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Essential Viewing

Author: mynamesbuck from Australia
19 May 2010

Why the only other review labels this movie one of the worst movies of all time is beyond me. It does not present a conspiracy based on an article of faith. There are so many proved and well researched facts here that whilst some might be able to argue against some, it's impossible to ignore the huge amount of evidence presented in this documentary. Admittedly Alex Jones is pretty full on and a bit to Michael Moore for my liking, but that is no basis to dismiss what is presented here. All of Alex Jones's works are well worth seeing as he is one of the few people shedding light on the dark side of the American (world) dream.

A must see!

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A MUST VIEW for every American

Author: Ron Harris from United States
16 July 2010

Through the years Alex Jones has made movies considered a bit "far out" there, when in fact, they've just been slightly ahead of their time, and are more true now, then when they were made. Although this movie is called "The Obama Deception" it really doesn't take shots at Obama and mainly focuses on the true entities behind out political figureheads who we think are directing our nation. If you are an informed citizen, who keeps up on government, and researches the "how and why" of what is happening, you will find this movie to be very enlightening as Alex connects the dots. If you are a parrot of the mainstream media talking heads, then this movie may seem a little over the top to you and hard to digest. I would strongly recommend this movie for an informed person, with an open mind. otherwise, you're just going to get upset.

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Intelligence or lies? Watch this movie right NOW (to find out)!!!

Author: lucius_420 from Austin, Texas
26 June 2010

I thought the one positive review I saw here was intelligent and I deduced that the two negative reviews were lies. Whatever anyone says, I think it was horribly perverse to mint a coin with Obama's face on one side and JFK's face on the other side and I remember watching many television commercials selling that coin over and over for a certain amount of time. (They didn't mention that in the movie.) Back to the review: as a film, I was at first put off by the title because I was secretly lying to myself that Obama was not so bad and I was so sure it was just a propaganda smear type thing. There's so much distraction available and I wanted to hope that he could be a beacon of hope in these dark times, even if only he was just a figment of my imagination, but sadly that's not true. Well he may truly be a figment of my imagination, but I now know that he's definitely not a beacon of hope! Finally I watched it and couldn't have been more wrong to myself when I had judged a book by it's cover and dismissed it offhand without even giving it a chance before. I was totally captivated. Alex Jones is freaking awesome! I mean, I always respected him as a journalist, but everyone has always talked about him with a sour note in their voice and I now realize why he wants you to rise up against the liars. Obama should be more than impeached, he should be lying naked in chains and freezing in a cold dark dungeon awaiting his cabbage face and disembowelment right now. I don't even have to do any research on this movie to accept it as a total proof of how everyone in politics (except for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul's brother) are lying to themselves about what their reality is. Almost a hundred years of empty campaign promises have not brought the U.S. out of the bankruptcy the bankers put it into. Are you still not enraged yet?!? I thought I'd write this line as a Woody Guthrie type song about how people should live. What do bankers, preachers, oil men, Hollywood, (federal) government, wall street, newspapers, doctors, lawyers and bosses all have in common? They're all lies and they're all the same guys. The buildup of messages to the climax is really great and the final message in this movie is truly delivered brilliantly. There is no more time for beating around the bushes when it comes to moral rectitude. In fact, there is no more time left at all! As technology evolves, humans can communicate faster with each other at farther and farther distances. I have been saying that we're entering the information age, where the Internet rules. I took away a new word (for me) from this movie. I have known about Alex Jones and his Infowars movies (haven't REALLY watched 'em all yet, but I will when I figure out some time when I'm not DISTRACTED) and website. I heard him call his pals who have joined the side of righteousness, he dubbed them: Infowarriors! Now is the time my Infowarriors! Take back the system!

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Inspired Eye-opener

Author: Sir_Cellophane_Beak from Aukland
8 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are a serious news junkie with an affinity towards the Hawaiian Islands and you get your information from numerous sources chances are you are not going to learn anything new in this film in terms of geopolitics. However, what you will learn from this film is what you won't get get from the general media, the Islamic world from the perspective of its inhabitants.

In "The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off" Alex Jones is more concerned with educating an American public whose majority will never travel outside that country and therefore will never meet the very same people that are typically vilified on our news. That's what makes this film important simply because he adds a human face to Obama in a way that most journalists can't because it simply doesn't bring in good ratings. In other words fear sells and how can we fear someone that looks like we could hang out with and have a good laugh? And that's the genius behind the film in that he injects humor throughout the film both in voice over commentary and in the interviews and many times his interviewees express the same brand of humor right back. What we are left with is a broader picture of a people who share a lot in common with us but have been belittled by the politics of their own governments and ours (a sentiment that we also share about our own state of affairs). If that's not enough to see the film then see it for the hilarious animated sequence of Obama dancing to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This".

