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The Land Ship

Bob thinks the upcoming Land Ship parade will increase business -- until he learns two porta-potties will be in front of his restaurant; Tina's friends tell her she is boring.

Current Episode (aired 27 Sep. 2015)

Sliding Bobs

When Bob starts to lose his hair, Linda reminisces about his mustache and how it made her fall for him; the kids make up their own versions of how Bob and Linda met.

Season 1

9 Jan. 2011
Human Flesh
Louise wanted to "up the ante" at Show & Tell, so she told the class her dad, Bob, uses human remains in Bob's Burgers. Linda's jealous ex-fiancée, Hugo, is the new health inspector sent to investigate. Tina and Louise advise Linda to flirt with Hugo to keep the restaurant open. Hugo is an amateur poet: "Inspector of health, inspector of pain. I came in search of human remains. And I found a piece of human flesh I thought I'd never see again---my heart." Gene makes a delivery next door to Mort the mortician. With kids, condiments, buttons, candy caskets and angry mobs...
16 Jan. 2011
Crawl Space
Linda's parents are coming to visit; they have to sleep in one of the kid's rooms. Bob, Gene and Louise learn more than they ever wanted to know about Tina's budding zombie-ality. Bob is not happy about the in-law visit; he uses fixing roof leaks to "get stuck" and hide in the walls. Bob asks home contractor, Teddy, to leave him in the wall for one more day and then Bob really gets stuck! Tina, Gene and Louise are officially Kids in Crisis and an alien protein may be taking over Bob's Burgers. It's up to Kuchi Kopi, cocktails... and Grandma Gloria to get Bob out of ...
23 Jan. 2011
Sacred Cow
Bob's Burgers is about to hit 100,000 burger sales and Bob is excited until he meets his meat... documentary filmmaker, Randy Watkins, and Moolissa, a steer wearing a blonde wig. (Randy does not care about gender correctness.) There is an official five (5) day Cow-ntdown: will Bob let Moolissa be slaughtered or will he admit to being a hypocrite and a murderer? Bob calls Animal Control and his own kids turn against him. Bring on the bad publicity: "Dial "M" for Moo-der" really packs the restaurant. Bob is increasingly aware of Moolissa. Also, there are communications ...
8 Feb. 2011
Sexy Dance Fighting
Tina is going through the heartbreak of puberty; after they learn it is not contagious, Gene and Louise try to cheer up their big sister. They show her what they believe is a smelly special needs breakdancing class in Brazilian. Tina's hormones are fueled by lithe, muscular Jairo and his martial art, Capoeira. Soon, it is "Jairo says this" and "Jairo says that" and Tina is neglecting her job, working night and day, to master Capoeiera. Tina wants to earn her yellow corda in the Troca de Cordoes ceremony, Portuguese for "exchange of strands." Teddy equates it with ...
8 Feb. 2011
Hamburger Dinner Theater
Bob reluctantly lets Linda and the kids stage a musical murder mystery dinner theater in the restaurant, but on opening night, an abrupt interruption changes the play's creative direction.
8 Feb. 2011
Sheesh! Cab, Bob?
Tina is desperate to get her first kiss at her 13th birthday party. But after Louise breaks the deep fryer, Bob takes a second job as a late-night cab driver to pay for Tina's party. Things keep getting worse for Bob when the parents of Tina's crush refuse to let their son attend the party, and Bob has to do everything in his power to save his daughter's big day.
8 Feb. 2011
Bed & Breakfast
With a long weekend approaching, Linda sees an opportunity to capitalize on the tourist traffic by starting a bed and breakfast. But when the reservations are filled by some shady character, Louise plants listening devices all over the house to keep an ear on what's happening.
8 Feb. 2011
Art Crawl
When Linda asks Bob to let her sister hang her paintings in the restaurant for Art Week, Bob finds he's forced to contend with the city's Art Council, a shady troop of intimidating old ladies who control the art exhibited around town. Meanwhile, Louise, Gene and Tina are thrilled by all the attention their own art receives in the restaurant.
8 Feb. 2011
Spaghetti Western and Meatballs
Bob and Gene bond over spaghetti western movies, which makes Louise jealous.
10 Apr. 2011
Burger Wars
Calvin Fischoeder is a rich eccentric, one white cat away from being a super-villain. Fischoeder owns the restaurant building, the amusement park and Wonder Wharf. He gives Bob notice if he does not catch up on rent by Friday, Jimmy Pesto wants to rent Bob's Burgers and turn it into a gift shop. After a family brainstorm, Louise votes for voodoo but flyers win the day. When advertising backfires, it may be up to "The Meatsiah" to save Bob's Burgers. Jimmy Jr. dances with Tracy... Tina. But a splash of voodoo never hurt anybody...
8 May 2011
Weekend at Mort's
Bob and his family are forced to spend the weekend at Mort the Mortician's while the restaurant is being de-molded. Linda and Bob double date with Mort and a female mortician he meets online while Tina babysits Gene and Louise in Mort's crematorium.
15 May 2011
Bob hates Lobsterfest: it's no fun being a burger man in a seafood, Bob is allergic. The entire family wants to go, but Bob forbids the Belchers to celebrate Lobsterfest. A tropical storm is upgraded to hurricane. Bob thinks Lobsterfest is gone with the wind and "Bobsterfest" is the next big thing. Bob is a port in the storm; he opens the restaurant, feeds the multitudes, crowd surfs and he even flies high as Hugo's wingman. The kids go looting and find a lobster. Things get way out of hand. Is Bob Belcher a bottom feeder...or is he better than that?
22 May 2011
The Belchers attend the Wonder Wharf Wonderdogs, a minor league baseball team owned by Calvin Fischoeder. During 7th inning stretch, there is a mascot foot race. Gene wants to compete in the next race in the burger costume. Bob's "same-age role model," is pitcher, Torpedo Jones. He is author of the sometimes lethal pitch, the split-finger skadootch. Louise pushes for Torpedo to fix it for Gene to run in the next race. Bob is so grateful, he brings his idol a "thank you" burger. Torpedo Jones does a "yell out" to eat at Bob's Burgers and Bob is in heaven. The kids chat...

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