prize winner here. She's the good in a jumble of mess. This film is aptly named, as if it's telling us just to go with it too.
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Plot holes and Lazy Screen writing
Jim Carter5 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Jim Carter wrote the following review which was published in an Italian newspaper in April 2011:

Two weeks ago and for the first time in six years April Fool's Day fell on a Friday. Of the seven days of the week, there is something peculiar about Friday. Floating somewhere between old and new, Friday is a culmination that allows recognition of the past week's accomplishments while providing optimism in anticipation for the stretch ahead- a new beginning. It is due to this phenomenon, specifically the financial vulnerability that accompanies this sort of liberal mindset, that the American film industry, since 1981, has chosen Friday as the nearly uncontested weekday for the release of Hollywood films.

Thus, for the American cinema, Friday April 1st, 2011 was not a childish holiday. Instead, the date marked the Italian release of the new Adam Sandler film Just Go With It which sent Happy Gilmore fans like myself running to the box office. How ironic, therefore, that of the five April Fool's Days since 1981 that have fallen on a Friday (and perhaps also the twenty five that have not), Just Go With It has proved itself to be the greatest (or worst) joke of all.

From director Dennis Dugan, Just Go With It is a romantic comedy which follows the heartbroken plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) who uses a fake wedding ring from an "unhappy marriage" as he searches local bars for deceitful sexual encounters. One night at a Los Angeles house party Danny's attitude suddenly changes when he meets the girl of his dreams in Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). When Palmer discovers the wedding ring, Danny sidesteps the situation claiming that he is getting a divorce. After Palmer demands to meet his wife, Danny employs his office manager Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his future ex.

While he succeeds in convincing Palmer of his impending divorce, Danny is blackmailed by Katherine's real son (posing as his own), and is forced to take his fake family, along with Palmer, to Hawaii for an impromptu vacation. Danny and Katherine become a sort of improvisational comedy troop, struggling to keep up with the lies they have created as they grow closer and closer. Eventually, Danny and Katherine slowly lose sight of Palmer, as they fall, instead, for one another.

In summarizing the plot of Just Go With It, the mere amount of detail, even main characters, one is able to eliminate without altering the story is a testimony to the poor quality of screen writing exhibited by Allan Loeb. Lacking any clear form of the three act structure, the characters indulge in irrelevant excursions such as a dance competition between Katherine and her college adversary, an unexplained repeated mentioning of the boy band NSYNC, and a strange dinner date that is interrupted in order to save a dying sheep.

The written dialogue is generally boring, containing monologues in which the characters simply tell the audience who they are (notably Palmer's self introduction the first night at the beach). Danny's first encounter with Palmer is nothing more that visual attraction and lacks any effort in creating a believable chemistry. The story is generally illogical and lacks reason, as the characters treat important institutions, such as marriage, with impulsiveness; planning and cancelling weddings as if they were dentist appointments.

One may argue that a film such as Just Go With It is not intended to be a logical and original treatment of believable relationships, and therefore should not be criticized within these boundaries. Being a romantic comedy, however, the film does at least carry with it the expectation of being comic- an expectation unfulfilled.
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Awful just isn't a strong enough word
randum-272-79444422 January 2012
God awful. I would appreciate it if the film industry didn't capitulate to the demand for horrendous endeavours such as this one. This "movie" makes Matthew McConaughey look like Daniel Day Lewis, and Fool's Gold like Citizen Kane. Overall, I am hard pressed to blame Hollywood and the screen play writers for producing this farce of a plot, as the people inexplicably yearn for such cringe worthy clich├ęs and egregious character development, and back stories. The much lauded and acclaimed acting performances of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston culminate in this 'piece de resistance', unlikely to be bettered this millennia. Good luck at the Academy Awards, as a Best Screenplay and Best Actor reward are positively assured.
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