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You get the good with the bad.

Author: I B from Mars
13 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An interesting film with plenty to say. I used to be ignorant of Alex Jones but now I watch his show frequently. He has many revealing things to say about what is going on in the world. It is true, as the film argues, that the powers of financial capital are taking over the politics and economics of the world. But a few times the film drifts into areas that I just can't take seriously. Yes, people in the West are gradually losing their freedoms and livelihoods. But I'm uncertain if this is going to lead to an evil totalitarian state. Jones and some experts in the film argue that this will be something like Nazism or Communism. They argue that the bankers brought Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin to power. I'm not so sure about this. Hitler may have had assistance from the British. Lenin was against financial capital, and the bankers didn't bring him to power. The British tried to assassinate Lenin in fact, and Western powers intervened in the Russian Civil War against the Reds. The Soviet Union was an anti-capitalist segment. So, to try to prove their point the filmmakers compare the financiers to communists. The crimes of the Soviet regime are exaggerated here, and it's pretty much said that Americans too can expect totalitarianism because their republic is falling. Joseph Stalin did not exterminate 40 million people as one man in the film claims. The figure is more like 10 million, and the deaths were not due to "extermination" but to rapid industrialization and repression. The Nazis, on the other hand, did have genocidal policies. They wanted to exterminate Jews and other minorities in Europe. They also wanted to enslave and eventually to exterminate all Russians and other Slavs. The American Empire is nothing like the Soviet Union or Red China. It's closer to Nazi Germany in fact. It is the current universal empire of Western civilization and it's collapsing because of several factors. For the powers of financial capital the collapse of the American Empire may not be a bad thing because they can take their business to other countries. It's what they have been doing for decades in fact. What Alex Jones is doing is screaming against financial capital and corporatocracy (he calls them Globalists) because they're hurting America. He argues that America is the greatest country in history and that it will fall if the people don't do something about it. This is true, and this sort of rhetoric may appeal to American nationalists. However, I didn't like the demonization of Communism in the film. Alex wants people to know that he's an American patriot. I'm fine with that, but I'd rather watch a more serious documentary and not something that's very pro-American and Commie-bashing. The thing is that people like Stalin and Mao turned their countries into superpowers. The powers of financial capital, on the other hand, are causing America's decline. Some of the best parts in the film are the interviews with Webster Tarpley and Gerald Celente. Alex Jones's calls for action are good, but I'm not an American nationalist so I didn't enjoy some of the propaganda. This isn't a great film but one needs to see it.

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Author: Robert J. Maxwell (rmax304823@yahoo.com) from Deming, New Mexico, USA
26 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It opens with several brief shots of Obama speaking in public, making jokes or urging his opponents to cooperate. There are half a dozen interpolated shots of individual faces that, we are to assume, are in the audience. Some have tears of joy or adoration on their cheeks. Almost all the faces are black.

In other words, judging from the opening, the African-Americans elected Obama as one of their own. This cinematic technique is known as montage. First, shots of Obama making a speech. Then close ups of hysterically happy black faces. It's a familiar propaganda device, demonstrated experimentally in the 20s by Kuleshev. The technique was perfected by Sergei Eisenstein in movies designed to promote Bolshevism in the USSR.

The rest of the film includes suspicious quotations by Obama. We know nothing of the contexts. Sometimes there are quasi-logical arguments advanced by such experts on political psychology as hip hop stars.

In general, the message seems to be that the president is nothing more than a tool of Wall Street and his goal is to establish a New World Order in which we will all be deprived of our freedom to buy the light bulb of our choice. There is no room for ambiguity. It means nothing that Obama established the Consumer Financial Protection Agency in an attempt to introduce some order into Wall Street's shenanigans, or that the Harvard professor who helped design the agency, Elizabeth Warren, wasn't even nominated by Obama to head the agency because it was an accepted fact that she would have been blocked by Congress. Something like that, anyway. The usual comparisons to Nazis and communists flourish. The nation is headed towards hell in a handbasket because we have elected a secret traitor to democracy. The sky will fall, maybe tomorrow.

Anyone who already believes in this global conspiracy business should watch it. They'll be gratified to find evidence for their delusions. For the rest of us, this farrago of lies and insinuations and propaganda isn't really worth further attention or comment. It's all pretty depressing -- not the film itself, so much as the realization that there are millions of otherwise sane Americans who are applauding it.

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Factually dubious but teaches you how to think

Author: Vlad_the_Reviewer from Netherlands
22 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some viewers seem to be under the impression that this documentary is an anti-leftist or anti-Obama video. Such is not the case. The author, Alex Jones, isn't a Republican. He's a libertarian. This documentary tells you to open your eyes - not to take Obama for granted. Jones merely addresses the Obama-hype his way.

