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Episode #7.22

Bob realizes his dream of being an outdoorsman when the wilderness equipment store has a going out of business sale; Linda and the kids spend the night watching Aunt Gayle rehearse for her one-woman show.

Current Episode (aired 21 May 2017)

Paraders of the Lost Float

Teddy talks Bob into entering the Bog to Beach parade even though the forecast calls for rain.


6 Jan. 2013
Mother Daughter Laser Razor
Linda struggles to connect with Louise when they attend a mother-daughter seminar, while Bob takes Tina to get her legs waxed.
13 Jan. 2013
Nude Beach
It's dingles and dongles and birthday suits.
27 Jan. 2013
Broadcast Wagstaff School News
Tina is on a mission to unmask the middle school.
10 Feb. 2013
My Fuzzy Valentine
Bob gets romantic.
17 Feb. 2013
Lindapendent Woman
Linda quits the restaurant and takes up a job at a grocery store.
3 Mar. 2013
O.T.: The Outside Toilet
Eugene encounters a mysterious talking toilet.
10 Mar. 2013
The Belcher kids take on a Thomas Edison fanatic.
17 Mar. 2013
Two for Tina
Tina finds herself in a love triangle.
24 Mar. 2013
It Snakes a Village
Bob and the family take a swinging vacation.
14 Apr. 2013
Family Fracas
The Belchers appear on a television game show.
21 Apr. 2013
The Kids Run the Restaurant
Things get "dicey".
28 Apr. 2013
Boyz 4 Now
Louise is horrified when she develops her first crush.
5 May 2013
Carpe Museum
A school trip to the museum turns wild for the Belchers.
12 May 2013
The Unnatural
Gene loses his confidence after playing badly during a baseball game so Linda sends him to a baseball coach.
29 Sep. 2013
A River Runs Through Bob
Bob and the family face the great outdoors.
6 Oct. 2013
Fort Night
Tricks and treats and lunatics abound.
3 Nov. 2013
Linda is bored by Bob's tired attempts at Date Night and decides to sign up for flying lessons. When Bob won't join her, she becomes the target of "Upskirt Kurt", the most charming pilot in the air.
10 Nov. 2013
My Big Fat Greek Bob
Bob scores a temporary gig as a cook at an "underdog" frat house and discovers that he fits right in! Hijinks ensue as Bob and the rest of the fraternity brothers find themselves in the middle of a collegiate prank war that involves the house's most famous alumnus, Dr. Yap. Meanwhile, the kids are on a mission to invade the frat house and get in on the action.
24 Nov. 2013
Turkey in a Can
Determined to have a perfect Thanksgiving, Bob meticulously prepares the family turkey. But, to his horror, he finds that someone then dumps the turkey in the toilet in an act of Thanksgiving sabotage.
1 Dec. 2013
Purple Rain-Union
Linda has an upcoming 25 year reunion at Cardinal Gennaro High. Debbie, chairman of the reunion, needs entertainment for the gala. Linda's old band, The Ta Tas, are not even her 3rd choice, but she asks Linda to round up the band: Angie, Patsy, Nancy, and Gayle. Linda does not want to do it: 25 years ago, Bad Hair Day rocked the talent show; and BHD still rocks the pro circuit. The kids egg on Linda until she agrees to perform. Tina plans to babysit, so the kids plan to attend. Like Louise says, who would miss the train wreck of all train wrecks? The kids fail to ...
8 Dec. 2013
Bob and Deliver
To Tina's delight, Bob becomes the substitute "Home Ec" teacher at her school and ends up creating a full-scale restaurant in the classroom. However, her excitement is short-lived as Bob's position causes father/daughter friction. But when Gene and Louise go to work for Bob's "school" restaurant, Linda must fend for herself at the family's "other" restaurant (aka Bob's Burgers).
15 Dec. 2013
Christmas in the Car
After Linda accidentally kills the family tree, the Belchers must go out on Christmas Eve to find a new one. But when Bob cuts off a giant candy cane truck, they are forced to outrun the madman driver (homage to the 1971 movie "Duel") and spend the entire night together in the car. Back at the Belcher home, Bob's friend, Teddy, accidentally gets stuck in the kids' Santa trap.

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