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100 out of 174 people found the following review useful:

Typical propaganda disguised as "conversation"

Author: angelslave69 from United States
11 October 2010

This movie is very convincing, in that it doesn't come out swinging. It slips in your back door, tries to make you feel at home, says "don't you remember the 80's? Yeah, those were good times..." It uses the words of two presidents, while utterly ignoring the fact that words and actions are usually worlds apart in politics. It makes Reagan seem like a free market godsend while ignoring the fact the government grew under his control, or that the deficit grew under his control. It ignores the fact that the current economic downturn is rooted in Reaganomics, and that any government attempt to influence this downturn requires money, that any businessman will tell you "you have to spend money to make money." It fails to mention the republicans that have come after Reagan, who have also expanded federal government size and spending. It paints one side as right, and the other as utterly wrong; it turns a gray, nuanced problem into a typical "black or white, you're with us or against us" argument. It's pure propaganda, financed by someone who wants your money. It fails to mention that free market is a ruler of sorts, that companies want your money just as badly as the government does. It fails to mention America's history of abuse at the hands of corporations, the bleak world of "free market" in the 19th and early 20th century, a time before weekends, vacation, raises, or benefits of any kind. Rather than explore what each side means, it expects you to sit down and agree. And some people will, which is sad. Rather than explore any actual solutions, it suggests that you just kind of agree with the message. And while you're not looking, it helps itself to that money in your cookie jar. And that makes it better than what it argues against?

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51 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Yay! A 42% Tax cut for the rich!

Author: bromsk from Denver
21 October 2010

Talking about spending and without discussing how so called conservatives slashed revenue tells only half the story. Aside from WW2, we paid our bills up until Reagan.

Lyndon Johnson (D) cut taxes for the top bracket from 90% to 70% in 1964.

***Reagan and Bush 41 cut taxes on the top bracket from 70% to 28% from 1980-1986. That's a 42% tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.***

Clinton (D)raised taxes on the top bracket from 28 to 39%. We ran a budget surplus from 1998-2001.

Bush 43 created Dept. Homeland Security (huge) installed the unfunded prescription drug benefit, $700 billion in debt by 2015, and cut taxes for the top bracket to 35% during two wars (?)

Obama (D) wants to raise taxes 4% on the top bracket. If that helps us pay our bills, fine. I'm upper middle class. I can handle 4% more taxes to live in a balanced budget USA.

For the millionaires and billionaires who don't want to do their part, there's always Dubai. 90% up to 1964 and 70% up to 1981 seems draconian, but 39% isn't anything to cry about. We have the fifth lowest taxes in the developed world.

Why anyone in the US middle class would be so horny for Reagan has always baffled me. He talked a good game while he screwed us.

If 'conservatives' are so into personal responsibility, how about paying for the roads, bridges, schools, social security, and national security we all use, rather than borrowing tax cuts from our two time 20th Century proxy war opponent?

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37 out of 66 people found the following review useful:

Interesting Slant way to take a Gray area and make it Black & White

Author: mdpollack from United States
19 October 2010

The Movie shows only the highlights of the Reagan administration and ignored the Surplus Clinton left. It neglected to mention the fact that Regan actually raised taxes once it realized that it was necessary. The movie makes fun of Nixon and ignores all of Reagans failings such as the Olie North debacle and Savings and Loan collapse. The is always more then one way to govern and in an extremely complex world there are no simple answers and until the two major parties work together all will can look forward to is years of bickering and failure.

The movie is a perfect recruiting tool for the Tea party but the one sided view of a complicated issue does nothing to enhance the dialog but just adds to the already splinted electorate.

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13 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

But it's MY money

Author: Steve Pulaski from United States
23 June 2011

A Conservative documentary in the world of film today is an extreme rarity. The fact that this movie was theatrical is amazing as well. Usually, this is the type of documentary Fox News puts out. Boasting a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and being either a love it/hate it documentary, I Want Your Money isn't groundbreaking, but does bring good points to light and is fairly easy for a person lacking government knowledge, like myself, to get into.

