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Season 2

25 Sep. 2011
A** Hickey
Broke, insomniac and paranoid, Fitz doesn't think things could get any worse... until a fortuneteller tells him he's fated to die by the next Beaver Moon. What the fuck is a Beaver Moon?
25 Sep. 2011
F*cking Memories
A giant penis defaces the Fitzpatrick Motors mural, and the penis is pointed straight at Fitz's mouth. Fitz is now determined to broadcast his heterosexuality far and loud... There's only one question...How?
2 Oct. 2011
Don of the Differently Abled
When Larry diagnoses Fitz with dyslexia, he's a little surprised by Fitz's acceptance... until he discovers his plans to cash in on the disability system.
9 Oct. 2011
My Own Private Oka
When Babs Devon's body is dug up, Larry accidentally tells the cops that the Summerwind land is a Native burial ground. Fitz must fight to keep the site from being expropriated, how else will he build his chessy dream lounge?
16 Oct. 2011
Pubic Disturbance
Confronted with his mortality via a grey pube, Fitz tries to talk legendary crooner Dexter Laine into backing his plans for the Summerwind; cashing in on his idol's name is a sure bet. And failing that - sabatoge the old guy.
23 Oct. 2011
Bring Me the Feet of Dexter Laine
After the untimely death of Dexter Laine, there's only one thing left for Fitz to do - find a way to profit from his hero's demise. Little does he know, Dex's dismembered feet will help solve the mystery of Dot Foxley once and for all...
30 Oct. 2011
Dysfunctional Family Circus
When Dot gets too close to Ken for Fitz's comfort, Fitz lands on an unlikely solution to his problem - his mother. But what happens when she gets too close for comfort? It's Fitz versus Fitz...and somebody's going down hard.
6 Nov. 2011
Heir of the Dog
With their father hospitalized for testicular cancer, the Fitzpatrick children compete to prove their love...and get the old man's cash.
13 Nov. 2011
Repo Wedding
This isn't the first time Fitz has been brought in for questioning... it is, however, the first time he's been innocent of the charges. It's Fitz versus his nemesis Chester Vince. And vengeance is one of Fitz's favourite games...
20 Nov. 2011
How Do You Say 'Blow Job' in Pennsylvania Dutch?
Broke, sans wheels, and on the lam...Fitz and Larry must track down Sonja in order to prove that Fitz didn't kill her. But where is she? And is it true the Amish are cannibals?
27 Nov. 2011
Revel Without Applause
With death on the Beaver Moon quickly approaching, Fitz realizes his accomplishments don't add up to shit... and sets out on a highly dangerous attempt to go out in a blaze of glory - a high school speed record that no one believes he will survive.
4 Dec. 2011
Hell Hath No Drink Limit
When Fitz finds himself transported to the afterworld, he discovers that he and Larry really are two parts of the same soul. Only problem is that Fitz wants to party in hell while Larry's got loftier accoms in mind.
11 Dec. 2011
What the Fuck is a Beaver Moon?
With the Beaver Moon upon him, Fitz puts together a team of unlikely experts for one last attempt to discover the identity of his shadowy nemesis. Too bad that team is the same sadsacks he sees everyday. Will they be able to save Fitz? And once and for all, will he uncover the identity of his shadowy assassin?

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