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23 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Oh it's a stinker alright

Author: Mike from Hope B.C. Canada
16 November 2010

And I was generous with three stars, of ten. Explanation to come.

A buddy rented this one and brought it over. Starring the only two known 'actors' Steve Austin and Eric Roberts (who has stumbled along on his acting career, never approaching his more famous sister Julia's prominence), Hunt to Kill starts out with a familiar formula: Two cop (southern border guard?) buddies, the two already mentioned, staking out a trailer in the desert. It's desert so it must be the southern US border. They call for backup and then decide to storm the trailer without waiting for the backup to arrive.

At this point we can see what's going to happen in this movie. The writer is going to have the characters do totally illogical things because he hasn't taken any care to advance the story in a plausible fashion, and we the audience will spend the rest of the show rolling our eyes saying all the while, 'Now why on Earth would somebody do that?'. The movie delivers.

Of course the bust goes wrong. Eric Roberts must have been expensive because he's only on the screen long enough to get killed. The trailer is full of hidden bad guys and everything blows up in magnificent fashion, leaving only Steve Austin knocked flat but alive.

Next thing we know it's four years later and Austin has transformed into some sort of Rambo-like master of the forest and now he's in the Pacific Northwest. All the setup with the trailer and the killed partner? It has nothing at all to do with the rest of the movie except maybe to establish that Austin is tough. Oh, and we see him being given a birthday present of a watch with a woven band that can be unravelled into a rope.

The story shifts to a group of bad guys who have stolen some bonds and who are not only baby kicking bad but who betray each another at the drop of a hat. They kidnap Austin, actually kidnapping his newly appeared incredibly stupid daughter to force his cooperation in order that he should lead them through the forest to their fellow bad guy who has stolen their stolen bonds (don't ask) and taken off with a guide to sneak into Canada through the forest... (I warned you) The watch with the magic rope band that we expected Austin to use to save the day at some point? At one point the McGuffin (bag of bonds) had fallen off a cliff, Austin volunteers to go get it and just up and produces this magic watch band rope in front of everybody, unwinds it, and heads over the edge! Oh, that twist caught me by surprise! I had a great laugh over the fact that the watch-band rope once unravelled, became a half inch line of a good couple hundred feet in length.

Of course the bad guys betray him, grab the McGuffin, cut the rope so that Austin falls off the cliff, and leave him for dead. Of course he's not dead.

The forest part allows the story to go the way of presenting Austin as Rambo, although he runs through the bush in a very awkward fashion as though he were wearing high heels. We get to enjoy seeing such eye rolling and laughter inspiring events as Austin leaning back against a log in the middle of the forest and discovering a bag slung up into a tree, that contains a compound hunting bow! How handy. You can almost hear the scriptwriter say to himself, "Now I want to introduce a hunting bow for Austin, how can I do that?" "I know, he just finds it in a bag, strung up in a tree!"

Mind you, later Austin discards the bow when he has shot all of the arrows. You can't reuse undamaged arrows, it seems.

There are enough scenes to inspire laughter that I didn't pull the DVD out of the player. It was funny enough to keep watching, I'll give it that. There were some visually stunning scenes shot around the abandoned Brittania copper mine in Southwest British Columbia and cliff scenes obviously shot around nearby Squamish.

I can't give it all away but I've said enough I think. Austin has to rescue his daughter before the bad guys can escape with her to Canada. It's not so awful you can't get a laugh or two, but it's pretty awful.

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28 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

Decent action movie

Author: halbarad_loire from United Kingdom
13 October 2010

Right, we need to be honest about some things to begin with. First, this is going to have a lot of people giving it the next title of "WORST FILM EVARRRRR" and while they are all wrong, they are people too!

No, but seriously. When you come into a film called 'hunt to kill' with Steve Austin as the main character, I highly doubt you're going in expecting a film with some Al Pacino style acting, the action equivalent script of The Shawshank Redemption and the cinematography of Lord of the Rings. I suppose my point is that this film isn't that bad, nor is it that great. It's a decent film. The acting on most parts is competent. It's not perfectly shot but I've seen so much worse.

I'm not going to go into the story, it's a basic run of the mill good guy/good guy's family gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, stuff happens.

On one note, I hated the character played by "Marie Avgeropoulos". I always have hated know-it-all teens who think they know everything and just cause more trouble.

It's worth a watch either way.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:


Author: sikkwolf from Houston, Texas
11 June 2011

This is quite possibly the stupidest action movie I've ever seen. The plot, is cliché, sure, they all are in this genre now. There is a reason that Stallone and the Spermanator are famous for their abilities to make crappy plots work.

