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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's girlfriend Ortensia smothers him with kisses at the end of the game's story.

A pirate flirts with a female character who happens to be an anthropomorphic cow.

Most forms of violence are playful and cartoon-like whilst the minor elements that could be considered gory are playful on the same level.

The gameplay features Mickey Mouse using a paintbrush which can destroy the environment and characters using paint thinner. Enemies can be melted down and killed, whilst good characters can only be melted down into puddles for comical effect but can be turned back to normal. Enemies can be turned good using blue paint.

Several enemies are robots armed with weapons like swords and spinning saws.

Several boss fights occur in the game with the enemies intentionally trying to harm Mickey Mouse.

Several enemies are armed with gun-like weapons but do not fire bullets.

The robot villains are made out of different parts from Disney characters which may frighten young children.

In the opening scene, Mickey Mouse is strapped to a table and threatened by several weapons like a chainsaw and a giant pair of scissors, and then his heart (which appears as a cartoon-shaped heart and not a real heart) is almost removed by a plunger.

Mickey creates the villain the Shadow Blot who has a devil-like look to him when he appears.

The Dumbo elephant ride in the Gremlin Village lack eyes.

Robot versions of Donald Duck, Goofy and Daisy Duck appear but have had their bodies ripped apart by the villains and their heads only remain. The characters can be rebuilt if the player finds the body parts (which are robotic).

Captain Hook appears as a robot and forces other pirates to be robots as well.

Captain Hook engages Pete Pan in a sword fight. He can also be fed to a robotic crocodile.

The Lonesome Manor setting is a haunted house featuring ghosts and supernatural events.

The Mad Doctor is revealed to a robot when bits of his body fall off.

Ortensia is revealed to be in a coma-like state but is freed at the end of the game.

The Shadow Blot is defeated after being hit by fireworks.

There is none featured in the game.

There is none featured in the game.

The nightmarish environment of the game may frighten young children.

The opening scene may prove frightenening to children - Mickey Mouse ends up damaging a world by accidentally releasing the Shadow Blot onto it. Mickey is later kidnapped, strapped to a table and threatened with sharp objects. His heart is nearly ripped out by a plunger until he breaks free from the table.

The Clocktower in the Gremlin Village transforms into a villain, its face gaining a psychotic expression and an inhuman grin.

The Shadow Blot appears as monstrous ghost-like creature.

The robots and other villains may scare children.

The Lonesome Manor level, a haunted house, has scary elements although they are designed to be playful.

The Shadow Blot strangles Oswald and Gremlin Gus and then removes Mickey's heart, although Mickey lives on and regains his heart.


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