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  • The Charming police department are in shock at the death of Hale, killed by a drive-by shooter at Half Sack's wake, and Unser is forced to temporarily postpone his retirement. When SAMCRO investigate the shooting, they get some unexpected news concerning the Calaveras, a small Mayan affiliated MC in Lodi led by Hector Salazar. As such, they turn to a friendly Lodi club, the Grim Bastards, led by Taddarius Orwell "T.O." Cross, for help. Meanwhile, in an effort to get intel on Abel's whereabouts, they help out a bounty hunter, Sergio Colletti, who happens to be married to Bobby's volatile ex-wife, Precious Ryan. As Gemma and Tig try to deal with Nate's Alzheimer's, Tara makes a decision about her professional future, and finds Margaret extending an unlikely hand of friendship. Jacob makes a political play to help his chances of becoming mayor by trying to secure Unser's support. In Northern Ireland, Cameron takes refuge with his cousin, Maureen Ashby, and seeks council from her brother, Kellan Ashby, a priest with close ties to the Real IRA. Worried that Jimmy thinks he is a rat, Cameron asks Kellan to help him make his case to the IRA council. Back in Charming, Jimmy meets with SAMCRO, and despite already knowing Cameron and Abel are in Northern Ireland, assures the Sons they must still be in America, and he is doing everything he can to track them down.

  • To get intel on Abel's whereabouts, Jax and the club help a bounty hunter track down a skip. Meanwhile, Gemma deals with family issues.


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  • In what we're assuming is Ireland, Cameron enters a church. The two men there don't look like they're there to pray. Cameron goes into the confessional, saying he killed a man and stole another man's son to replace his. He doesn't know what to do.

    As he's talking, we see Jax doing push-ups in his jail cell.

    The priest tells Cameron he has to repay those he has hurt, then he steps out of the confessional and tells his cousin they need to talk.

    Back in jail, Unser comes for Jax. Under the circumstances, he can make an exception for the obstruction charge.

    Jax says he's sorry about Hale. Unser knows retaliation is coming. But Jax only cares about finding his son. Cameron tells the priest he just wants a chance to plead his case to the council. The priest reminds him they've been allied with the Sons for 20 years and John Teller was a friend. Cameron thinks the fact that Gemma killed his son should count for something (even though we know that Agent Stahl is framing her for that).

    The Sons greet Jax. The shooter has a busted a face and they're not sure who he's with. Unser says the shooting of Zobelle's daughter looks like self defense for Gemma, but the shots in the back to Edmund are murder one.

    Tara pulls up. He tells her it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. She's not scared.

    At Gemma's dad's house, Tig tells Gemma about the drive-by. Gemma talks to her dad's caretaker, who tells her his dad is going to a home soon and a trust is set up. She asks why Gemma didn't see her mom for years.

    Gemma doesn't elaborate, but clearly didn't get along with her. Gemma shares a cup of coffee with her dad (Hal Holbrook), who is suffering more and more from dementia.

    At the hospital, Tara gives the administrator a request for leave of absence. But the administrator, who Tara beat up recently for getting in her face about Jax, tells her the hospital needs her around.

    At the hospital, Clay and the boys find the shooter under guard.

    Jimmy calls the priest back home. Jimmy thinks Cameron has got to go. Abel is safe and Jimmy is meeting with Clay this afternoon.

    Jax looks for Tara at the hospital and the administrator tells him she's taking some personal time. It's the first time he's seen her beat up face.

    Chuck the compulsive masturbator runs screaming down the hallway to get the attention of the guy guarding the shooter. The sons bust in. He's Hispanic. His jaw is wired shut. Clay guesses it was a Mayan hit, ordered by Alvarez. They find a tattoo that shows he's from Lodi. They realize the hit was an initiation, that the Mayans are joining forces with the gang in Lodi.

    Gemma tells Jax her mom died of heart disease, but is a control freak even in death. Gemma asks about Abel and he lies.

    Clay and Jax meet with Jimmy and his boys. Clay tells him about Stahl setting Gemma up. Jimmy says he's hearing Cameron is still local. He gives them his word he'll let them know if he hears anything.

    Jax asks Bobby if his ex-wife is still dating that bounty hunter. They pay her a visit, she pounds on Bobby until Jax tells her about Abel.

    Later, they meet with an African-American gang out of Lodi for intel on the Mayan spread. A gang called Calaverez is joining. They want help getting a Mayan officer to talk.

    Jacob Hale tells Unser his deal with the Sons isn't keeping Charming safe anymore. He tells Unser city council wants to let the sheriff's office absorb Charming PD. In exchange for Unser's support, he'll hold them off. Unser doesn't immediately agree.

    The bounty hunter agrees to look for Cameron if they take his high risk bail jumper of the day.

    Gemma runs into Tig walking around in a lady robe. Apparently he's hitting it off well with the hot caretaker.

    The bounty hunter leads the sons to an adult bookstore that he's making use of. Watching out front, Opie is distracted from watching the guy's friends when he sees his girlfriend's porn DVDs.

    In the back, Jax gets the guy without a problem but his friends come up. A few shots are fired, but no one is hit, the Opie gets the friends. The bail jumper runs out the back -- and directly into an oncoming Prius.

    Clay and some Sons pay a visit to a Calavarez officer. When his girlfriend pulls a gun and shoves Jax, he hits her. He beats up the officer when he won't talk.

    Maureen takes care of Abel and gets a visit from the priest. He tells her there's proof Eddie worked for the feds, and ATF killed Edmund. The council has decided to let Jimmy or the Sons catch Cameron. It sounds like they plan to keep Abel.

    Back home, Tara finds Gemma's phone number.

    Her dad hears noises and thinks it's his dead wife and walks in on Tig and his caretaker.

    Tara calls Gemma. She tells her to hold on to family. There's a gunshot from the other room at Gemma's. She finds Nate standing over naked Tig. He thought he was with his wife and shot him in the back. Nate's horrified when he realizes what he's done, but Gemma hopes he'll forget by morning. Tig is winged, but Ok. Gemma's going to have to get the bullet out.

    The caretaker doesn't understand why they don't take Tig to the ER. She sees his gun.

    Cut to the Calavarez officer buried up to his neck in the dessert. Clay offers Jax first crack at the piñata. He tells Bobby he's helping Jax work through it. Opie and Jax race past his head, missing by inches. The target has had enough -- he tells them the gangs are joining together for the heroin business.

    The Mayans are setting up operation in Lodi, specifically to the prison. Clay recognizes it as the deal the Mayans cut with Zobelle.

    They can't have drugs going through Charming, but Clay thinks they can't afford another war. They decide to let the buried man live.

    Gemma catches her dad's caretaker looking up her wanted poster on the Internet. She picks up her stuff to go, but Gemma suggests she stay as her rifle looms on the counter. The house keeper goes for it, citing the $25,000 reward.

    Gemma tells her the gun is empty, and in one move she grabs the rifle and pulls her own loaded handgun. Jax comes home to find Tara packing to go join Gemma. He's not keen on the idea and brings up her hospital leave of absence.

    Jax gets a call. He won't tell Tara what it's about, but says he'll be back.

    She finishes packing.

    In Ireland, Cameron receives a blessing from the priest. Turns out it was last rites, as he sits down and is calmly strangled from behind in the church pew. The priest tells someone where to drop the body and to "mark him."

    At the club, they have surveillance footage of "Timothy O'Dell" with Abel. Jax is relieved to see his son alive.

    In Ireland, Maureen feeds Abel a bottle.

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