Stone Cold doesn't have that, the dude is a good actor, and was a great athlete, but they have to stunt doubles for him RUNNING for christs sake. And as awesome as a clash between "Steve "I drink beer and have rough sex with fear" Austin" and "Darth Maul" could have been, it's not. It's the antithesis of what you'd expect from such a showdown.

I mean, there is a low speed ****ing ATV chase, and seeing Austin pop a wheelie on a four wheeler to smash a bad guy into a wall, before shooting said ATV with a flare... Was beyond my tolerance for stupidity, I was hung over, on the couch, and helpless to turn this off since my xbox controller was out of reach. I'm warning you ahead of time so no one else has to suffer. Don't watch this.

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14 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Bad acting - waste of 90 minutes

Author: John Demirel from United States
28 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rented this after reading the reviews here - and all I can say is those that gave this more than 2 stars have WAY lower standards for entertainment than I do.

The lead role - played by Steve Austin had all the charisma of the rocks he found himself (repeatedly) climbing. I mean come on - he falls off of TWO separate cliffs in this movie. As another reviewer wrote - he is being pulled up the cliff and trying to make it *look* like he is climbing. Of course he doesn't look like he is climbing.

He just happens to find a bag up in tree with a crossbow and cameo face paint - right AFTER he heats up a knife red hot - to do what??? - to cauterize a bullet wound of course. How did the bag get there?? The story was so weak - and had so many holes in example - he climbs down a cliff using the para-cord from his watch - except this para-cord magically turns into climbing rope. He descends this cliff to retrieve a bag of bearers bonds that the bad guys want. Trouble is the bad guys have Steve Austins daughter too. So Steve says "I'll go get the money and they you will let my daughter go before I give it to you". So he climbs down this cliff - gets the money bag and climbs back up - and expects the bad guys (who all have guns and have already killed a number of people) to let his daughter go....which they don't...and he is surprised. SHOCKER! Luckily I only paid $1.00 to rent this - but I am forever out of the 90 minutes I wasted hoping the movie would get better - which it didn't. Shame on me.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Stone Cold...

Author: VictorRayado from United States
16 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Steve Austin not at his best. He gets a main role of a father whose daughter is kidnapped by a group of robbers. His "main" role as a border patrol officer doesn't make him untouchable. I mean, his is beat up the entire movie. Other minor characters have fighting skills better than his. I've seen most of his movies like Stranger and Damage and it is the same case. They don't give Steve Austin the right role. He is a major action movie star and he should be getting better roles. There is no doubt his best movie is his first movie: The Condemned. Finally, the movie has a lot of action but some scenes are unrealistic. The second climbing scene is so not possible because the surface is completely smooth. I think the story is too repetitive and kind of long but if you like Steve Austin, you definitely have to watch it.

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11 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

How can the other reviewers be sooo wrong, bad!

Author: stingetje from United Kingdom
20 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a bad movie, how can the other reviewers be sooo wrong. I specifically signed up to write this message. Sure, the story reads like a Silvester Stallone movie and even though I think he is not a good actor, he is definitely a million miles better.

The acting is SUPER wooden, VERY unnatural. And a lot of scenes don't even make sense, let me give a few, trying not to give too much spoilers: - in the trailer, the guy is lying NEXT to the door, easy to get him out - next scene, waking up in the cold forest, without a hat, which he only puts up AFTER getting up, stupid! I know, I am bald too... - and the worst of all (after that, I left the movie): when climbing the rock at the river, it looks soooo fake, he is clearly being pulled up!

I will give it 2 points, just to show that I expected the storyline to be what it is, but after reading the other reviews I expected much better acting. And I was very disappointed in that.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:


Author: evilsantasteve from tilden texas
6 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Steve Austin stars as U.S. Border Patrol agent Jim Rhodes, a tough divorce mourning the loss of his murdered partner while struggling to raise his rebellious daughter in the mountains of Montana. But when a crew of trigger-happy fugitives takes Rhodes and his daughter hostage, a rugged wilderness will explode in all-terrain vengeance. Is there any wounded animal more dangerous than a lawman left for dead great film to watch and the film its got a great story line and a lot of action to and really acted great to bye all the cast of the film bye steve Austin and the rest you all should watch it and it its 10 out of 10 for me and I would love to see a number 2 with me in it hahaha

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Don't waste your time

Author: elliot-117-803854 from United Kingdom
27 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh dear. I don't expect much from an "action" flick starring Steve Austen, but this managed to tick all the bad film boxes.

Poor script, poor acting and terrible direction, but worst of all was the plot, if it's not an insult to plots to call it that. There were so many holes and improbable coincidences, it's hard to know where to begin, but I'll point out a few which will make sense if you have had the misfortune to see the film:

- Why did Lawson leave the bomb in the place most likely to be found by the other baddies? Not very clever.

