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  • After Vicky is voted off campus following the latest weigh-in, the remaining contestants learn that they will be traveling to Dallas, Texas, one of the unhealthiest cities in the United States, to help the legions of unfit there start on the path to good health. They act as motivators for those participating in a five kilometer walk/run starting and ending at the Cotton Bowl. The contestants participate in a reward challenge apropos to being in Texas, the winner to receive immunity for the week. This challenge brings out the alliances that are forming between the remaining seven. Jillian helps out a former contestant in inspiring a group of teenagers. The last chance workout is less two contestants who head home to deal with a family issue, but they return to Dallas in time for the weigh-in at the American Airlines Center.

  • It's an exciting week for the remaining seven contestants as they head to Dallas to inspire Texans to get healthy and join them as they run a 5K at the Cotton Bowl. Then it's off to a rodeo for a wild challenge involving wrangling calves that will grant immunity to the lucky winner at this week's weigh-in. And with only seven contestants left, it becomes clearer than ever who is willing to do whatever it takes to be in the final four. Also, season eight fan favorite Abby Rike makes a special appearance this week and invites Jillian to speak at her old high school. Later, back at the ranch, another elimination leaves one player feeling very much alone.


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  • Immediately after last week's vote, Alison told everybody they would be headed to Texas this week. The Lonestar State is home to five of the nation's ten fattest cities, she told them. Bob and Jillian will be coming with them. The primary job will be to help Texas get healthy.

    On their first day in Texas the contestants are told they are going to publicize a 5K they will all be running that Sunday. We get scenes of the contestants arrives at various stations and taking phone calls about the event.

    Everybody arrives at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Members of the public have been divided into different-colored shirts for each contestant. Though it's not made clear, it sounds like the top-100 finishers are giving a three-month membership to a gym. The primary goal seems to be for out-of-shape folks to get the fitness ball rolling. The contestants make lots of friends and seem in several instances to be legitimate inspirations for folks struggling with their weight.

    Bob leads a group of Texans in a workout, followed by taking a handful of questions and tossing in a commercial for a cell phone application.

    With the Yellow and Gray teams obviously working together, it seems Daris, Ashley and Michael have become a team of sorts. We see them doing a secret stair-climbing workout.

    Alison explains the next challenge, which is for immunity. Contestants are given a set period of time to herd baby longhorns into pens. Sam immediately begins working to give Koli immunity and Sunshine helps her dad. Daris is doing well on his own and is eventually is assisted by Michael. Koli, Sunshine and Daris (and their teammates) are neck-and-neck throughout the challenge. With the seconds ticking down, however, Sam and Koli herd one final calf in to earn the win.

    Jillian hooks up with Abby from last season to work on helping a high school with its obesity problem. Jillian addresses a packed house about weight and related health issues and takes some questions. Jillian works one-on-one with a girl struggling with self-esteem.

    The Last Chance workout is without Sunshine and O'Neal, who are at the funeral for O'Neal's brother. The theme of this workout seems to be that everybody is sore and struggling to get through. Daris admits being a little upset that Sam and Koli have an unfair advantage sill being with their teammate.

    Despite the fact it is 34 degrees in Texas that night, the show still decides to have the weigh-in outdoors.

    The immune Koli is first to weigh-in. He tosses up a 1 (to 259) and looks shocked. He admits to taking it easy but says he was expecting a 5.

    Sam is first among those in danger. He comes in with a 6, dropping down to 240, and pumps his fist in excitement. Sam has now lost 132 pounds on the show. Sunshine comes in at 187, down four pounds from last week. She is happy but reserved.

    With two people already on the board, O'Neal needs to have lost at least seven pounds to be safe this week. Instead he drops five pounds (to 265). This places him below both Sam and Sunshine with only three people left to weigh-in. Sam is now safe this week.

    Michael is up next and needs at least eight pounds to be safe. It's not even close, as Michael is down 15 pounds (to 343). He pumps his fists in excitement and Bob looks stunned. Michael has now lost 183 pounds in 15 weeks. This puts Michael in first and means he is safe this week. Daris needs to have lost more than four pounds to be safe. He lost five (to 214). This means he is safe, and O'Neal will definitely be below the yellow line this week. Either Sunshine or Ashley will join him. Sunshine begins to cry at the prospect of being up for the vote against her father.

    Ashley needs to have lost at least six pounds to be safe. She hits it on the number (to 248) and covers her face in happiness. She has now lost 126 pounds since arriving at the ranch. Not surprisingly, Sunshine begins to lose it, realizing that she and O'Neal are both below the yellow line.

    While Alison is gone, O'Neal tells everyone that he wants them to vote him off: "I want every single vote to go with me." Not surprisingly, everyone listens and Ashley, Sam and Koli are enough to send him home. A weepy Sunshine thanks her father. Daris promises O'Neal that his daughter still has family to watch over her and I get a massive cavity.

    We are shown O'Neal arriving at home. A huge group of family and friends greets him. We get an update that he has lost 15 more pounds since leaving the ranch. He is able to get around the house better and appears more dynamic at work.

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