The argument is simple; the people want maximum freedom and minimum government. Filmmaker Ray Griggs is very likable with his calm and laidback tone throughout the film. He proves to the Left that you can be a Republican and be softspoken. People like Rush Limbaugh aren't typical Republicans. A lot of them can be very opinionated, but others, like Griggs, can be mature and direct about the whole issue.

I Want Your Money contrasts Reagan's government policies with Obama's government policies dubbed 'Reaganomics" and "Obamanomics." One is pro-Capitalism the other is pro-Socialism. Both have completely different views of the perfect America.

Several people like Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Lila Rose, Gary Bauer, and others give their insight on the topics presented like The Stimulus Plan and how it was one of the shadiest plans ever passed and multiple other topics. Ray Griggs narrates the film and is quiet but stern saying "hey, it's your money they're spending." This has been called a piece of propaganda, but isn't every political documentary in a way? One could call Fahrenheit 9/11 a piece of Democratic propaganda. The definition of propaganda is biased and sometimes misleading information used in a political event. Fahrenheit 9/11 doesn't tell the whole truth and neither does this.

While Reagan, a cut throat but successful president, did force many Americans off of Welfare, he also is responsible for increasing taxes at points of his presidency and making the government very large which is one of the biggest problems in this nation. I Want Your Money neglects to mention every detail.

For a documentary, it is satirical and funny. It utilizes computer animated clips of Presidents like Obama, Reagan, Clinton, Nixon, both Bush Sr. and Jr., and various other non presidents like Hilary and Palin. The clips portray the presidents as big headed and all living in the present day describing the current America, and even being taught by Reagan in a classroom using the aspect of Socialism. The cartoons are cute and honest.

My political knowledge is very small, but I have a basic understanding of the current and recent Presidents. As for Obama, I don't love him, but I respect him for a few reasons. I don't agree with Socialism and believe it could lead to one of the biggest downfalls in American history. I will say Barack Obama is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. He has a strict voice saying "I'm going to do this," but it doesn't come off as a harsh.

When asking me my political preference I can't say I'd choose either. I lean towards Conservative, but I would say I'm a minor Liberatarian. Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government is the way to go these days. Like said in I Want Your Money, if the government is big enough to give you everything they want, then the government is big enough to take whatever they want.

I could go on forever describing every word of my view on politics, but I refuse and stop myself. Politics are a stupid thing to argue over. It isn't worth a flame war or a diminished friendship. It isn't worth it at all. It's worth having a preference, but it isn't worth a fight. I Want Your Money is a good documentary. It doesn't deserve hate or anything close to it. It knows itself and stays true to its roots.

Starring: Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Lila Rose, and Gary Bauer. Directed by: Ray Griggs.

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35 out of 64 people found the following review useful:

United we stand...

Author: wintermancer from United States
15 May 2011

I remember a time when we as a people trusted in each other and upheld the notion of a person's character until proved otherwise. We trusted our government perhaps naively because we assumed others were like ourselves. We saw ourselves and others as decent and moral beings.

We don't do that much anymore. Look to this little piece of propaganda to understand why. Watch it to understand the politics of division and manipulation.

To get to the truth, do as the film suggests and follow the money. The characters in this cast have done pretty well for themselves by attacking and dividing, by slander and derision, and by inciting others to attack the foundations of our democracy. We were not always like that. We once had a good country, a wholesome spirit, and we believed in each other.

So watch this film. Ask what the makers of this film want from you. Do they want to build or destroy? Build trust or destroy it? Build a better nation or destroy it? Benefit you or benefit them? An examination of the message and intent of this film does indeed reveal that you cannot trust anybody anymore. Thus they succeed no matter what you believe.

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10 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Left loves Moore but hates this ... figures ...

