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What on earth is wrong with the reviewers on this site?
stevo-7419 January 2011
I can't believe the amount of flack this show is receiving from the simple-minded and humorless... I have news for everyone: New episodes of the Simpsons are trash... Family Guy hasn't been relevant or clever in ages... American Dad and The Cleveland Show are rip-off cash-ins. I actually read one comment that stated "Give Seth Macfarlane another show!" God forbid! I was a huge fan of Futurama, About the first 10 seasons of the Simpsons, Clone High, Mission Hill, Undergrads, About the first four seasons of Family Guy... so on and so forth. This is the first show that has made me really laugh in a long time. It's clever, and the humor is a bit dryer and more subtle. There are some pretty crude stuff I suppose...

I dunno. I seriously think that people have forgotten what it's like to watch something that isn't preachy, in-your-face, and blatant.

At least this show incorporates its jokes into the story and episode arch... as opposed to Family Guy's idiotic asides...
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tracy-duchene22 January 2011
I absolutely love this show. I have never fallen in love with a television show as quickly as I have with this one.

The humor is original, fresh, and it completely helps push the plot of each show along instead of throwing in humor that is completely unrelated to the plot. There is no comparison between this show and other animated comedies on television currently. Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other shows on TV now are re-using jokes and going for the easy laugh with sex jokes, but Bob's Burgers has smart comedy that often hits you a few minutes later. The characters are all so different, quirky, and lovable! I can see the typical family dynamic and it depicts families as they are. I love it. This show is great and I hope it keeps going!
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Bob's Burgers is a refreshing change of pace.
Will Fellows2 November 2014
I am an avid fan of animated television, and have a massive appreciation for MacFarlane's Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. And also The Simpsons and Futurama. While Groening and MacFarlane are cartoon tycoons currently dominating animated programming, Bob's Burgers is a pleasing, utterly enjoyable change.

The pace and rapport of all the characters is one that is rare in any other cartoons. This pace is further backed up by the exceptional vocal performances and direction. Bob's monotonous exasperation at his children's outbursts is just hilarious. The script and dialogue of Tina, Gene and Louise is superb. Tina's voice, personally, I find extremely funny. The humour of a situation slowly evading Bob, mainly, is well accommodated by the episode lengths.

I haven't laughed so hard at a comedy since that seen in The US Office where they all start singing staying alive by the bee gees to keep the beat for CPR of the practice dummy.
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A great new show that I hope will last.
Joshua Glowzinski10 January 2011
New things come and go and many are easily forgotten. There are so many shows now a days. It's hard to keep track of the good with all of the carp that some how makes it into our homes. I am so glad to say that Bobs Burger is one of those shows that you will be happy found it's way. Many things made this show be added to my favorite list and my DVR. Firstly, I love the animation. Instead of trying to look like Family Guy, The Simpsons or King of the Hill, this show stands out as looking completely different. It is gritty and looks like something that would have been on MTV in the mid 80s or early 90s. That makes me like it even more. I am writing a kids book and seeing stuff like this makes me feel good. Not everything has to look so polished. Another thing I like is the dark humor. It is the kind of thing that if you stop paying attention for just a minute, you won't get something later. I actually laughed out loud at this time after time. Which is rare these days. Something else I like about this show is the people doing the voices. Especially H. Jon Benjamin. The story I saw was really funny and memorable. All these things make me really excited about the next episode.

I must say though, I have a bad feeling Fox is going to boot this show. It just does not fit in with there other shows. Everything on Sunday nights looks the same. This seems like it would fit better on Adult Swim or Comedy Central. So let us all hope Fox is smart and keeps this show on. I am already excited about getting a season pass and buying it on Blu Ray when it is available!!!!
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This show is a keeper
naomi-6616 January 2011
I didn't see the pilot but I just saw the second episode and it was interesting and hilarious. The plot was funny, the voices were good. I haven't looked up a show in a long time but, on the commercial break, I had to pull it up on my computer to learn more about it.

Other reviewers seem disappointed that the humor included fart jokes and that it doesn't adequately fill the spot following the Simpson's. But keep in mind that this is also the slot before the Family Guy. Bob's Burger's is the perfect show to be on before the Family Guy.

