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Jesus Undergoes Temptations From Satan

Author: RealChristian14 from United States
11 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When the Flying House missed another opportunity to go back in the present,Justin,Angie,Corkey and SIR decided to go to the wilderness to follow Jesus.They felt that Jesus would be in danger and they needed to do something to protect him from wild animals like lions.They also decided to bring food for him.They all journeyed with SIR being assigned by Professor Bumble to protect them.Meanwhile,Moab overheard something about John The Baptist getting arrested so he wasn't able to join them as he followed the people discussing about it to get more information.

Justin,Angie and Corkey got into a dark adventure when they got to the wilderness as they lost their backpacks containing their food upon locating Jesus.Too bad that Satan was present in it that he decided to tempt Jesus in more ways than one hoping that he would fall.Unfortunately,it was the the Justin,Angie and Corkey who fell into it.Justin and Corkey asked Satan to turn stones into bread upon feeling hungry that led them to being chased by a dinosaur.Angie asked Satan to allow her to wear a crown jewels that led her to frightening experience that she turned into a monster.When it all ended,Jesus helped them to recover from their experiences.

This was obviously the best episode of the series.The viewers will definitely feel for the characters for the experienced they have gone through.Also,young Christian viewers will learn from it how to counter temptations like using God's word which Jesus did.It was a memorable episode indeed.

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A Fun,Entertaining And Spiritually Uplifting Episode

Author: Marian20 from United States
27 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After witnessing the baptism of Jesus,Justin,Angie,Corkey and SIR together with Professor Bumble try to get back to the 20th century through the Flying House but to no avail.They instead ended up landing near the wilderness where Jesus was headed.They later join Joab and play together.Later,they begin to worry about Jesus especially since he was headed to a place that was dangerous considering there are a lot of lions in it.

Without Joab,Justin,Angie,Corkey and SIR head towards the wilderness.As they got deep into it,they finally get to see Jesus alone praying.Before they could get to him,Corkey's bag of foods fell down the mountains.Then Satan appears and begins to tempt Jesus and the children as well.

Satan's first temptation was asking Jesus turning stones into bread.As Jesus rejected Satan,Justin and Corkey decided to turn stones into bread.They head into an island full of chocolates and syrups.But in the end,they end up being scared off by monsters and chased by dinosaurs.

Satan's second temptation was asking Jesus to worship him and all the riches in the world will be provided to him.As Jesus rejected Satan,Angie decided to worship Satan to be able to wear a golden crown.Later,she also was given a box full of treasures.Upon experiencing the happiness of being provided lots of riches,she looked at the mirror and turned into becoming an ugly woman and all the treasures given to her disappeared.This scared her and led her to experience severe trauma.

Then Satan tempted Jesus further but to no avail.At the end,he asked Satan to go away from him and to tempt him no more.Then,he saw Justin,Angie and Corkey lying down on the ground and woke them up.SIR told everyone to learn from Jesus and to avoid being selfish and greedy.

This was definitely one of the best and arguably the most memorable episode of the series.The experiences suffered by Justin,Angie and Corkey will definitely entertain the viewer especially with the monsters,witches and dinosaurs they have encountered.Also,it was fun to see how they have to had traumatic experiences when they allowed themselves to give in to Satan as well as greed and selfishness.Aside from that,we also get to see how these major characters' relationship with the Jesus gets furthered when he spiritually healed him.Finally,the viewer will also learn how to deal with Satan and his temptations by using the Word of God from the scriptures as exhibited by Jesus.

It was a fun,entertaining and spiritually enlightening experience watching this episode indeed.

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Justin,Angie And Corkey Fall Into The Temptations Of Satan

Author: Desertman84 from United States
14 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In Speak Of The Devil,Professor Bumble got sunburned and needs to recover for more than 30 days thus delaying the necessary repairs for the flying house for everyone to get back into the 20th century.They are all currently situated in the Jordan River,where Jesus was baptized by John The Baptist in the last episode.

While Justin,Angie,Corkey,SIR and their young fisherman friend,Joab are catching some fish,they all begin to worry about Jesus,who was headed to the wilderness and undergo Satan's temptation before beginning his mission of preaching the Good News.Our main character decided to follow him in the wilderness.They all got together and brought perishable food for Jesus.As they proceed into the wilderness,they find Jesus being tempted by Satan.As they find him,their belongings and food all fell down the cliff which made them very hungry.

In the first temptation,Satan asked Jesus to turn stones into bread and rejected his request.But upon hearing this,Justin and Corkey asked the stones to become food to relieve themselves of hunger.They got excited as they were converted into food like chocolates and syrup.Unfortunately,Justin and Corkey were brought into a peculiar place and got scared as dinosaurs and monsters began to chase them.

In the second temptation,Satan asked Jesus that all the riches of the world will be given if he worships him.While Jesus rejects to bow unto him,Angie saw the crown and the jewels and desire to have them.He began to worship Satan and began to possess the crown she liked.Unfortunately,she saw herself in the mirror wearing the crown and turned into an ugly witch that made her really scared.She started to run away after this.

In the final temptation,Jesus asked Satan to stop testing him and saw our main characters all lying in the ground.He asked them to wake up and they all learned the bad effects of being greedy.

This is arguably the best episode of the series.The viewers will definitely feel for Justin,Angie and Corkey for the experienced they have after falling into the temptations of Satan.It was one dark experience that would definitely haunt the young viewers and feel sorry for them.Also,they also get an idea on how people fall into temptation which normally happens through deception and how Satan is indeed a great deceiver.Aside from that,they also learn how not to fall into them by watching how Jesus handled while being tempted by Satan.Even an adult like me would surely learn a lot from it especially when trying to overcome one's weaknesses.

Aside from the lessons learned about temptation,I also would like to give credit for the animation and the writers of the episode especially when the involvement of dinosaurs,monsters and witches were set in place without to the point of being awkward nor exaggerated.

This episode will definitely be remembered by the young viewers many decades from the time they first saw it.

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