- Why did he wire the bomb so that the cutting of the only wire connecting the phone to the explosives deactivates it? Not very sophisticated.

- Why did he wait a good five minutes after making off with the loot before deciding to make the call, giving others plenty of time to find and deactivate the bomb? Getting really thin, now.

- When other baddies find the bomb, they all stand around it discussing what to do (putting their fingers in their ears in case it explodes). They are in a big warehouse (conveniently with only one exit - they couldn't shoot the lock?) full of equipment and stuff. It doesn't occur to any of them to barricade the bomb in one corner and barricade himself in the opposite one.

- Why did Lawson try to get to Canada through the woods when he could have just driven across the border? Geez this guy was stupid.

- The other end of the rope tying up the daughter was held in Dominika's hand. Ooo - very secure!

- Why did the baddies not tie Austin up at night to prevent him attempting to escape/kill them?

- How did the watch strap turn into so much climbing rope?

- Why did Austin retrieve the bag without getting Banks to let the girl go first? Rather dim.

- A bit convenient when Austin finds the bag with the bow in it?

- When did Austin get the time to build the hide beneath which he was camouflaged before attacking Jensen?

- Austin then shoots Jensen - in the backpack? Why not through the neck or head!

- Dominika finds Jensen's backpack, but not Jensen's body, a few feet away. Not much of a search!

- Why did Austin, having picked the baddies off one by one (Rambo-style), does he choose to run, completely exposed, across a rock face in full view of Banks?

- When Banks has Austin semi-conscious and totally at his mercy, why does he choose to run off and leave him to recover?

- Banks finds the scooters. He knows he can get away. He has already ruthlessly killed several of his fellow baddies, cops etc, but he chooses to merely punch Austin's daughter. Not very likely.

And finally, and worst of all: - Banks finds three scooters. He is being chased by two goodies. Why, in heaven's name, doesn't he disable the other two?

I don't mind a little bit of dramatic licence for plot development purposes, but this film just took it way too far. Don't waste your time.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Hunt to Kill..well what else would you expect?

Author: judgejon99 from United Kingdom
25 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a film with action!!! has a story? has actors that do the gym and show you how fit they are!!!...they look mean....they look right into the camera lens...there is also some comedy...some nice shots of the countryside...even some "sex" to a small degree thanks to Dominika (Emilie Ullerup)...but i have to be honest, the guy that made this film must think the punters that are going to the flicks to see this, or at worse pay good money to buy the DVD version is a joker in the first degree...a very slow and predictable carefully as you see the main man Jim Rhodes (Steve Austin) is given a wrist watch, "it will help you out one day" to insult us viewers we see him use this strap to abseil down a 150' rock face...and by the time he is at the bottom its a climbing rope...come on we are not stupid....then muscle man Austin falls down another rock face....only to climb back up with no significant injuries...i never did understand why the double-crossing bad boy Lawson (Michael Hogan) went on foot into the wood...he has a vehicle....then he throws the stash away down the cliff....for all to to sum is a "B" movie which has some action but a weak story line that ends up very predictable...Banks (Gill Bellows)gets run over...don't waste you cash...go buy a wont leave a bad taste in your mouth afterwards...

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9 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Poor man's Rambo

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
27 November 2010

Looks like I am 0-for-2 when it comes to DTV action flicks with "kill" in the title this month with this and Dolph Lundgren's disappointing THE KILLING MACHINE. Some genius producer corralled the villains (Steve Austin, Eric Roberts and Gary Daniels) from Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES and put them in a cheap-o film. Jim Rhodes (Austin) is a border patrol agent who is forced (via the hostage daughter routine) to lead a gang on an excursion near the Canadian border. The gang is led by Banks (Gil Bellows, looking rough) and they are trying to find the guy who double crossed them after a heist. After they get their haul, they leave Rhodes for dead but he uses his Rambo-esquire survival skills to get them. Zzzzzzzz. This is the first "Stone Cold" Steve Austin film I've seen and he is surprisingly personality deprived (surprising because of his popular wrestling persona). The film's highlight is a fight between Austin and Daniels, which ends with Daniels run through with a stick and Austin saying, "Sorry you couldn't stick around." 2010. Director Keoni Waxman did several of those awful DTV Steven Seagal flicks and offers nothing outside of the film being in focus and some good forest locations. It is one of those movies where bad guys uncover a bomb in a huge warehouse and everyone stands 2 feet from it while one guy defuses it instead of getting the hell away. Eric Roberts is the doomed partner is the prologue and is gone by the seven minute mark. Skip it...and that's the bottom line cuz "Stone Lukewarm" Udar55 said so!

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