Whilst I support the intention of this release, I do not support the choice for his interviewees. Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, Webster Tarpley, really, they are not the 'deep thinkers' I need. Same goes for KRS-One. More on this pop group later.

Sure, they all have something interesting to say. But overall the movie has too many flaws. Anyone who'd dissect the movie (and it has been done) could debunk many of the statements made. There's plenty of issues with the style of the documentary, i.e. editing and quote-mining.

Now back to KRS-One. At the start of the documentary he says that if one complains loud enough about a cold burger, the complainer might eventually see the floor manager. But the customer will never see the franchise taker. And exactly that is what we should learn from this documentary! Learn to look at the enablers of individual politicians. Such is my interpretation, and it is the best advice I personally could give to anyone.

This documentary focuses mostly on the financial sector. Yet the enablers of politicians are more diverse. For example without the support of the Jewish lobby, one is not going to be anything significant in politics. It's also striking that thirty percent of the judicial legislation at the top consists of Jewish people. Not to mention the Jewish background of managers of many financial institutions and the Federal Reserve Bank, again.

Alex Jones will never address this though. His sponsors are mostly Jewish owned companies. So there's that and it explains why Jones will never mention the elephant in the closet when he should. Eventually, Alex Jones is a tool like many others, so much has become clear to me.

Now years later, we have the chance to evaluate this documentary. It was quite spot on. Yes, the West has moved out of Iraq, but the troops have been replaced by mercenaries. We're still in Afghanistan and haven't accomplish anything. Now we're told we should fight in Syria and Iran. And look what is happening to Iraq; ISIS is pretty much taking over and the Western intelligence supposedly didn't see it coming. Who are they kidding?

The wars never end. See 1984, Orwell, for a deliberate never-ending war. Guantanamo is still fully operational despite Obama's promise to shut it down. Banks continue to be fully protected, only insignificant details have been changed. Whistle blowers are fleeing to China and Russia these days. Non-US citizens are chased around the world (Assange). A record breaking eight whistle blowers have been prosecuted by Obama. A record number of Generals and other armed forces officers are removed who didn't agree with his policies. And his reign isn't over yet...

I read often the argument that Obama inherited a mess. But after this many years that's not an excuse. The movie is about opening your eyes and not trusting his words. This president - Obama - did nothing, but received a Nobel prize nevertheless. Take a hint, and extend this knowledge to every upcoming politician, no matter what party he or she is in.

I give this movie a 6/10. I don't like the suggestive editing and too many statements aren't (entirely) true. On the other hand I fully support the overall message, and that is to learn to look at the enablers of politicians.

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An introduction to the perils of Modern-day politics, on all political fronts

Author: ccchrissie1 from Nottingham, England
1 March 2013

Overall, the Obama Deception is a very good documentary. Now at this point I will freeze, and point the following out. Whenever Alex Jones is involved you will always get two types of people watching, more-often-than-not. Firstly there are the die-hard Alex Jones fans: most things AJ says is right, his got a great mind to dissect the New World Order and all of that. Secondly are the Alex Jones haters. The type of "this man is a nut-case, and boy - he makes a great case for banning guns and conspiracy theories!" Personally I put myself into neither category, I like Alex Jones, I think he can do some very good journalism, his independent and will call both sides of the political isle out, and that is exactly what he does in this film. For 2008/9, there was one of the biggest political crazes in history - Yes! The cult of Obama. What this film does very well is the deconstruction of that false hope and promise very convincingly, and outlines the sheer danger in this phenomenon. The film introduces the facts about Barack Obama and George W. Bush, the Democrats and Republicans. They both work for the same people. And the next natural question for the curious, not the Obamanoid liberals (who probably despise this film) is who are these people? Well this is where one naturally becomes speculative. Obama or Bush are never going to say "well, due to campaign finance and the way our political system functions of legalized bribery, we're controlled by the International Banking Cartels (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Chase) and the Military-Industrial Complex (Boeing, BAE Systems et al)." That simply doesn't happen. However to all of the films skeptics I will ask this. 1) To take a recent example, why over the so-called "Fiscal-Cliff" deal, did Obama sign away 84% of the revenue he could have gained, had he allowed the Bush Tax Cuts to expire across the board? NASCAR loopholes? Reduction in Estate Tax, only applicable to the Rich, permanently? Reduction in Capital Gains Tax/ forms of income for hedgerow managers down to 20%, whilst the average American pays 35% tax. 2) Why is Police State legislation still in place - provisions of the PATRIOT Act, the National Defence Authorization Act, H.R. 645, establishing FEMA Camps? 3)What criminals have been taken to court from Wall Street, and why is Obama's cabinet and administration full of people from Wall Street? (as the film points out, Government of Wall Street, for the people of Wall Street")

In all, a great film asking the fundamental basic questions about the very nature of the Obama administration, and no one except the biggest pro-Wall Street/ Multinational Corporation robot or Obamanoid will come away in disillusionment. Well worth the watch!

