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Into the Mild

Bob realizes his dream of being an outdoorsman when the wilderness equipment store has a going out of business sale; Linda and the kids spend the night watching Aunt Gayle rehearse for her one-woman show.


9 Jan. 2011
Human Flesh
On top of watching his dysfunctional family crumble around him, Bob faces the wrath of a jealous health inspector who cooks up a nasty rumor about the restaurant's choice of meat.
16 Jan. 2011
Crawl Space
His in-law's are coming into town, and Bob tries desperately to concoct a plan to avoid them for as long as he can. Unfortunately, Bob did not plan to get stuck in the recesses of the family restaurant.
23 Jan. 2011
Sacred Cow
Bob's Burgers is about to hit 100,000 burger sales and Bob is excited until he meets his meat... documentary filmmaker, Randy Watkins, and Moolissa, a steer wearing a blonde wig. (Randy does not care about gender correctness.) There is an official five (5) day Cow-ntdown: will Bob let Moolissa be slaughtered or will he admit to being a hypocrite and a murderer? Bob calls Animal Control and his own kids turn against him. Bring on the bad publicity: "Dial "M" for Moo-der" really packs the restaurant. Bob is increasingly aware of Moolissa. Also, there are communications ...
13 Feb. 2011
Sexy Dance Fighting
Tina is going through the heartbreak of puberty; once they see it is not contagious, Gene and Louise try to cheer up their big sister. They show her what they believe is a smelly special needs breakdancing class in Brazilian. Tina's hormones are fueled by lithe, muscular Jairo and his martial art, Capoeira. Soon, it is "Jairo says this" and "Jairo says that" and Tina is neglecting her job, working night and day, to master Capoeira. Tina wants to earn her yellow corda in the Troca de Cordões ceremony, Portuguese for "exchange of strands." Teddy equates it with becoming...
20 Feb. 2011
Hamburger Dinner Theater
Linda is dying to relive her dream of becoming a star on Broadway, so she decides to host a dinner theater at the restaurant. But on opening night a shocking surprise leaves Linda with a more chilling production than she planned for.
6 Mar. 2011
Sheesh! Cab, Bob?
Bob takes a second job as a nighttime cab driver so he can give Tina the 13th birthday party she deserves, and he makes some surprising new friends along the ride.
13 Mar. 2011
Bed & Breakfast
Linda gets really excited about opening a Bed and Breakfast to capitalize on the high volume of tourists coming into town, but when the guests start to arrive Louise senses espionage afoot.
20 Mar. 2011
Art Crawl
Linda's eccentric sister Gayle comes to town intending to use the restaurant as a gallery for her paintings during this year's "Art Crawl." Bob is left totally oblivious the comically explicit nature of Gayle's artwork until it's too late.
27 Mar. 2011
Spaghetti Western and Meatballs
Bob and Gene bond over spaghetti western movies, which makes Louise jealous.
10 Apr. 2011
Burger Wars
Bob's landlord has been understanding about the consistent delay in rent, but payment time has come. After getting wind of Bob's financial trouble, Jimmy Pesto faces-off against his mortal enemy by introducing burgers to his own menu.
8 May 2011
Weekend at Mort's
The family has to stay next door at Mort the Mortician's house since the restaurant is infested with mold. Bob and Linda double date with Mort and his mysterious Internet-girlfriend; while Tina entertains her siblings in the crematorium.
15 May 2011
Bob is likely the only person in town excited about the cancellation of this years "Lobsterfest" due to inclement weather. Bob strikes gold when he opens the restaurant regardless of the storm, and is celebrated by the masses.
22 May 2011
Bob is giddy as ever when his role model, minor league pitcher Torpedo Jones, gives a shout-out to the restaurant during a game, but is blind-sided upon finding out Torpedo endorses his burgers for reasons which are morally shaky at best.

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