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"Crash" Calm Like a Bomb (2009)

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Since Bo and Lilly broke up, he seeks refuge in pleasing his mother but she doesn't really accept his attention. She leaves the store early and when Bo investigates her absence, he discovers that she is asking people to sign a petition in favor of Seth Blanchard's City of the Homeless (Byzantium)

In the meantime, Kenny starts doubting Seth's sanity. Seth is searching for God in every conversation and Kenny has his doubts and starts suspecting that Seth might not be healthy anymore until Seth collapses.

Ben Cendars is once again looking for the murderer of his daughter, Cassie, and takes Anthony into the Montgomery Club, a racist rich boys club. When Ben confronts the possible murderer a riot starts in the club.

Inez gets an opportunity to act in a movie. This might be her way out of Club 27!


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