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An Anti-Obama Documentary With A Few Conspiracy Theories

Author: Desertman84 from United States
27 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off, better known simply as The Obama Deception, is a documentary that consists of a political conspiracy theories that involves President Barack Obama.It was written and directed by radio talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones.

The documentary presents the conspiracy theory that American presidents since the 1960's have served as "front men" for entities such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve, the Military-industrial complex and others, arguing that multinational corporations and powerful elite families, such as the Rothschild family and Rockefeller family hold the real "power behind the throne." It claims the main motive of these groups is to set up a New World Order where offshore banks subversively engage in the looting of the wealth of the American people.Aside from that,it also primarily focuses on President Barack Obama and his actions during his young presidency. However, Jones also discusses John F. Kennedy, whom he insinuates was assassinated by these oligarchs for attempting to end the Vietnam War and abolish the Federal Reserve, and labels as the "last true President of the United States". He also discusses George H. W. Bush, and the George W. Bush administration. It claims that Obama has been carefully installed by powerful elite families, and that he serves as a tool for them as he is deliberately working against the best interests of the American people. It discusses and references main stream news pieces to suggest that elite families and multinational institutions utilize Obama in an effort to con the American people into accepting their globalist agenda, which, according to Jones, would include items such as forced national service, warrant- less wiretapping, FEMA camps, martial law, and a Bank of the World, which would dominate America through carbon taxes.In the end,it present the rise of plutocracy in the United States.

Three and a half years after this documentary has been released,we see that our country is getting better.The unemployment rate is coming down, as is the price of gasoline, regulations have been enforced on Wall Street,Obamacare has been passed to provide better access for healthcare insurance for majority of the Americans,the economy is improving,the Obama administration has pressured China with regards to their currency manipulations,the stock market is up,the Iraq War is over and the US troops are going to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014. President Obama is doing his best to fulfill the promises he has made to the American people when he got elected and apologized for some that he has yet to fulfill but stated that it was not for lack of trying.Former President Bill Clinton even defended the President by saying that no one and not even himself could fix the mess that he inherited from former President George W. Bush in 4 short years.

A viewer must make their own research and realize that one cannot simply accept the right-wing conspiracy theories presented in it.Despite presenting that all presidents after John F.Kennedy regardless whether they are Democrat or Republican just serve as a tool or a puppet for the plutocrats,I still do believe that theory was just used so as not to play the race card and make themselves non-partisan in order to hide the filmmakers' political beliefs.But nevertheless,one must realize that no one is gullible enough to accept the those as facts.One must be intelligent enough to do his own research and readings about the political situation in our country would realize that everything in it is far from the truth.

Skip this documentary and do something else as this is one big mess of a film that it does not have enough substance as it throws away objectivity.But if you hate President Obama and are interested into conspiracy theories,this one is for you.

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Not even worthy of the dustbin of history

Author: mercuryix2003 from United States
23 September 2012

I tried very hard to get through this (ahem) docu.... sorry I can't even say it in quotations. This... project makes "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" look like a Cannes contender for best documentary. I have no idea what budget Jones was working with to make this attempted hatchet job on Obama, but it becomes apparent that not only was there no real budget, but Jones created it inside a vacuum, with no objective input. He starts off with disjointed clips from Obama's speeches, cut off before we can become infected by an inspiring phrase, then abruptly cuts to the most obnoxious rap artist interview he can find, comparing government bureaucracy to complaining to Burger King about a bad meal, and that Obama is just a "globally backed" puppet.

It's here that this "documentary" becomes deranged; Jones starts inserting clips to try to prove there is a global conspiracy to start a secret New World Order, and that Obama is just part of that plan.

All of the accusations that are made towards Obama could much more easily have been made during Bush during the two wars he declared, where Bush both forbade public protests within two miles of his appearances, while blacking out media coverage of coffins returning from Iraq; a disgrace to the servicemens' families. You would expect a leftist lunatic directing this at Bush and Cheney, but instead it's Jones directing it at Obama.

I got about halfway through this before I had to skip ahead, and finally got to the ending that redefines paranoid delusion. I couldn't even understand what convoluted statement Jones was trying to make, and I think it is fair to conjecture that neither could he.

This undefinable mess (it can't be called a documentary or even a film), will not even be an oddity in the dustbin of history, because it makes no coherent statement, and has garnered attention only from the extreme fringe. I give it 2 stars, because there was a lot of editing involved; dizzying, disjointed editing that undermined whatever he was trying to say and induced a migraine, but editing nonetheless.

I should have checked out "Splash" instead..... Yes, it's that bad.

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