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  • An American girl, Isabella, sets out to make a documentary to understand what happened to her mother who murdered three clergy people. She was not convicted due to insanity and was sent to a mental hospital in Italy. Isabella meets with some priests in Italy who explain that her mother's condition may not be medical, but could be an extra-human possession.

    - Written by Joy
  • On 30 October 1989, in South Hartford, Maria Rossi brutally murders two priests and a nun during an exorcism and calls the police. Two years later, she is arrested and sentenced to the South Hartford State Asylum. However, a couple of months later, she is transferred to the Centrino Mental Hospital in Italy. Twenty years later, her twenty-five year old daughter Isabella Rossi accepts to make a documentary about her mother and she travels to the Vatican School of Exorcism in Rome. Isabella befriends the priests Father Ben Rawlings and Father David Keane in the school. Then she visits her mother with the director Michael Schaefer that is shooting the documentary. The two priests invite Isabella and Michael to witness the exorcism of a young woman. Then they go to the hospital where Maria Rossi is interned to exorcise her. Father David shows the evidences to the Church and Maria's doctor but they are not accepted. Sooner Father David is possessed by a demon and commits suicide. Isabella has a seizure and Ben and Michael take her to the hospital. Soon they learn that Isabelle is possessed by a demon and they need to take her to Father Gallo to help Ben in an exorcism.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • This film is a 'Found Footage' style movie about a woman (Isabella) who travels to Italy to do a documentary about her mother who in 1989 supposedly killed three clergy who were performing an exorcism on her (the mother) at the time. When she gets there she meets two priests who also perform exorcisms on possessed people, but normally without the permission of the Vatican. Isabella has a camera man with her (Michael) who films and documents everything. They soon find that Isabella's mother is still possessed but when they do the exorcism they realize that the demon (or demons) can jump from one person to another. But who becomes possessed next?

    - Written by Michael Hallows Eve
  • In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism.

    - Written by Anonymous


An American girl sets out to make a documentary to understand what happened to her mother, who murdered three clergy people but was not convicted due to insanity and was instead sent to a mental hospital in the Vatican City...

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