The animation has it's own flavor too which is nice.

I hope FOX keeps this one.
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The Hero of the Sunday Night Lineup
Ian Carty1 February 2011
With new Simpsons and Family Guy episodes failing to entertain less and less with every new episode, Bob's Burgers was a glimmering light at the end of what to me, was a dark, unfunny tunnel. On it's premiere night I decide to check it out because there wasn't to much on, and since then I have been a complete fan of the show. The plot revolves around a man and his struggling burger joint run by him, his wife and his 3 children. The premise may seem a little "closed" but I hope that they are able to continue it for long enough that it doesn't get boring and ridiculous, but with what they've shown so far it does not appear that they are slowing down with quirky, and original plots. The show is hilarious and the actors that voice them are perfect. I've shown this to all my room mates and everyone has become a fan, so hopefully this show will be on the air for a while.
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Worth it
QinetiQ11 July 2014
When I first saw the commercials about a new cartoon-series I wasn't really impressed. Bobs burgers, about a burgershop, really..? The style was a strong reminder of Beavis and Butthead and the short commercial didn't really impress me much. Maybe I was a bit skeptical because the last years no cartoon or animation series has impressed me much. Brickleberry for example never made me laugh and I didn't like any of the characters.

When it comes to that, TV is riddled with the McFarlane cartoons and even though I still like family guy (not love), its all becoming a tad repetitive.

So I gave Bob's Burgers a chance. I had to get used to the style and wasn't convinced a Burgershop could deliver anything fun, but after a few ep's I am pleasantly surprised. The pace is really good, dialogs are fast and you have to take notice of all or you will miss a joke or clever pun. The cartoon-style works, it gives a bit of 80's nostalgia and it just looks funny - seeing Louise go nuts wearing those ears is just a funny sight.

The characters all work for me, I noticed a lot dislike Gene but I can see him fit in. He delivers a lot of clever (superfast) jokes (scrotumwax!) so for me he adds.

Even the 'recurring characters' deliver, my fav would be Teddy ("we need a bigger restaurant!").

All in all its well-made and reasonably original (wich is rare these days) and it's actually funny. It may need to grow on you, I needed a few episodes but now I am a fan.
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Best thing on the box right now
t-turner10 March 2011
Really can't believe the people who don't get this, maybe they should stick with "Two and a half Men".It reminds me of the early Simpsons before they forgot how to be funny. The voice's are spot on especially Kristen Schaal as Louise, she was one of the best things about "Flight of the Concords" and the slightly manic energy she had then translates well into Louise to balance the mellowness of the other characters. It also has a nice touch of the surreal which I love, not surprising considering the producer also worked on Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist another one of my favorite (under-rated) shows. I'm really starting to look forward to each new episode to see how the show develops so please don't cancel this show, give it a chance!
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Very much enjoyable
Eller17 March 2012
I really enjoyed the first season of Bob's Burgers. Not often for a cartoon you can say that there is chemistry between characters. In Bob's Burgers - there is. The calm and usually serious, but funny dad, mother who's full of weird ideas, and children, each so different. The youngest daughter is definitely my favorite with her unpredictable attitude towards many usual things.

The script is very well written, and after multiple viewings I have noticed new jokes that I haven't paid attention to at first. I really hope this cartoon will stay on the air and keeps up the good work. I rate it 10/10 for the first season.
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Mr. Fischoeder
snailovercello17 October 2014
The simple fact that Kevin Kline is involved, should be enough for anyone to understand the caliber of this series. The entire cast playing the Belchers is spot on and only gets better with each episode. This show has a new and fresh vibe to it, but also has a certain familiar attribute; a family trying to do the best that they can with what they have and having a little fun along the way. A surprisingly exceptional character is found in Louise, played by Kristen Schaal. While all the characters have redeeming qualities of their own, Louise's character is in my opinion one of the most exuberantly funny. She is the comic relief more often than not. Each episode takes you on a new adventure, theme, idea, premise, etc.. Lots of variety keeps the show interesting. Overall- Outstanding series, but could use more of Regular Sized Rudy.
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