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Lets _NOT_ do this again
csdarrigo17 December 2009
Let me begin by saying that I've always enjoyed Gordon Ramsay on TV. From his beginnings on Boiling Point, Beyond Boiling Point, MasterChef, F Word, Kitchen nightmares (UK & US), Hell's Kitchen, and his numerous talk show appearances. Yep, I'm a Gordon Ramsay fan.

That being said, This new show is a TRAIN WRECK! The director needs to be taken out back and beaten with the entire season 1 Video Tapes (that's right, not DVD's, Videotapes) of "The Chopping Block". Don't hire a Director to direct live TV, if they're not a Live TV Director. The show seemed rushed and jumpy, creating an atmosphere of angst rather than enjoyment.

Gordon Ramsay doing a live cooking show? Count Me In! But when you add in all the celebrities and linked-in-at-home-cooks, with everyone trying to be delightful and pithy, I just want to scratch my eyes out with my Jamie Oliver cookware.

If this show continues to use this format and director, I'm going to stop watching (and that includes my Tivo timer).

To the producers: You've got gold in your hands with Gordon. To paraphrase Aaron Sorkin; Let Ramsay be Ramsay. Gordon cooking a 3 course meal live, alone, in real time is a HIT! He's definitely entertaining enough.. okay, maybe you can add a foreign speaking Maître d' that Gordon can insult (but thats just for amusement).
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