Author: stortzbj from United States
16 June 2011

The major issue about this film is simple in that it panders to the demographic it was made for. The funny thing is that most conservatives will openly admit that (and to be honest it doesn't even try to hide the fact the documentarian is a conservative) but at the same time "progressives", I guess they can't be called liberals anymore, accept Michael Moore completely.

Both "documentaries" have a transparent agenda yet this will be bashed by liberals and accepted by conservatives just as it is reversed in almost any Moore film .. I mean, honestly, why do we still call Moore films documentaries when it has been proved time and time and time again they have no resemblance of one ...

Great movie if you are conservative; progressives will hate it. Simple as that.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Bad Accounting

Author: b_brank from United States
2 April 2012

Really bad accounting about half way through the movie where they try to dispel the fact that most of the 2009 deficit was inherited from Bush policies. For instance they try shift a $410 billion omnibus spending bill to Obama. Folks, an omnibus spending bill is no more than an congressional appropriation for funding the departments of government that have been approved under a budget -- that 2009 budget was Bush's.** They add another $60 billion to Obama for the auto bail out. The auto bail monies were funded by Bush's TARP before Obama ever walked in the door. I'm surprised they didn't try to shift the cost responsibility of the wars to Obama. After all he was the Commander in Chief when they made this so called documentary.

** (Yes there was about $8 Bil in earmarks tacked on for Rep & Dems -- but let's ask Bush about how many earmarks he approved during his tenure)

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10 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Excellent movie

Author: screwballl-mike from FL Panhandle
22 June 2011

This movie shows the reality behind our Government spending and expansion. Unfortunately too many are simply uneducated as to the reality of the past century worth of government events. This is where this movie helps step up and help educate people, provided they are willing to learn.

If people did the research and learned about the real data and numbers, they would see this movie is spot on, albeit in an alternate method of displaying it. Reagan expanded government the LEAST out of any president since the 19th Century (less than 3%). Reagan (and Congress) helped return this country's budget to a long term and sustainable surplus provided the gov't after him continued his tax cut, cut spending methodology, which Clinton and his cronies helped destroy in a matter of a few months. 2 weeks before Bill left office, him and Congress had returned the budget to a quickly increasing deficit. Bush Jr inherited the quickly growing deficit and did what he could with a Democrat Congress, 9/11 and everything else he had to deal with to curtail it. By the end of 2006, he had helped curtail the deficit to within 1.14% of GDP (down from the 4% he inherited) until the extremist liberals took over at the start of 2007 when it went downhill again (expanded from 3.18% immediately after the first Democrat budgets took effect in 2008 to the current 10.91%, highest since the Great Depression).

Do the research, look at the data, the facts and reality are there. This movie just helps present it in a way that people willing to learn and understand can do so.

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14 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Smaller government....

Author: tstoryjr from United States
18 May 2011

i cannot believe there are people in the united states believing socialism, anarchy or the belief that a handful of politicians, whom always take themselves out of the equation, know what is best for everyone else. this has never worker anywhere in the world and will not work here. when politicians realize they can vote themselves anything they want and buy votes with ss and medicare benefits which are suppose to be set aside for retirement after you have helped build it, the nation no longer exists as a free society. Bush spent too much, barry has put this on steroids along with his super majority he had entering the white house. facts are horrible when they are suffocating the very people with all the tax burden on their backs and then have idiots whom say it is only certain individuals fault. all videos depicting truths about the obama are always criticized by the very same morons.....

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6 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Interesting view of both sides

Author: CPrice9720 from United States
22 January 2012

As a registered Dem I watched this movie with an open mind. Having grown up in the 80's and seen my SS cut when I turned 18, because of Reagan's tax cuts. I also did not get my college payed for by the government after the Reagan tax cuts. So I was not a fan of Reagan. But after I had gone to college, getting my AS degree and going to work, I discovered how much I pay in taxes and how little I get back. I don't feel it's right that I work hard to make more money and I'm taxed even more. So I do think the government is way to big and should be reduced in size by a lot. People should not want the government to do everything for us. I won't be voting for Obama this time. It's time to stop expanding the government.

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